Beachfront dreams are made of this. Here's the story of Peg Fairbairn and April Hess.

How Peg Fairbairn And April Hess Retired To Veraguas, Panama

You Just Have To Figure It Out

Three-and-a-half years ago, Peg Fairbairn and April Hess moved, together, from Texas to Panama. Here’s their story, as they told it to attendees in Orlando last year…

“I was a schoolteacher for 30 years,” Peg begins. “For 20 of those years, I taught hormonally stressed adolescents. When I retired in 2008, I was ready for an adventure.”

“The good news was that Peg had a teacher’s pension to retire on,” April continues. “I’d worked my whole life, too, but I had no pension. That meant the two of us would be retiring on the income of a single teacher’s pension.

“Then we went to a neighborhood party,” April explains, “and a friend had just gotten back from Uruguay. He was talking about a waterfront community there for expats.

“I asked him ‘What’s an expat?’ I’d never heard the word before.

“The next day, Peg got on the computer and started researching the idea…”

“I found an article by a lady called Kathleen Peddicord,” Peg says, “and I saw an ad for her book, ‘How To Retire Overseas.’ Twenty minutes later, I was in line in Barnes and Noble buying the book.

“When April came home from work that day, I told her, ‘I’ve figured it out. We’re going to retire toContinue reading