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Money Making Ideas And Much More At Our Belize Conference

How These 7 Expats Are Funding Their New Lives In Belize 

“An entire country with a small-town feel” is how one expat in Belize describes his adopted home.

And that is my experience of Belize, too.

Before I settled into my job at Live and Invest Overseas in Panama City, some friends and I spent a few weeks exploring Belize… from the wild nature of the Cayo (where we hiked, swam in waterfalls, explored Maya ruins, and sang karaoke in the bars of San Ignacio) to the warm water and white-sand beaches of Ambergris Caye (my best snorkeling experience ever).

It was pure adventure—with something new to see or try every day. But what still stands out to me most about that trip was how my friends and I didn’t feel like tourists. While we lugged our backpacks from place to place, everywhere we showed up, we were welcomed as part of the community. Continue reading

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Share Stories With The Experts At The European Wealth Cruise

This International Life

Any “This American Life” fans out there?

You may have heard the recent episode where listeners shared their coincidence stories…

Like the guy who’s doing a survey at an airport, and it becomes obvious—from the uncertain tone of one participant’s voice—that he’s being given a fake contact number. By the time his respondent makes it to the end of the number, the surveyor can’t let it go:

“I’m sorry, sir,” he says, “but that is not your phone number.”

“Why isn’t that my phone number?” Continue reading

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Blogging And Some Other Overseas Moneymaking Ideas

Blogging For Perks And Pay

There are two types of bloggers out there…

(If you’re thinking people who blog about their pets versus moms who blog about their kids, that’s not exactly where I was going)…

I’m talking about those bloggers who make money versus those who don’t.

Actually, whether or not you make money isn’t about your blog’s theme. Any subject matter has the ability to be profitable in the blogosphere. Continue reading

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The 6 Top Places To Live In Panama Today

The Panama Shortlist—Top 6 Places To Consider Today

Last week, as we opened registration for our 2019 Live and Invest in Panama Conference, I mentioned that your lifestyle options in this little country—about the size of South Carolina—are diverse.

Today, I’d like to hone in on the best spots in Panama to consider today… as recommended to attendees at our recent Retire Overseas Conference by our friends and colleagues Peg Fairbairn and April Hess.

Though Peg and April have now made their home out on the Azuero Peninsula, they spent a lot of time on the road exploring Panama in search of their ideal home and have lived in a number of their top selections. They know their stuff—and they always give the full story. Continue reading

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Panama Has Opportunities For Nearly Every Lifestyle

City Comforts Or “Machete In Hand”—Which Panama Is For You?

At Live and Invest Overseas, we claim Panama is the easiest place for North Americans to dip a toe into living overseas.

When we say that, we’re speaking specifically about Panama City and its suburbs. In Panama City, the architecture isn’t all that different to a major American city. You’ve got your most popular U.S. franchises and international designer brands. You can easily connect with other U.S. cities and the rest of the world (Panama City is truly the Hub of the Americas). And, you’ll find many English speakers, or at least be able to seek some out without much effort.

There is comfort in all of this. But it doesn’t have to be all about fast-paced city life. You can live in Panama City and lap up the day-to-day conveniences of the city… yet be able to break out to the beach or into the jungle for a day’s adventure. Panama City offers you a safety net while you acclimatize… and perhaps scout other options.

Outside of Panama City, you have “the interior.” Don’t be fooled by the name. The interior boasts coastlines and beaches—both Pacific and Caribbean—as Continue reading

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2018 Home Conference Kit: All The Info At Your Own Pace

67 Ways Our Experts Could Blow Your Mind

“It’s so much information… I’m not sure how much more I can take!”

As we’re over halfway through our 2018 Retire Overseas Conference today, I’m reminded of these words from one of our attendees last year.

It was Day Three at that point. This poor lady was overwhelmed. And she still had another day to get through.

I’ve seen a few faces today—Day Three for this year’s event—that share that same bewildered look. But, overall, there’s still a strong sense of excitement and energy around our meeting rooms… maybe thanks to the Expat Singles And Social Mixer tonight…  Continue reading

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Start Your Grand Journey At Our Retire Overseas Conference

Back To School—Vegas Style

Back home in France right now, La Rentrée is in full swing…

These early days of September are when family vacations are well and truly over, children return to school, and some cafés, restaurants, and stores that were completely abandoned for a few weeks’ break are re-opening their shutters…

For the French, La Rentrée is more than a simple return to school or work. It’s almost the French equivalent of New Year’s celebrations… spread out over several weeks… with a strong sense of optimism and new beginning in the air…

Living in Panama City, I miss the buzz of La Rentrée. There’s nothing quite like it this time of year.  Continue reading

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The Grateful Gypsies: Traveling The World As Digital Nomads

From Bali To Puerto Vallarta (And Beyond)—Life As A Digital Nomad 

In preparing for our first Make Money Overseas Event, I caught up recently with one of our speakers, Sasha Savinov.

I love Sasha’s story. I don’t want to give it all away today (he’ll give attendees in Las Vegas the full version)… but, just to give you an idea of how it’s possible to make the transition to the life of a digital nomad, here’s just a snippet of Sasha’s journey so far…

After graduating college in the middle of the recession and teaching English for a few years in Beijing, Sasha was enjoying living overseas… but craved more adventure, more freedom, and more creativity.  Continue reading

A hillside town in Abruzzo, Italy

Abruzzo, Italy: A Mix Of Art, History, And Near-Perfection

Yesterday, Today, And Tomorrow, Italy Is Romanticism

I’ve been told many times that France is the country of love and romance.

But for me—since the first time I watched “Roman Holiday” as a kid—it’s always been Italy. I promised myself that, when I grew up, I’d go to Rome with my fiancé, whizzing through its streets by Vespa…

My first visit came a bit sooner than expected. I was 15 years old—accompanied by my parents, three siblings, and family friends…
Continue reading

What Everybody Ought To Know About Belize

How I Discovered A Whole New World In One Weekend… 

My first adventure in Belize was the bus ride out of the airport in Belize City and into the Cayo district.

The old American-style school bus was bumpy and overcrowded. At every stop—none of which appeared to be scheduled—more locals hopped on, and my friends and I were squeezed between kids and men in clothes from another age. Less than three hours in the country and we were already discovering its many secrets. Continue reading