Portugal, Greece, Spain, And Beyond…

View of the Acropolis from the Plaka, Athens, Greece

Portugal, Greece, Spain, And Beyond…

Last week we launched our much-awaited Overseas Retirement Index for 2024.

In it, we revealed the top 13 places to retire overseas this year, from Latin America, to Asia, to Europe.

Looking for an old-world retirement, rich with history, café lunches, wine on the terrace, and the kind of laid-back, cultured lifestyle that only Europe can offer?

The following five countries were featured for their sophisticated yet affordable retirement possibilities…

Spain: An Established Expat Haven That’s Rich In History, Culture, And Beautiful Scenery

The second biggest country in the EU after France, Spain is a beautifully diverse nation, brimming with culture and tradition.

Located on the Iberian Peninsula, Spain is bordered by Portugal and France, and the rest of the country is surrounded by the Mediterranean, the Cantabrian Sea, and the Atlantic Ocean—meaning miles upon miles of gorgeous coastline in all directions.

The varied surroundings play a part in creating the vibrant mix of cultures we see in Spain today, the rest of this cultural mix is down to Spain’s intriguing history.

Spain’s diversity goes beyond its culture, it also has several different climates and landscapes, including thousands of kilometers of beaches, beautiful mountains, and an abundance of enchanting towns and cities to explore.

Spain tops the list of the most popular destinations for relocating, investing, and retiring overseas. Some of the benefits of settling on Spanish soil are low living costs, affordable housing prices, and First World infrastructure.

The incredible diversity combined with the warm temperatures, historic legacy, and friendly citizens make it an ideal alternative for those planning a new adventure overseas.

Boasting 3,000 hours of sunshine a year, Spain guarantees a sunshine-filled retirement. Temperatures are generally mild, although significant differences occur depending on the region and the season.

Portugal: A Peaceful, Surprisingly Affordable European Destination

Portugal wasn’t a well-known destination and attracted very few foreign visitors until fairly recently. It remained largely undiscovered until the mid-1990s, when Europeans began immigrating en masse.

Nowadays, Portugal is home to 700,000 expats who enjoy its beautiful landscapes, historical architecture, stunning beaches, and welcoming residency programs.

Despite its small size (225 kilometers wide and 612 kilometers long), Portugal rewards the visitor at every step, offering a mild climate and hospitable locals.

You’ll enjoy beautiful white-sand beaches throughout the country… almond trees in the African-looking Algarve region… fields of golden wheat in Alentejo, ranches in Ribatejo… ox-driven carts across Minho… and vineyards in Douro.

The country is rich with artistic and cultural treasures, tasty cuisine, and a unique architectural style (called Manueline).

Plus, Portugal ranks as the 6th safest country in the world, and most people here speak English.

Greece: Pristine Blue Waters, Alluring Coastline, And World-Class Cuisine

Greece’s reputation as a bona fide beach destination is well-founded: With the longest coastline in the Mediterranean Basin and unique geography full of islands and peninsulas, this is a beach-lover’s paradise.

It’s not just about beaches, though. Greece offers mountains, thousands of picturesque islands, olive groves, vineyards, and an untouched inland wilderness, as well as seemingly endless ancient and wonderfully scenic villages.

On top of the unique scenery, Greek people are warm and welcoming, the food is some of the best in the world, and the cost of living is low, especially for Europe.

Located at the crossroads of Asia, Africa, and Europe, resulting in a diverse cultural mix, Greece has a colorful history. This is a culturally fascinating country—the cradle of Western civilization from philosophy, democracy, and political science to art and literature.

Sites of cultural and historical importance, some dating back thousands of years, are found all over the country, making Greece a must-visit for history buffs.

Wherever you go in Greece, you’re all but guaranteed to find a handful of expats living there. These expat communities are active and organize activities and events to meet new members. The locals are friendly and happy to chat with anyone.

France: Ground Zero For Refined Western Culture, Plus The World’s Best Health Care

France is the fairytale land of romance, culinary excellence, delicious wine, and beautiful architecture.

Thanks to countless movies with a love story that unravels in Paris or some quaint French town, many of us view France with rose-tinted glasses. For many, this rose-tinted ideal is not far off from the reality of living in the most-visited country in the world.

France has something to offer everyone: a metropolitan capital, laid-back, rustic living in the countryside, outdoor mountain life, or glamorous, beachside living.

With a mainly temperate climate, sun-seekers will be content in the south, while those who prefer cooler weather will enjoy milder temperatures in the north.

Famous for its vineyards, France is home to some of the world’s best wines. Enjoy a glass of local wine only a few kilometers from where it was produced. Paired with world-renowned gastronomy, French wine and cuisine alone are almost worth the move.

Often called the fashion capital of the world, Paris was once home to some of fashion’s greats: Coco Chanel and Christian Dior. This is reflected in the well-dressed, stylish society of today.

Not only known for its fashion, France is also renowned for its art galleries, with Paris’ Louvre being one of the most famous museums in the world.

France is steeped in rich history, which can be seen in its beautiful architecture, charming traditions, and heavenly food culture.

From the countless churches and cathedrals to the dozens of museums and hundreds of galleries, to the universities and varied classes of all kinds you could enroll in… this country offers the culture vulture a lifetime’s worth of fodder.

Montenegro: Luxury Mediterranean Lifestyle For Less, With Fascinating Culture And Dramatic Landscapes

Montenegro, a tiny country in the Balkans, is unknown to many, but in recent years it’s become an up-and-coming expat destination.

Those who have discovered this Central European destination enjoy its mild climate, beautiful scenery, low cost of living, and relaxed lifestyle.

Montenegro is particularly popular amongst adventure seekers. Its rugged geography provides excellent opportunities for snow sports during winter and stunning hiking trails in the summer.

Most importantly, the entire country is covered by mountains, hence its name Black Mountain (monte=mountain, negro=black).

Its unique location leads to a fascinating blend of cultures. Montenegro’s European influence can be seen in its Gothic, Venetian, and Romanesque architecture, while its traditional cuisine is a reminder of its past under the Ottoman Empire.

Montenegro is a young country, only gaining complete independence from Serbia in 2006. Despite this, it has a strong economy, stable democracy, and is currently awaiting acceptance into the European Union.

Now is the time to invest in Montenegro—real estate is cheap, taxes are low, and residency is easy.

Happy trails,

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