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Gorgeous Salguero beach in Santa Marta, Colombia

The Colombian Caribbean’s Best Buys Are In Santa Marta

A Bargain Caribbean Lifestyle In Santa Marta, Colombia Last week in Panama I went paddle boarding with Carlos, our Colombian property manager at Los Islotes, and we naturally got around to comparing his home country to his chosen adopted country… It’s an odd comparison, though, because Panama and Colombia don’t have a ton in common……

Plaza De Botero, Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia

An Easy Way To Find Out If You Would Thrive In Colombia

Our #1 Pick For Luxury Living On A Budget This success story is nothing short of remarkable. It’s taken a couple of decades… But Colombia has reinvented itself into one of the most pleasant and affordable places to spend time in the world. Prior to the current pandemic, this country was breaking tourism records with…

Colorful buildings in Medellin, Colombia

A Detailed Guide To The Top 4 Expat Neighborhoods In Medellin

10 Years Later, Here’s What Wendy And Darren Really Think About Life In Medellín, Colombia I am still surprised by the reactions I get when I tell people I live in Medellín, Colombia. A few years ago, my friends and family expressed fear, concern, and disbelief. Today I hear admiration, curiosity, and even a little…

It’s Going To Be A Big Year In Colombia

It’s Going To Be A Big Year In Colombia: See It Firsthand

As Good As It Gets In South America We’re not the only ones who believe 2017 is going to be a big year for Colombia. Lonely Planet has listed the country among its top 10 places to travel this year. Here’s what its editors had to say: “Decades of civil war and violent crime meant…

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