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Cascais Beach

You Can Retire In Cascais, Portugal, Even In Your 30’s

Meet The Underage Retiree When you hear the words “early retirement” in the United States, you probably think of someone downing tools at 60… or maybe 55. But how many people do you know who retired at 45? Or even at 30? We’re meeting more of these “underage retirees” at our conferences these days. Men…

Faro Algarve Portugal Beach Deserta Island

Why Algarve, Portugal, Is The #1 European Beach Destination

As Close As You Get To Paradise If you’ve been a reader of Live and Invest Overseas newsletters for any length of time, you’ve probably heard us say (at least a dozen times) that there is no perfect paradise. No single, one-size-fits-all retirement haven solution. We don’t mean to disappoint, of course. We call it…