Live and Invest In Panama Conference 2016

This Year’s Panama Conference Has Even More Experts

All Hands On Deck In Panama

Over the last few months, I’ve been lucky to get to travel to Belize, Colombia, and the Dominican Republic for our Live and Invest Overseas in-country events. This week, though, I get to stay home… and just scoot across the city to the Marriott Hotel Panama City for our Live and Invest in Panama Conference.

Hosting an event here, where most of our office staff lives, should be a breeze compared with the extra work involved in pulling a conference together in another country, right?

In fact, it’s turning out to be one of my busiest weeks on the calendar so far. The excitement is building and there’s more of a buzz here at Live and Invest Overseas HQ than I’ve felt for any of our other in-country events (probably since most of our office is involved in some way—many of them working on their own presentations as I write)…

If you thought you’d heard everything we had to say about Panama, then let me tell you, there’s a lot more to come…

Though Kathleen, Lief, and our other Panama experts may haveContinue reading