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Porto, Portugal cityscape on the Douro River.

The Ultimate Portugal Info In Our 2021 Portugal Virtual Conference

Pining For Portugal… Today is my birthday. The fact that our annual Live and Invest in Portugal event is happening the same week—as it did when I first visited Portugal two years ago—has me feeling a little melancholy… Thinking back to that trip… back to pre-COVID days, back to travel, back to beaches, back to

An upclose view of a bundle of grapes with a long shot down a vineyard row in the periphery

Europe: Where Your Wealth Grows Like Grapes On A Vine

Red, White, Or Green? At the beginning of the 18th century, in the middle of a conflict with France, the British found themselves in a crisis… A serious wine crisis. With their own navy blocking French ports—crippling the local wine industry—the British could no longer get their fix of French grapes…

Expats Finding A Personal Paradise In Portugal’s Algarve

Three Expats Find Paradise In Europe’s Top Retirement Haven “It instantly felt like home,” full-time expat Alyson Sheldrake says of her adopted home village of Ferragudo in Portugal’s Algarve. After visiting the Algarve for some years, Alyson and her husband were immediately sold on the first and only property their agent showed them. And that…

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