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The Top 7 Overseas Health Care Havens

Health care is a primary concern for anyone moving overseas and, the good news is, in some places around the world, comprehensive health insurance can be had for US$100 per month.     In some countries, the cost of medical care can be so low that it makes more sense to pay for it as you need…
Kathleen Peddicord and the conference panel

Introducing Our New Live And Invest Overseas Conference

Remember, This Is Not Retirement The bad news is there won’t be a Retire Overseas Conference in 2019. The good news is we’re just changing the name… For one thing, these past few years, we’ve been attracting a wider audience (with some attendees in their 20s and 30s). But regardless of age, almost everybody we…

Stone gargoyle looking over the Paris rooftops

Some Of the Beauties (And Beasts) Of Life In France

“But French is impossible!” “I can’t cope with the accent!” “You people speak way too fast!” Those are just some of the comments I’ve had to endure from English speakers over the years. And, we know from reader inquiries that

The sun sets over the Dominican Republic while walking on the beach in Bavaro, near Punta Cana.

Your Chance At The Caribbean Dream: The Dominican Republic

Best Of The Caribbean (At Unheard-Of Prices) The trouble with the Caribbean is that, if you’ve been to one island—or any stretch of its white-sand, turquoise-water-splashed coasts—you may feel like you’ve seen it all. But not all Caribbean islands are equal. Beyond the powder sand, warm water, year-round sunshine, and relaxed pace of life that…

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