All Our Experts In One Place: The Retire Overseas Conference

The speaking panel at the retire overseas conference

All Our Experts In One Place: The Retire Overseas Conference

Why I’m Starting To Have Serious FOMO…

One of my favorite work events every year is our Retire Overseas Conference.

It’s always held in a fun Stateside location (this year, it’s the turn of Houston, Texas)…

It’s the best chance of the year to meet new attendees and catch up with those I’ve met before—some I’ve been catching up with in different countries for years now.

And, of course, it’s a chance to touch base with all of my colleagues from around the world. We only have this one chance a year to get together, and it’s always a fun time.

So, it’s with great disappointment I have to skip it this year.

I have a good reason for playing hooky.

The “future child” I spoke about a few weeks back has been growing away these past two months. By September, I’ll be six months pregnant, just back from a trip to China… and my doctor is not entertaining the idea of another long-haul flight.

So, what will I be missing in Houston?

  • Latin America Correspondent and property investing maven Lee Harrison—with all his stories (and spreadsheets) that have us chuckling from the back row will be in attendance—as always. His presentations are always chockablock with gorgeous photos from all the many places he’s lived and invested over the years, many accompanied by anecdotes that are sometimes hard to believe (unless you’ve had your own experiences overseas—in which case, you know that reality is sometimes more preposterous than fiction).
  • The Gutierrez brothers from Colombia will be on hand to tell you how to invest and make a life for yourself in Colombia. This three-brother attorney team also offers advice and services for establishing residency and help in purchasing real estate to those who might want it. Between them, there’s not a question these guys can’t answer, not a legal matter they can’t help with.
  • My good friends from Belize, “the Carmelita crew”—led by trailblazing, cowboy-hat wearing Phil Hahn—are some of the most entertaining of speakers (both on- and off-stage). If you’re lucky, you might snag a sample bottle of their famous homemade Belizean hot sauce—just one of the businesses these entrepreneurs have sbegun in this English-speaking Caribbean country.
  • Mike Cobb and Rachel Jensen will be there, too, representing some top Latin American havens. With vast experience not just living, but also doing business in these beautiful countries, they’re some of the best people to talk to for a comparative view in Latin America.
  • From across the pond, we’ve got trusted friends and colleagues coming from Italy, Portugal, and Spain, and I’ll sincerely miss getting to chat with each of them about updates from each country. (The guys from Portugal might take you for a spin on the dance floor if you catch them at a club after event hours)…

That’s just to name a few… the countries coming under the Retire Overseas Conference spotlight number 21, and there’s an expert to cover each one.

In addition, every country highlighted at ROC is represented not only by professionals who can help guide a newbie expat through the hoops of moving overseas, but also expats who have done it themselves. In fact, many of these presenters were once conference attendees—even Lee Harrison started on the other side of the stage before becoming one of our most valuable spokesmen for life overseas.

These expat speakers were once in your shoes, perhaps with no idea where life overseas might take them. But they took the plunge—maybe more than once—and they come back to share not just their success stories but their battle stories, too.

No trip abroad (even a short vacation) is ever exactly as you plan it… things always go wrong as well as right, and these candid expats come to share their whole experience—not just the postcard-perfect moments but also the most trying. They do this to prepare you for the reality of life in another country, an alien culture, often a different language, and all the trials, tribulations, fun, and hilarity than comes with it.

It’s with something of a heavy heart I write today’s issue… but I have exciting times ahead. This won’t be the last ROC, and you can expect me to be there in the future whenever possible.

If you’re in a position to be there yourself, don’t pass up the chance. With all the knowledge you’ll pick up in these few days (as well as the expert help to back you up), you’ll be surprised how doable your overseas move really is.

The Early Bird Discount is still up for grabs… and if you reserve your seat this week, you also have the option to lock in your seat with our Retire Overseas Conference Easy Payment Plan (as the event fast approaches, the payment plan expires this week).

Kat Kalashian

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