Moving Assets Offshore

Moving Assets Offshore: The Best Way To Defend Your Wealth

Better Call Joel—How To Make Your Wealth Untouchable

Moving assets offshore isn’t a new idea. But, in the minds of most Americans, it continues to bear the stigma of tax evasion or other shady dealings.

If you’ve been to an Offshore Wealth Summit with us in the past, you know better. You know that, today more than ever, taking assets—and even yourself—offshore is just common sense.

When Joel Nagel—our international asset protection guru—took to the stage at our Offshore Wealth Summit a couple of years back, he shared this anecdote with the audience:

“I was at an event where a lawyer stood up and said that there wasn’t a single structure ever made that he wasn’t able to get at.

“Then came my turn to speak.

“I told the crowd that of all the legal structures I’d formed over the years, not a single one could be touched by a guy like him.

“There was some laughter. But the audience was confused. How could this be? One of us must surely be lying. Continue reading

Emergency Offshore Summit 2016

Offshore Wealth Summit: Take Control Of Your Offshore Life

This Is How You’ll Turn Your Life Around Forever

Registration for our 2017 Offshore Wealth Summit is officially open.

And, the great news is… it’s coming around earlier this year.

Come June 19, our heaviest hitters in the offshore world will be in the room to share with you everything you need to know to protect and grow your wealth—and enjoy more freedom—now and in the future.

If you ever feel like life in the United States is no longer in keeping with your own set of values…

That you’re paying out so much in taxes that you’re barely able toContinue reading