It’s Going To Be A Big Year In Colombia

It’s Going To Be A Big Year In Colombia: See It Firsthand

As Good As It Gets In South America

We’re not the only ones who believe 2017 is going to be a big year for Colombia.

Lonely Planet has listed the country among its top 10 places to travel this year. Here’s what its editors had to say:

“Decades of civil war and violent crime meant Colombian passport stamps were once for hardcore travellers only. Fast forward to the present day, and the lost years seem but a dust speck in Colombia’s rear-view mirror. There are no world wonders, but the country’s mix of vibrant culture, nature and hospitality is a rich tapestry woven by welcoming arms. Over a decade into its dramatic about-face, this South American jewel is even expecting a visit from the world’s number-one Catholic. When Pope Francis kisses Colombian soil in 2017, it will mark the Andean nation’s first papal visit in 30 years.”

While no official date has been agreed upon for the Pope’s visit (it hangs on the completion of the peace process), our own dates for Colombia have been firmly set. We’re looking forward to being in the country April 19–21 for our sixth Live and Invest in Colombia Conference—your one and only chance to be in the room with our full team of Colombia experts and expats in 2017.

The main focus of our interest in Colombia is its second-largest city, Medellín—our base for these threeContinue reading