waiting in line at the eu. Avoid the lines with a second residency or citizenship

All The Info You Need For A Second Residency Or Citizenship

The Trials And Tribulations Of (Trying) To Plan Your Plan B

When my husband and I moved to Paris, the only real motivating factor was that we wanted to live in the city. I’d wanted to move back since I left at 18, and Harry was looking forward to a change of pace from Panama, where he’d been stationed for 10 years.

When researching residency options, we gave thought to several strategies before settling on the route we took.Continue reading

A caye in Belize. Beautiful Caribbean waters

Researching Belize Made Easy At Our 2020 Conference

Retirees Say Belize Is Hard To Beat

Helena Hess was originally attracted to Belize for its diving. She wasn’t even thinking about retirement when she made her first visit to the country.

But the better she got to know Belize, the more she came to appreciate the advantages it offers the would-be retiree. Helena and her husband Mike bought a piece of land on Ambergris Caye, built a home, and, eventually, looked seriously at Belize’s residency options, including its resident-retiree program.Continue reading

Jungle stream in belize

How I Discovered New Confidence Living In Cayo, Belize

“I Made This Move For My Husband, But I’m The One Who Really Benefited”

Last week, as we opened registration for our 2020 Live and Invest in Belize Conference, I shared Marie Peay’s story with you.

Today, I’m going to hand you over to Cathy Thayer. Cathy started out her Belize journey as one of our attendees (not entirely of her own free will, as she’ll tell you below).

But it wasn’t our job to win Cathy over. It came down to the wooing power of Belize itself.

I’ll let Cathy pick up from here…

How We Escaped The Frozen North

Cathy Thayer

We came to Belize from northern Idaho. We were used to nine months of winter each year. Now we have 12 months of summer.

When my husband David first got this idea of moving to another country into his head, I humored him. He’d start talking about moving to a new country and I’d listen. To his face I’d say, “Ah, that’s interesting, dear.”

To everyone else I was saying, “No way!”

I’m pretty high-maintenance, I admit it. And I hadn’t traveled anywhere other than Paris in my life until David signed us up together, without telling me, to attend a Live and Invest in Belize Conference about six years ago. I didn’t know anything about Belize at the time, but I knew one thing: Central America is nothing like Paris.

But I agreed to come along to the conference, and I have to admit that I found I liked two things about Belize right away. First, I could communicate with everyone, because English is the language here. And second, it was warm.

At first I thought I wanted ocean. But after two days on Ambergris Caye, I knew the beach life wasn’t for me. Then we went to Cayo, which I had been resisting.

I’m not a jungle girl. When I think of jungle, I think of snakes and bugs the size of your head. But I told David I’d go see Cayo with him… even though Cayo is jungle… if he agreed that if we didn’t find a place to live that I was happy with within three weeks, he’d finally give up on the idea.

So all I had to do was survive the jungle in Cayo for three weeks. Then I could tell David I hadn’t seen any place I’d have any interest in living… and this whole thing would be over.

Our last day in Cayo before our return flight to the States, we walked into a house available for rent, and I said, “Take this. Rent this. I can see myself living here.”

We’ve been living in Cayo ever since. It’s now more than five years.

One of my favorite things about being in Belize is the other expats. We’re all a little quirky. We’re all different, a little off in our own ways, but we have one big, important thing in common: We all left home, left the States, to come somewhere completely new. It’s no small thing. It’s a pretty amazing and cool thing. And it definitely creates a bond.

Back in Idaho, I had a fine life but a small life. I had my work, my home. I had Target. I shopped for entertainment. I was happy, but I had no idea how much I was missing out on. Making this move has opened up the whole world to me. Now I see how small and fearful my perfectly fine life really was. I was afraid of moving outside my comfort zone, but I didn’t even realize it. I made this move for my husband, but I think I’m the one who has really benefited.

The two biggest challenges our first year in Belize were the internet and the roads. Both of these things have improved dramatically since we’ve been living here.

However, the biggest change for the better these years I’ve been an expat in Belize is personal.

The fears I had moving here have been replaced by confidence. In the beginning, I was afraid of Belize City. Now I travel to Belize City on my own, walk around, shop, speak with people I meet. Belize City doesn’t scare me anymore.

Belize City wasn’t the problem. The problem was my perspective on Belize City.

Living as an expat these past five years I’ve learned that the most important thing in life is to remain open and to be willing to change your mind.

Our children didn’t get it at first. All our kids came around after visiting and seeing our life here in Belize… all except our oldest daughter. Finally, though, she understood too.

David sends our family an e-letter update each week, telling them what we’ve done that week. Finally, in response to one of these e-letters, our daughter wrote to say, “I’m so happy for you guys, for what you’ve found for yourselves. I hope that sometime in the not-too-distant future I can find something as great for my own life…”

What more wonderful thing could a daughter write to her parents?


I love Cathy’s story. She approached her research trip without any rose-tinted glasses. She kept her expectations in check… and, all of a sudden, her comfortable life was flipped over… for the better.

If your criteria for going overseas include any of the following:

Then I recommend you follow in the footsteps of David and Cathy and join us for our 2020 Live and Invest in Belize Conference…

It’s taking place in Belize City, Feb. 12–14… and over these three days you’ll get to hear from our trusted team of Belize experts—among them legal, real estate, health care, banking, and tax professionals—as well as “from the trenches” reports delivered by expats living in our favorite corners of Belize…

We still have a number of complimentary VIP packages left… but I expect these to disappear by the end of the week (if not sooner)…

If you’d like to explore Belize with us next February… and do so with full VIP privileges… then be sure to reserve your place here now. (Remember to enter your exclusive reader Coupon Code BELIZECONFIDENTIAL to save an extra US$50 on your seat.)

And if you’d like help with your booking, you can call our Events Team—toll-free from North America, at 1-888-546-5169—or contact events@liveandinvestoverseas.com with any queries.

Kat Kalashian

Marie had to return to Belize and experience the wonderful beaches again

Why I Had To Return And Make More Great Memories In Belize

The Affordable, Sun-Soaked, Caribbean Paradise That Also Speaks English

Tropical, laid-back Belize has so much to offer…

A two-hour flight from Florida, Belize is just a short hop from the United States (four hours from Toronto). It’s an affordable, sun-soaked, Caribbean paradise with lifestyle options ranging from rustic countryside to hammock beachfront. It offers easy and beneficial residency programs… and even allows you to stay as a tourist long term without applying for formal residency.

And it speaks English.Continue reading

Friends speaking french at a cafe

The Language Questions To Ask Before You Move Overseas

The Ultimate Survival Pack For Your Grand Adventure Overseas

The language question may be one of the most pressing considerations to make before a move overseas…

If you already know a second language, should you limit your overseas search to places that speak it?

If English is your only language, can you even learn another?

And do you even want to learn a new language?Continue reading

Conference attendees at one of our events

Honest Reviews From Retire Overseas Conference Attendees

The Ultimate Survival Pack For Your Grand Adventure Overseas

I confess… I feel a little left out this week…

As I write, our ninth annual Retire Overseas Conference is in full swing in Houston, Texas, where all my far-flung colleagues and friends have come together to share what’s new from their corners of the globe. Normally I’d be among them, but this year I find myself grounded here in Paris thanks to a growing belly and an all-too-rapidly approaching due date…Continue reading

hundred dollar bills and some blocks reading 2019

2019 Offshore Wealth Summit: Protect Your Money And Future

Get In The Room With Our Offshore A-Team 

Our Offshore Wealth Summit corrals some of the world’s leading experts in their fields—these guys come from all over the globe, so it’s a feat to gather them all in one room for three whole days. At no other event can you meet and speak with such a varied group of offshore talent that can give such detailed and case-specific advice on whatever your diversification goals are…

Kathleen Peddicord speaks with our panel of bankers

Throwback to Offshore Wealth Summit 2017: Publisher Kathleen Peddicord leading a panel discussion on international banking

So who exactly will be in the room in Panama City this October? Let’s debut the lineup…

Lief Simon is a name you probably know well, but you might not be as familiar with his extensive background—all the experience that makes him one of the undisputed leaders in this diversification beat.

Lief has been taking a diversified global approach—to business, to investing, and to life in general—and showing others how to do the same, for more than 25 years.

He’s lived and worked on 5 continents and traveled to more than 60 countries. His real estate investing experience began more than 20 years ago with a multi-unit building in Chicago. After selling that building for a leveraged total return of more than 1,800% in two-and-a-half years, Lief began to diversify internationally. In the years since, he has personally bought and sold property in 23 countries.

Lief looks for one of two market situations when evaluating a potential investment: an abundance of opportunity created by a market distortion (crisis investing) or a chance to position yourself ahead of new infrastructure or some other local trend (the path of progress).

For example, Lief told his readers to buy in Argentina immediately after the 2001 financial crisis in that country, a time when CNN was showing riots in the streets and warning people to stay away. Lief saw not crisis but opportunity. Forward-thinking readers who followed his lead enjoyed appreciation rates of 100% and more in fewer than three years on buys in Buenos Aires.

Since then, Lief has also turned readers on to investments in Mexico, Romania, Spain, Colombia, and Brazil, to name just a few examples… buys that appreciated 160% in 18 months, 90% in 15 months, 60% in 2 years, 50% in 23 months, and a whopping 700% in 5 years, respectively.

Lief knows where to buy now and how much to spend. He knows the pitfalls and the caveats and how to avoid them all.

At his Offshore Wealth Summit, he’ll walk you through the fundamentals of global diversification and help you fit the pieces together to conceive and even begin to execute your own customized offshore diversification plan.

But he won’t do it alone…

Over the last 25-plus years living and doing business around the world, Lief has built a network of reliable and expert contacts he trusts—attorneys, bankers, tax consultants, and other advisors, both Stateside and in the many jurisdictions where he spends time and money. These are the people who keep him up-to-date on important changes—as they happen. And these are the colleagues he’s invited down to Panama over Oct. 9 to 11, including…

Joel Nagel, one of the world’s leading authorities on asset protection. Joel will introduce you to the most effective asset protection tools and strategies in the current global climate. Then he’ll walk you through how to use them to achieve an ironclad and legal asset protection plan of your own.

At this special event, you’ll have the opportunity to work directly with Joel to select the right structures, strategies, and jurisdictions for you so that you can manage and reduce your tax burden, protect your assets, and leave a legacy for your heirs…

Tom Rowley, an international tax expert who has lived and worked in
Latin America for more than 10 years. Tom helps entrepreneurs launch their new lives and businesses overseas, guiding them in maximizing the U.S. tax benefits of living and operating a business abroad, building a “portable” business, liberating themselves and their assets, and taking their IRA or 401(k) offshore…

Evie Brooks, an international real estate mentor, coach, and investor, with a special focus on Panama. Today, she leads Access Panama, the country’s top lifestyle and investment real estate group. A former Advanced Trainer for Rich Dad Poor Dad, Evie has educated and guided others in locating, evaluating, and analyzing real estate transactions focusing on cash flow and ROI for years…

Roberto Guardia is our go-to legal eagle in Panama. He holds two master’s degrees, and has a variety of expertise, including real estate and consulting. He is a founding partner at Guardia & Co., established in 2005, as well as a member of the National Organization of Lawyers in Panama—if you’ve got ambitions of any kind in Panama, he’s the man to help…

Juan Dario Gutiérrez, founder of JDG Law Advisors, a Medellín-based company specialized in personalized legal services to foreigners living, relocating and/or doing business in Colombia…

João Gil Figueira, managing partner of Gil Figueira & Devillet Lima Advogados, is an international tax and business lawyer who advises multinational firms and high-net-worth individuals regarding taxation, investment structures, security offerings, initial coin offerings, company formation, and residency/citizenship in Portugal and Portuguese-speaking countries. He is experienced in providing comprehensive and well-rounded advice to international investors and retirees on living in and investing in and from Portuguese-speaking jurisdictions.

João lectured for several years at Portuguese universities on taxation for masters and executive masters programs and has authored several legal books, articles, and guides on Portuguese business and tax law…

Michael Cobb, long-time Latin America expat and businessman, covers offshore real estate finance, development, and ownership.

At the height of a successful career in the computer industry, Mike left to pursue more pioneering opportunities in the emerging real estate markets of Central America. In 1996, he and his business partner formed a company, Exotic Caye International (ECI), to provide loans to North Americans purchasing properties in Belize, Honduras, Costa Rica, and throughout the region. It continues to provide mortgage services but has expanded its services to encompass the full realm of financial products.

Mike led the group into real estate development and ECI is now a multi-country developer with projects in Belize, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama and planned communities in Ecuador and Chile as well…

You don’t have to be a millionaire to take up the idea of banking, doing business, or investing offshore. There are different levels to this game. Only you will know what makes sense for your circumstances and what’s within your comfort zone.

Your strategy might be as simple as opening a bank account in another country. (You might not even have to leave the United States to do this.)

Or you can get more complex and diversify into real estate, precious metals, form an offshore corporation, move overseas, even acquire second citizenship, as Lief and so many others have…

I know of no other reliable source where this kind of from-the-scene intelligence from the world’s top offshore havens is shared in real time by someone with real world, first-hand experience at all this…

Come Oct. 9, this A-Team of the offshore world will be in the room to share with you everything you need to know to protect and grow your wealth—and enjoy more freedom—now and in the future.

If you ever feel like life in the United States is no longer in keeping with your own set of values…

That you’re paying out so much in taxes that you’re barely able to put anything aside for your future…

That you’ll never be able to afford to retire…

Or that you’re not providing for your family in the way that you hoped…

Then don’t miss your one and only chance this year to take a proactive approach to these issues. Over these three days, our ultimate aim is to arm you with all the knowledge you need to put yourself back in the driving seat and take control over what’s rightfully yours. That way, you can plan a more prosperous future for you and your loved ones.

Conference attendees enjoy some refreshments

Plenty of time on our schedule for snacks and chats

With the event just around the corner, we are almost at full capacity… but a number of seats remain. Be warned, though, that the Early Bird Discount expires in a couple of weeks, so now’s a good time to get in…

You can read the full details of what Lief and his trusted team have in store for you here.

As always, you may book with us over the phone—toll-free from North America at 1-888-546-5169—or contact events@liveandinvestoverseas.com with any queries.

Kat Kalashian

View of Casco Viejo old town in Panama City

5 Different Lifestyle Options In Central Panama

Top 10 Options For Retirement In Panama—Part I 

What I love about Panama is the sheer diversity of lifestyle options the country has to offer… from First World city living to absolutely off-grid ruggedness, from rustic country living to upscale beach communities… this country has something to suit just about everyone…

This week, we’re announcing details of our 2020 Live and Invest in Panama Conference to all our readers… but you, as a Live and Invest Overseas Confidential reader have a head start (full details and your chance at one of our limited VIP seats are here).Continue reading

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Offshore Wealth Summit: Find Trusted Professionals Overseas

Who Can You Trust? Tips On Building A Reliable Network… 

I never thought I’d know so many lawyers in my life… let alone count them as friends. But as I looked over the schedule for our upcoming Offshore Wealth Summit, I realized just how many long-time family friends come from a legal background…

Setting up a solid, reliable network of legal help in all the countries you have interests in is not just good sense, it’s often obligatory.

It’s not easy to find folks you can trust… perhaps especially true of those in the attorney game. Continue reading