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Offshore Wealth Summit: Find Trusted Professionals Overseas

Who Can You Trust? Tips On Building A Reliable Network… 

I never thought I’d know so many lawyers in my life… let alone count them as friends. But as I looked over the schedule for our upcoming Offshore Wealth Summit, I realized just how many long-time family friends come from a legal background…

Setting up a solid, reliable network of legal help in all the countries you have interests in is not just good sense, it’s often obligatory.

It’s not easy to find folks you can trust… perhaps especially true of those in the attorney game. Continue reading

An idylic beach on the Dominican Republic with palm trees and clear blue seas

8 Things To Look For On Your Reconnaissance Trip Overseas

Heather’s Practical Approach To Finding The Right Home Overseas

Retirement is looming.

With it comes the challenge of deciding where to live.

We plan to take the next three years to figure out an answer to that question, living in various locations for three to six months each.

But how do we decide where we might like to hang our hats in retirement? How do we make a short list of destinations to try on for size for this next phase of life?Continue reading

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Yet Another Reason Why A Second Residency Is So Important

Assert Your Freedom To Move… Anytime… Anywhere… 

One of my most well-traveled editors is the definition of a digital nomad. She was based in Panama for a while, working out of our Panama City HQ, but—before and since—she’s more of a leaf in the wind. She might land somewhere for a short while, but you never know where she’ll end up next.

While she relishes the freedom of this lifestyle, it sometimes puts her in an inconvenient administrative position.

She shared her most recent round of rootless woes in today’s, hot-off-the-virtual-press Simon Letter issue. The story is such a good cautionary tale and testimonial for lifestyle diversification, I felt more readers might benefit from an excerpted version of her experience…Continue reading

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The 14 Things That Make A Great Overseas Destination

14 Essential Things To Consider Before Choosing Your New Home Overseas

My world is all things Overseas Retirement Index 2020 right now—the annual issue that we put out in December begins at least six months in advance.

It’s got me thinking about all our top havens, why they are such, and what goes into making that decision…

It comes down to 14 things…14 things that are so important, I have them pasted on one of the walls in our Panama City HQ. They are the guiding principle behind everything my editors and I do each day…Continue reading

Digital nomad working at laptop

How To Make Money Writing Content In 9 Easy Steps

How To Make A Living Overseas As A Content Writer

One of the most frequently asked questions I get at conferences and by email is how an expat can make a living overseas. And the most common way folks want to try is by doing what we do here at Live and Invest Overseas every day—writing.

Freelance writing, whether it’s on travel, living overseas, food and wine, flora and fauna, or wherever your expertise lies is one of the easiest ways to make money remotely. It’s one of the most liberating careers to foster, because you can pick it up and drop it as you’d like, do it from anywhere in the world, and you can tailor it to your own interests.

But how do you get started?

One freelance writer I know makes money from content writing—one of the easiest ways to break in. He put together such an exceptional guide on how to make a living from this (which will appear in full in the July issue of Overseas Living Letter) that I wanted to share some highlights from it with you…

Continue reading

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Everything You Need To Find Your Dream Home Overseas

Of All The Investments Out There, Why Real Estate?

Of all the investment options out there, why put your money into real estate?

For international real estate guru Lief Simon—the most globally-spread investor I know—it boils down to one thing: his ability to sleep well at night…

You see, there’s a certain comfort that comes with owning a hard asset like real estate. Stocks go up and down every day. They go in cycles. You have to keep watching them (it can become an obsession… and, well, interfere with your sleep pattern).Continue reading

The speaking panel at the retire overseas conference

All Our Experts In One Place: The Retire Overseas Conference

Why I’m Starting To Have Serious FOMO…

One of my favorite work events every year is our Retire Overseas Conference.

It’s always held in a fun Stateside location (this year, it’s the turn of Houston, Texas)…

It’s the best chance of the year to meet new attendees and catch up with those I’ve met before—some I’ve been catching up with in different countries for years now.Continue reading