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Get Hard-Won Advice From Real Expats At Our DR Conference

The Whole Truth About Living In Paradise

When Lindsay de Feliz, originally from the U.K., decided to relocate to the Dominican Republic, she needed to find a way to support her new life in paradise. With a background in marketing and a love of working out, Lindsay decided to set up a gym.

Being the only gym in town, she was excited for her new venture.

With no showers already on site, Lindsay went to extra expense to fit out her studio with full changing and showering facilities. She also offered a monthly payment schedule for her clients.
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2 More Reasons To Attend Our Retire Overseas Conference

Why This Is The Best Week To Reserve Your Seat In Las Vegas

My colleague Allison Jokinen, Senior Events Coordinator here at Live and Invest Overseas, recently started writing a newsletter exclusively for attendees joining us for our 2018 Retire Overseas Conference (or “ROC” as we call it in-house).

Allison’s letter is called Backstage ROC: A Peek Behind The Conference Curtain, and if you’re already on the list to join us in Las Vegas this fall, you know what I’m talking about.

If you’ve been thinking about joining us for this year’s event—but haven’t gotten around to reserving your place just yet—here are two reasons why you should grab your seat this week…

1. Get Insider Tips—Before You Go—To Help You Get The Most From This Life-Changing Conference

We’ll do everything we possibly can on the ground in Las Vegas to help you identify the place—or places—worthy of your attention… and devise a plan of how you’re going to get from where you are now to inserting yourself into your new life in paradise.

But, to get the most out of your conference experience, it helps to come prepared. And that’s why Allison started writing her monthly notesNot only to help ROC attendees with the format of the event (we pack a lot into these three and a half days)… but also to engage you in a little personal preparation (getting to know your own needs) that will help you make every minute in Las Vegas count. Continue reading

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A “White City” Welcome: Discovering Portugal Through Lisbon

Welcome To The “White City”—Sophistication In The Sun

If you’re intrigued by the idea of Portugal but you’re not sure whether the Algarve region has enough to offer you in terms of culture, entertainment, and the sophistication of city life that you sometimes crave, then remember that the Algarve is not the only option on the Portuguese table.

As we’ll show attendees at our Live and Invest in Portugal Conference this May, Lisbon is another top option for expats seeking affordability in Old Europe.

Blessed with 300 days of sunshine a year, Lisbon is ringed by the Atlantic Ocean on one side and protected on the other by the calm, deep-blue waters of the Tagus River. It offers the sophistication of a real city while also offering its residents a clean, swimmable beach.
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Restricted Access: The Event Within The Event

Good news for you if you managed to secure one of our VIP seats for this year’s Retire Overseas Conference

But, also, good news if you didn’t…

Remember, the Retire Overseas Conference is the biggest event on the Live and Invest Overseas’ calendar. Not only do we welcome our biggest audience to the room… we also have more speakers at this Stateside conference than any other event on the calendar.
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Life In The Dominican Republic

Life In The Dominican Republic: The Caribbean Within Reach

9 Reasons To Pack Your Bags For The Dominican Republic

ust a little over five weeks from now, we’ll be touching down in Santo Domingo for our fourth Live and Invest in the Dominican Republic Conference.

If you’re dreaming of the good life in the Caribbean and you haven’t yet grabbed your seat in Santo Domingo, this week is the time to do it—before our Early Bird Discount expires on Friday.

I recently told you about how Bill and Anne Piatt found their paradise in Las Terrenas—the Samaná Peninsula beach town that’s been drawing European expats for decades. This is a truly unique community (one that a growing number of Americans is falling for) where each nationality brings its own flavor to town and provides an eclectic mix that’s not typical of a Caribbean island. (Expats in town complain that, no matter how long they stay, they’ll never have time to check out all the tempting restaurant and café options on offer.)

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Panama Has Opportunities For Nearly Every Lifestyle

Act Before Midnight: Discover 2018’s Land Of Opportunity

“Residency and taxes—those are the only two criteria you need to consider when looking for your new home overseas.”

So I was told by one of the attendees at our Live and Invest in Panama Conference last week.

At least, that’s what it came down to for this gentleman who currently lives six months of the year in Lisbon, Portugal, and is seeking a place for the other half of the year (which may turn out to be Panama, though he’s also planning to investigate Medellín, Colombia)… Continue reading

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Everyone Is Hot On Colombia, Even The U.S. State Dept.

From “Bad-Ass Town” To Latin America’s Most Sophisticated Lifestyle Option

You may have missed this announcement. It wasn’t shouted about in the press…

But, on Jan. 12, 2018, the U.S. State Department raised Colombia’s overall travel advisory status from “Level 3: Reconsider travel” to “Level 2: Exercise increased caution.”

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Portugal Is An Old World Gem, You Owe It To Yourself To See

Portugal—An Endless Sea Of Opportunity

We knew they’d go fast—but we weren’t prepared for just how fast…

As I alerted you last week, all 40 of the original VIP seats for our Live and Invest in Portugal Conference sold out within a few days of announcing the event to the full readership…

To deal with this huge demand (and reward our early responders), we then opened up 20 more bonus VIP seats…

As of this writing, just 7 of these seats remain. You can claim yours here.

This underexposed, Old World gem sure is gaining traction. And, over three days together, we’re looking forward to showcasing the best of Portugal… as well as preparing you for the day-to-day challenges of expat life.

That said, there is a certain amount of barrel-scraping involved when it comes to Portugal… Continue reading

algarve portugal qa luis da silva

Q&A: What It’s Really Like Living In The Algarve

Best Of Old-World Europe—Still On Sale

Last week, I gave you early notice of our 2018 Live And Invest In Portugal Conference, kicking off in Carvoeiro, Algarve this May 9.

Doors are now officially open to all readers—and VIP seats are disappearing fast.

If you’re in two minds about joining us, the following interview with Luis da Silva—our correspondent on the ground in the Algarve—may help you make the call (while you still have time to join us as a VIP)… Continue reading