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Dad with hands up holding two passports and daughter. Second residency concept.

Why We’ll Do Whatever It Takes To Obtain A Second Residency

The Quest For Our Family’s Backup Residency Continues Talking about second passports and backup residencies is such a niche topic… I’m not used to people being familiar with these concepts when I meet them. If ever I mention that aspect of our business in conversation, I’m used to being met with blank, questioning stares. Since…

waiting in line at the eu. Avoid the lines with a second residency or citizenship

All The Info You Need For A Second Residency Or Citizenship

The Trials And Tribulations Of (Trying) To Plan Your Plan B When my husband and I moved to Paris, the only real motivating factor was that we wanted to live in the city. I’d wanted to move back since I left at 18, and Harry was looking forward to a change of pace from Panama,…

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