Wooden footbridge to the beach Praia do Camilo, Portugal.

How To Build Your Road Map For The Future

Private Roundtable Reveals Road Map For Your Future What a world we’re living in, right?The biggest global pandemic in 100 years… continuing terrorist threats… war… threats of more war… coups… famine… mass gun violence…Plus a litany of -flations… inflation, shrinkflation, and now skimpflation…Along with global supply-chain issues and people deciding they don’t want or don’t…

Praia de Iracema, Fortaleza, Brazil

Discover Why Fortaleza, Brazil Is A Top Expat Paradise

Last week, LIOS’ widespread experts, expats, and editors took attendees at our 2020 Retire Overseas Virtual Conference on a tour of the top 21 destinations worth your consideration for living and investing in today… One of the places that recently entered this top 21 list is Brazil… We haven’t talked much about Brazil here before.…

Medellin Colombia, view of the city and high rise apartment buildings

What I’ve Discovered After 9 Years Renting In Colombia

Dipping A Toe In Your New Home Overseas Living overseas doesn’t have to be all or nothing. For many expats we know, it’s been a gradual process… Take Jeff Paschke, for instance. Jeff started out simply looking for a winter escape from his home in Dallas, Texas. He began his hunt by reading Life Magazine’s…

houston skyline at night

Meet The Experts At Our 2019 Conference In Houston: Part 2

10 Experts You’ll Meet In Houston—Part 2 A few weeks back, I introduced you to a handful of the speakers we have lined up for our 2019 Live and Invest Overseas Conference. Since then, we’ve received more confirmations from our globally-spread expert and expat friends… bringing the total to more than 50 guest speakers (all…
Prents hold thier child's hand at the beach

For Some, Going Offshore Is All About Protecting Loved Ones

How This “Ordinary Guy” Is Building His Wealth, One Flag At A Time… In Santo Domingo last month—for the first time in Offshore Wealth Summit history—one of our alumnus took the stage. Every year, it’s a packed schedule, but we made time this year for All Access Pass Member Dusty Tubbs to share his story as the “ordinary guy”…

Woman overlooking the ocean

How, When, And Why I Decided To Make The Move Overseas

Confessions Of An Expat Living Happily Ever After When you’re planning a move to a new country overseas, it helps to surround yourself with a bunch of supportive, like-minded people. Your fellow reader Melanie Veah admits that she felt shy about coming to a Live and Invest Overseas Conference. But, once on the scene, all…

Panama Bahia Ariel View of Panama City And The Bay With Impressive High Rise Buildings In The Foreground And Mountains In The Distance

Property Summit Takeaway: Opportunities Are Still Abundant

For Take-Out: Our Biggest Property Talks Of The Year At our 2018 Global Property Summit here in Panama City last week, Live and Invest Overseas Publisher Kathleen Peddicord did a quick survey of our audience of nearly 70 by show of hand… And, it threw up some interesting numbers…

Early 2018 Calender

A Sneak Peek At Our Early-2018 Conference Calendar

Some Good News And Some Bad News The bad news is… no Live and Invest Overseas events this month. The good news is… time to plan your schedule for 2018… Here’s what we’ve got lined up in the first half of next year… January In The Jungle Belize is where our adventures begin, Jan. 17–19,…

Stone gargoyle looking over the Paris rooftops

Some Of the Beauties (And Beasts) Of Life In France

“But French is impossible!” “I can’t cope with the accent!” “You people speak way too fast!” Those are just some of the comments I’ve had to endure from English speakers over the years. And, we know from reader inquiries that

Expats Finding A Personal Paradise In Portugal’s Algarve

Three Expats Find Paradise In Europe’s Top Retirement Haven “It instantly felt like home,” full-time expat Alyson Sheldrake says of her adopted home village of Ferragudo in Portugal’s Algarve. After visiting the Algarve for some years, Alyson and her husband were immediately sold on the first and only property their agent showed them. And that…

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