Expats Finding A Personal Paradise In Portugal’s Algarve

Expats Finding A Personal Paradise In Portugal’s Algarve

Three Expats Find Paradise In Europe’s Top Retirement Haven

“It instantly felt like home,” full-time expat Alyson Sheldrake says of her adopted home village of Ferragudo in Portugal’s Algarve.

After visiting the Algarve for some years, Alyson and her husband were immediately sold on the first and only property their agent showed them. And that was before the agent revealed the surprise “cave” below… which Alyson maintains is big enough to fit a two-bed apartment.

The couple couldn’t believe it when their “cheeky offer” was accepted. With Alyson a professional artist and her husband a photographer, they now have all the space they need for a studio.

It took five years from when they bought the property to when they were able to sell everything up back home in the U.K. and ship out.

“Don’t wait until you can afford to move,” Alyson advised our audience in the Algarve last week. “There will always be something else you need the money for.”

Today, they are happy to be far removed from the bustle of city life in the U.K. In this small fishing village, they have time and space… people are friendly… neighbors bring them lemons and figs and bags of fruit… and they can find deserted beaches—even in summer…

This is the Algarve. And there’s nobody better to give you a snapshot of what your life could look like than the expats who gathered with us last week for our 2017 Live and Invest in Portugal Conference. Here they shared both ups and downs of expat life… as well as practical tips for living and buying property in the region.

Canadian Dirk Driedger came to the Algarve from Albania after his visa expired in that country. He’d first thought of moving to Spain. But after a few days in Altea—the town that had been recommended to him—he knew it wasn’t for him and drove on to Portugal. After a chilly evening in Cascais on the west coast, he craved a warmer climate and drove down to the Algarve. Dirk now lives in Lagos where the weather suits him perfectly and he enjoys the beautiful, uncrowded beaches, abundance of fresh seafood, the great outdoors, and the ease of travel back home to Canada… as well as the opportunity to explore other parts of Europe.

Also in Lagos is Stephanie Calcott who moved from California with her husband and young son. Weather was a priority for Stephanie when looking at potential overseas destinations… but equally important was the availability of good schools. The family had traveled to Panama, Nicaragua, Ecuador, and beyond—wanting their son to experience the world—but still hadn’t found what they were looking for…

“One day, I read about Portugal—a place I’d never considered—and thought ‘Maybe this is it!’” Stephanie told us. “As soon as we set foot in Portugal, we knew this was the place. We absolutely fell in love with it.

“You can rent an apartment in Lagos, with a view of the sea, for 400 to 500 euros. With our two dogs, we need yard space. So, we live in a 2,500-square-foot (232-square-meter) home with a big yard and swimming pool, for which we pay US$1,000 a month. So far, I haven’t found anywhere that you’ll pay more than that price.

“We pay US$300 to feed the three of us for a month. But we’ll eat out regularly, too, as it’s so cheap. My husband and I often have a good dinner with appetizers, dessert, and wine—and the bill never comes to more than US$25. I know a great restaurant in Lagos where, for just US$3, you can get soup, a sandwich, a drink (which may be wine), and a cup of coffee.”

What about the downsides?

All our expats agree that you need to be brave to enter the water (it is worth it once you recover from the first cold shock). Remember, this is the Atlantic, not the Med.

Language is also a challenge. Portuguese is nothing like Spanish… and, sadly, the written word gives no clue as to pronunciation. Our expats’ advice is to learn by listening before moving to the written language.

This is just a snippet of what happened here in the glorious Tivoli Carvoeiro Beach Resort last week. You can hear Alyson, Dirk, and Stephanie in full—along with our full team of Portugal experts—in your 2017 Live and Invest in Portugal Home Conference Kit.

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