This Year’s Panama Conference Has Even More Experts

Live and Invest In Panama Conference 2016

This Year’s Panama Conference Has Even More Experts

All Hands On Deck In Panama

Over the last few months, I’ve been lucky to get to travel to Belize, Colombia, and the Dominican Republic for our Live and Invest Overseas in-country events. This week, though, I get to stay home… and just scoot across the city to the Marriott Hotel Panama City for our Live and Invest in Panama Conference.

Hosting an event here, where most of our office staff lives, should be a breeze compared with the extra work involved in pulling a conference together in another country, right?

In fact, it’s turning out to be one of my busiest weeks on the calendar so far. The excitement is building and there’s more of a buzz here at Live and Invest Overseas HQ than I’ve felt for any of our other in-country events (probably since most of our office is involved in some way—many of them working on their own presentations as I write)…

If you thought you’d heard everything we had to say about Panama, then let me tell you, there’s a lot more to come…

Though Kathleen, Lief, and our other Panama experts may have beeen writing and speaking about Panama’s long list of advantages for well over a decade, they’re still turning up new opportunities in this country. Including places you won’t so quickly read about in the mainstream media… which has, in recent years, been putting people on to the attractions of Panama City.

No question, there are still living and investing opportunities around the city (which we’ll go through in more detail this week at the Marriott). But Panama is so much more than its capital.

Starting this Wednesday morning, and over three full days, we’ll be introducing attendees to their other lifestyle options… including the City Beaches area… a tranquil mountain escape… and the stunning, yet underdeveloped, Azuero Sunset Coast (something that’s sure to satisfy those “with a piratical turn of mind”).

I’m looking forward to welcoming attendees new and old… catching up with all our Panama experts and expats… and hearing from some of the new speakers we have on this week’s line-up, like…

  • Matthew Doherty who works on our editorial team here at Live and Invest Overseas. After visiting Panama for vacation every year for 15 years, Matt and his wife—both from Washington, D.C.—decided to move here full time. Matt will share his full story on Friday morning. (For now, though, he’s keeping it all under wraps.)
  • Spanish teacher Ladislao Ortiz. You can get by around Panama in English… but, for the long-term, you’ll need to have at least some Spanish. I’ve been taking lessons with Ladislao and can attest that he takes a fun approach to language learning. (I’ve got a long way to go yet… but I was delighted to be able to keep my conference-related emails to Ladislao strictly in Spanish). Ladislao takes to the stage right after Matt on Friday.
  • Panama expat Dusty Tubbs. I first met Dusty and his wife Carolyn at our Annual Retire Overseas Conference last September… and at every event since. They are great fun to have around. Dusty, who also serves as one of our Panama Letter editors, will share the story of his journey from Hawaii to Panama…

If you’re in Panama City for the event this week, welcome! I look forward to meeting you in person on Wednesday. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do during the event to help you.

If you can’t make it for this event, you don’t have to completely miss out.

While you can’t chat over cocktails… you can have access to all the same information, word for word, that our attendees are privy to this week in our Live and Invest in Panama Home Conference Kit.

It’s not ready yet, of course… we need time to record all our speakers, get their presentations, and bundle everything together for you in one neat package. But, while we do that, you have a short window to pre-book your kit and save more than 55% on all our insider, Panama-specific knowledge. Secure yours here now.

I’ll share some news from the event with you next week. For now, I’m back to packing the attendee welcome bags…

Valentine Fouché
Editor, Live and Invest Overseas Confidential