Get Hard-Won Advice From Real Expats At Our DR Conference

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Get Hard-Won Advice From Real Expats At Our DR Conference

The Whole Truth About Living In Paradise

When Lindsay de Feliz, originally from the U.K., decided to relocate to the Dominican Republic, she needed to find a way to support her new life in paradise. With a background in marketing and a love of working out, Lindsay decided to set up a gym.

Being the only gym in town, she was excited for her new venture.

With no showers already on site, Lindsay went to extra expense to fit out her studio with full changing and showering facilities. She also offered a monthly payment schedule for her clients.

Her business got off to a great start. But after that first month, Lindsay noticed two things…

First, those customers who had happily paid their first month, didn’t come back for the next round (and the DR doesn’t do direct debits)…

Second, her showers were as shiny as the day they were installed.

As she’d been warned—but never believed before investing—Dominicans don’t shower at the gym.

It wasn’t long before she was forced to close her doors.

To survive in business overseas, as Lindsay learned the hard way, you need to understand the market… the business etiquette… and the local customs.

In fact, no matter what you’re planning to do in your new home, the more you understand about your new neighbors in advance, the better.

And, who better to pass on all this hard-won advice—and prepare you for a smoother move—than those expats who have gone before you…

Lindsay—who has since switched gears to translation and freelance writing and continues to live happily in the DR with her husband on their small farm—was among the expats who shared her story with us this past week at our 2018 Live and Invest in Dominican Republic Conference… as was Todd Schlosser who runs a successful mail forwarding service in Las Terrenas… and Bill Piatt who recently finished building and furnishing a four-bedroom villa (for less than the cost of furnishing his one-bedroom place in the United States)—also in Las Terrenas.

All had different stories to share. And all had their share of highs and lows to report. But the one thing that shone through in our expat presentations on the ground in Santo Domingo last week is how at-home they feel in this little Caribbean outpost.

If you’re intrigued by a Caribbean lifestyle—with a range of amenities and activities on your doorstep—but were unable to be with us in Santo Domingo last week, now is your chance to access all our experts’ presentations… and get them at a deep discount…

Until this Wednesday, April 18, you can avail of a pre-release discount of more than 50% on our 2018 Live and Invest in Dominican Republic Conference, and listen in on (and flip through the presentations from):

  • Expat stories: Todd Schlosser, Bill Piatt, Lindsay de Feliz, and more expat friends share their stories on moving, settling in, and running a business in the DR;
  • Your top visa and residency options for living in the DR;
  • How to buy and own your Dominican Republic property securely;
  • An overview of health-care facilities (Note: The standard is high here yet a fraction of U.S. costs…);
  • Managing money, paying bills, and banking in the DR;
  • Opportunities for living and investing in Las Terrenas (on the Samaná Peninsula);
  • Current investment opportunities in Cap Cana, the North Coast, and Santo Domingo’s Zona Colonial;
  • Managing your rental property;
  • And more (including bringing in your pets, protecting your assets, learning Spanish, and volunteering opportunities).

We won’t run another Live and Invest in the Dominican Republic Conference until next year. So, this is your last chance to get all this inside information at the best value we’ll offer this year.

Again, you have just two days left to claim your discount. Secure yours before midnight on Wednesday here.

Valentine Fouché

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