living in 2019s most recommended travel destinations

Our View On Living In 2019’s Most Recommended Destinations

Had Enough Of The Lists? It’s Time For Action… 

It’s that time of year when all the must-go, must-do, and must-see lists are taking over our inboxes.

For those on the quest for a new home overseas, these New Year travel lists aren’t always helpful. There’s a difference, of course, between choosing a place to vacation… and choosing that place you’re going to commit yourself to in the long term.

While you may have the vacation of a lifetime in Zimbabwe, Iran or Uzbekistan—all on Matador Network’s list of “25 places you need to travel in 2019”—I’m guessing these aren’t among the options you’re considering right now for your international move.Continue reading

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Register Now For Live And Invest Overseas Conference 2019

This Is Where You’ll Find Your Tribe

During a “Success Stories” panel discussion at our Retire Overseas Conference in Las Vegas last September, Founding Publisher Kathleen Peddicord asked each of our participating expats (all from our “alumni”) to describe a typical day in their new life overseas.

“I don’t have much of a schedule… I’m still working on it,” said Mike Herndon, who lives part-year in Valencia, Spain. “But one thing I do every day, at 2 p.m., is to meet somebody for lunch…
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Kathleen Peddicord and the conference panel

Introducing Our New Live And Invest Overseas Conference

Remember, This Is Not Retirement

The bad news is there won’t be a Retire Overseas Conference in 2019.

The good news is we’re just changing the name…

For one thing, these past few years, we’ve been attracting a wider audience (with some attendees in their 20s and 30s).

But regardless of age, almost everybody we know who has taken the leap to start over in a new place tells us they’re packing in far more activities in their days than they ever had time for at home. Continue reading

plaza grande ecuador view across the square and people walking around it

9 Things That You Really Need To Know About Ecuador

Better Than Five Gold Rings

Did you know that the carol “The Twelve Days of Christmas“—which some believe is French in origin (maybe that’s how the hens made it in)—was originally designed as a memory and forfeit game.

As far back as the 1780s, singers would challenge each other in recalling the lyrics. Those who slipped up had to award their opponents with a favor of some kind. Good old 18th-century fun…Continue reading

shoppers enjoying the christmas market in france

Why I’m Spending Christmas In France And NYE In Panama

The Best Of Both Worlds This Holiday Season

Last year, I spent my first Christmas in Panama City and did my best to get into the holiday spirit.

But hanging garlands all over my apartment and playing Christmas music nonstop didn’t stop me from missing my family. Plus, Panama’s tropical climate just doesn’t fit right with hot chocolate and Christmas pajamas.

So, this year I’m delighted to be home in France with my family for Christmas.

I’ll be back in Panama just before New Year’s Eve, though. Continue reading

traditional houses in portugal

Why We Live Inland For The Authentic Portuguese Experience

When we talk about Portugal’s Algarve region, we usually focus on the beaches, fishing villages, and dramatic ocean views. But there’s another side to the Algarve…

Melanie (who you heard from in last week’s issue) recently interviewed her friends Mandy and Peter for our Overseas Living Letter. This British couple also chose to call the Algarve home. But, in their search for “authentic Portugal,” they’ve set up home inland.

To give you another side of the Algarve’s story, I’m sharing the interview below. Check it out…

Valentine FouchéContinue reading

portugal bech with umbrellas and people enjoying the sun

All You Need To Know About Portugal In Our 2019 Conference

The Safest Place For Singles?

I dropped you a note last week to let you know that we’d opened up registration for our 2019 Live and Invest in Portugal Conference (giving you a head start on the rest of the readership)…

It’s happening in April—a little earlier than usual—when temperatures around the Algarve are a comfortable 60 to 65 degrees… and you’re pretty much guaranteed to see the sun every day (the Algarve coast has an average 300 days of sun a year).

I’ve written here before about the great weather, beaches, fresh seafood, travel opportunities, and friendly people of the Algarve—all factors that help to draw expats to Europe’s westernmost coast. But one thing that stood out to me at our conference last year is the Algarve’s safety.Continue reading

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70% Off On Our Make Money Overseas: The Home Conference Kit

If you missed our Make Money Overseas Conference earlier this month—and also missed out on the pre-release discount on the recordings from that event—I have great news this Cyber Monday…

You can get access to every Make Money Overseas presentation at 70% off in our extended Black Friday Sale (which runs until midnight tonight). In fact, all our home conference kits have been thrown into this year’s sale with discounts of 50% to 80% off. (You’ll find them all in our bookstore.)
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ecuador lake

A String Of “F-Words” That Describe My Life In Ecuador

The F-Words Of Ecuador

Last week, I announced the launch of our 2019 Live and Invest in Ecuador Conference… and VIP seats have been disappearing fast.

If you’re still not sure whether Ecuador deserves your closer attention, I hope the impressions of expat Theresa Rall may help you decide…

Theresa shared her insights with our live audience in Quito back in 2014. Below is a transcript of her talk…Continue reading

ecuador cotopaxi tambopaxi outside

Our Ecuador Conference Is Back By Popular Demand In 2019

“When are you going to hold a conference in Ecuador again?”

Since I joined the Events team here at Live and Invest Overseas three years ago, this has been one of the most frequently asked questions to drop into my mailbag.

Though our last Ecuador conference was in 2014 (before my time at the helm of LIOS events), we never lost interest in Ecuador. But sometimes we have to shuffle around destinations on our calendar… and some old favorites must retire—at least temporarily—to make way for new ones. Continue reading