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How Important Are Expat Communities Overseas?

Before You Move Overseas, Meet The Neighbors…

If you’ve ever worried that, by moving overseas, you’ll be cut off from North American—or, at least, English-speaking—company, then please be assured that the world is far smaller than you think… as your fellow reader Michael Herndon recently found:


I’m staying in Valencia, Spain, until June 3. This afternoon I was at a fitness center about 15 minutes’ walk from my Airbnb apartment to sign up for the next month (only 30 euros!). An American came in at the same time to find out about signing up, and we began to chat.

He was still jet-lagged from his trip over from Florida (I left Florida March 28) and had just been to his first immersive Spanish class (I’d just left my two-hour Spanish tutoring session).

We both joined the gym and decided to walk back to the main plaza (Plaza Ayuntamiento) and have a drink. On the way, we discussed why we were in Valencia and realized that we were both doing a “try before you buy” stay in the city to see it not through the eyes of a tourist but as a resident.

I shared with him that this was my second trip to Valencia and that I had receivedContinue reading

Vacationing on a beach

Why Living Overseas Is Different Than A Vacation

Better Than Any Vacation

Aren’t you glad we’re almost out of January? By now, you’ve recovered from the post-holiday blues, you’ve snapped back into your routine, and you’re looking forward to a greater year ahead.

A lot of people, of course, are mentally skipping right ahead to summer. They’re taking advantage of January sales and desperately making their vacation plans to escape the daily grind for a week or two.

But, now that you’ve joined us here at Live and Invest Overseas Confidential, you know that you’re not limited to just a couple weeks in a dreamy location… only to have to return to your regular life and wait 12 months to escape again.

You’re here because you’re considering breaking away from where you are now into a whole new world of adventure—and establishing a far better lifestyle—for at least a few months of the year.

Living overseas, of course, is completely different to a vacation experience. Once you get your bearings, you know the best place to go for a truly traditional, freshly cooked supper… you get the best value on your groceries… you’re welcomed heartily by your neighbors…. and you get to enjoy a place in the off season when all the vacation-makers move out.

You get to start over in a more attractive (and affordable) haven and live the good life full time… or maybe for three to six months of the year. You get to put your roots down in the place of your dreams… or move around every few months or years, according to your taste.

This is retirement all on your own terms. Your life, your way…Continue reading