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View of the Acropolis from the Plaka, Athens, Greece

Portugal, Greece, Spain, And Beyond…

Last week we launched our much-awaited Overseas Retirement Index for 2024. In it, we revealed the top 13 places to retire overseas this year, from Latin America, to Asia, to Europe. Looking for an old-world retirement, rich with history, café lunches, wine on the terrace, and the kind of laid-back, cultured lifestyle that only Europe…

Globetrotting In 2024

With the end of the year in sight, thoughts turn ahead to 2024—what will the New Year hold? For our All Access Pass members, who have automatic VIP attendance to all of our 10+ various annual conferences, webinars, and events, the calendar for 2024 is an exciting jaunt around the globe, including stops in… •…
Kotor in a beautiful summer day, Montenegro

Discover Montenegro’s Secret Riviera

Europe’s Last Frontier In the Great Age of Discovery, ships went forth from Europe to the far reaches of the earth, bringing back spices, gold, silver, and

The Top Spots In The Adriatic Coast

Comparing My Favorite Spots On Europe’s Secret Riviera Exploring Southern Europe’s lesser-known destinations is a special treat, and the Adriatic Coast is one such “undiscovered” locale… This little corner of the Mediterranean Coast has been increasingly visited by backpackers and adventure and eco-tourists in the last few years, but, on the whole, this region is…

Kotor, Montenegro

Exploring Expat Life In Kotor

Safe, Small, And Low Cost: Welcome To Kotor Bay, Montenegro Kotor Bay is a deep, craggy inlet of the Adriatic Sea found in

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