Panama Skyline

Panama: From Developing Country To Dream Destination

The American Dream And Where To Find It

“The American dream is still very much alive. You just have to look outside America to find it.”

So said a store-owner in Coronado, Panama, to our in-house Managing Editor, Charles Conn. And nobody could agree with her more than Charles…

Charles grew up in Panama with an American-expat dad and Panamanian mom. Always curious about his American heritage, he left Panama to attend college in the United States. Once he’d graduated, Charles spent years trekking around the country—working any job he could get—trying to find his share of the American dream.

Twenty years after leaving home, he was still searching for that dream when personal circumstances drew him back to Panama… where Charles was in for a surprise…

His home country was almost unrecognizable.

The unrest that he’d grown up with through the Noriega years and the American occupation was a distant memory.

“Panama had gone through an economic boom that just transformed it from a Third World backwater place that Continue reading

Expats gathered to overlook the ocean in Tulum, Mexico

5 Most Popular Places To Live In Mexico As An Expat

Dear Live and Invest Overseas Confidential Reader,

With anything in life, the easiest option isn’t always the best. In fact, it almost never is.

But, for North Americans considering your options overseas, “closer than ever” Mexico breaks this rule.

It’s hard to find fault with a country that offers a wide range of lifestyle options (from jungle to beach to mountain living)… has an infrastructure that continues upward (you can travel cross-country by luxury coach very affordably)… and where English has become an official second language (helping to bridge the gap until your Spanish is up to scratch)…

And, let’s not forget the present currency situation. For years, the Mexican peso stood at 10 pesos to the Greenback. Today, at 17 pesos to US$1, it feels like everything is half price.

With so much opportunity in the country, it can be difficult to decide where to settle. But, since an estimated 2.2 million expats (from North America and Europe) are official residents in Mexico today, it’s helpful to take a look at where they’ve chosen to call home.

Here’s a quick profile of the big five—the most popular areas that expats in Mexico choose to live at least part time:

  1. Guadalajara

    Lowdown: Mexico’s second-largest city with its own Silicon Valley. Expats tend to gravitate toward areas south of here—Ajijic or Chapala—where they can still tap into the city’s amenities.

    How much? Rent from US$500 per month. Buy from US$75,000.

    Expat-speak: “About the middle of July, the beach at our main home in La Manzanilla on the Pacific coast starts to get oppressively hot and humid. That’s when we head north and lakeside to our house in Chapala. We then have three or four months of delightful weather during what qualifies in this region as the off-season, which is our favorite. We think that we are living the ideal life, splitting our time between the ocean and the largest lake in Mexico.” —Jonathan P.

    “Sunset at Lake Chapala.”
  1. San Miguel de Allende

    Lowdown: 450-year-old city of 150,000 people that works hard to preserve its colonial features. A favorite with local and foreign tourists, San Miguel has a true international feel.

    How much? Rent from US$450 a month. Buy from US$145,000.

    Expat-speak: “No matter where you’re from, San Miguel is a place that feels like home.” —Leslie von D.

    “Small-town San Miguel de Allende has an international feel.”
  1. Riviera Maya

    Lowdown: Stretch of Caribbean coast from Cancún to Tulum that is seeing major development. A unique mix of unspoiled beach and Mayan ruins.

    How much? Rent from US$1,250 in sought-after Playa del Carmen. Buy from US$150,000.

    Expat-speak: “Things get done… but it may take some time. The fast city pace is not here. It’s very relaxed and very comfortable. My only regret is that I didn’t make the move sooner. Here, I feel like I’m getting younger by the day.” —Michelle B.

    “Caribbean resort of Cancún has become a major hub.”
  1. Puerto Vallarta

    Lowdown: Colonial city on the Pacific coast, P.V. is becoming increasingly popular with vacationing boomers. The Riviera Nayarit to the north is also emerging and holds much opportunity.

    How much? Rent from US$200 in P.V. Buy from US$40,000.

    Expat-speak: “On the quiet side streets that climb steeply toward the hills, people leave homes and apartment buildings to do their daily shopping just as they would anyplace… just as though they weren’t lucky enough to live in one of the most romantic cities in the world.” –Lauren S.

    “Puerto Vallarta is tops for Pacific living.”
  1. Mazatlán

    Lowdown: North of Riviera Nayarit, Mazatlán is a working town with a 5-mile-long malécon (believed to be the longest uninterrupted beach boardwalk in the world). Because of its industry, Mazatlán offers more amenities than P.V.

    How much? Rent from US$807 a month. Buy from US$120,000

    Expat-speak: “So why did we pick Mazatlán? It was mostly the attraction of the walkable historic center and all the amenities it offers… including the fact that the historic center is miles from the main tourist area in Mazatlán. And, importantly, it’s possible to buy a beachfront property in the historic center, which is rare… so you can enjoy the advantages of both.” —Lee H.

    “Mazatlan offers history and culture… near the beach.”

This is just a quick snapshot, of course. Our agenda at Live and Invest in Mexico Conference, this Nov. 15–17, is to give you the full picture on these areas… along with others that have recently come on our radar… as well as specific investment opportunities worth your consideration today.

Our aim, as always, is to leave no stone unturned… to arm you with everything you need to know to make your move to Mexico.
To that end, all our top Mexico experts will be in the house to answer your questions. Over our two-and-a-half days together, you can raise any issues in our Q&A slots… or approach our experts at their individual tables in the exhibition hall.

We’re only on the ground in Mexico once a year, so this is your single chance in 2017 to come and witness all this country has to offer… in the company of those who can guide you step-by-step through your move.

We’re holding this 2017 Live and Invest in Mexico Conference in Cancún—a chance for you to check out the Riviera Maya first-hand… while also being in a position to connect easily, by coach or plane, with other parts of Mexico.

And, this week is your last chance to lock in the best value on your seat. Until this Friday, save US$250 off your place in Cancún with our Early Bird discount… and use Coupon Code PREMEX50 to save an extra US$50. You may qualify for other reader discounts, too.

Valentine Fouché
Editor, Live and Invest Overseas Confidential

A New Life Overseas

Your Journey To A New Life Overseas Is Just Getting Started

The Dynamite Approach To Finding The Good Life Overseas

Moving overseas is more than just a process to be trudged through…

It’s a journey.

You can’t possibly know how that journey will play out exactly. (Right now, you may have no idea of where you want to go.)

But one thing you do have control over, starting today, is how long you want to drag this journey out.

You can make it into an epic escape… researching for years… chipping away with Continue reading

3 Reasons To Join Us And Experience Paris In The Fall

Paris In The Fall

“Paris is always a good idea,” said Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina. But there is something extra special for the visitor who wanders the cobblestone streets of the French capital in the fall.

The crowds of spring and summer have left… yet it’s still not too chilly to take a table outside (now that you can find one) and enjoy a café au lait on the terrace.

October is also when Paris comes alive in vivid orange, red, and yellow… the perfect time for a stroll through the Jardin du Luxembourg and Jardin des Tuileries… and to appreciate the city as Continue reading

Laughing Bird Caye Belize

Appreciating All That Belize Has To Offer (Even Its Quirks)

This Is Where You’ll Know You Have Arrived

At our Live and Invest in Belize Conference last year, Belize resident and developer Phil Hahn opened his presentation with some important advice from the world’s favorite pirate, Jack Sparrow:

“The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem.”

Undeniably, you will encounter setbacks on any new adventure overseas. You’ll wonder if everybody else is completely crazy—or it’s just you. These are times when you have to do a reality check and remember that you are a guest in your new country… and it will take some time to adjust. If you can just wait out the panic period, you will be rewarded. And, in Belize, the rewards far outweigh the quirks of day-to-day life…

For a start, Belize is a natural wonderland. Just as the Mayans chose to settle along its impressive network of rivers some 4,000 years ago, a strong Mennonite community works the land around the town of Spanish Lookout in the Cayo District today. For a country of its size (22,966 square kms), the diversity of Continue reading

laughing bird caye in Belize

How Belize Is Setting Itself Apart: From Residency To Retirement

Doors Are Now Open For Belize 2018 (Plus 40 VIP Seats Up For Grabs)

We haven’t talked about the country in these pages in a while. (Our Belize conference last February already seems like a lifetime ago.) But now, especially for you Belize fans out there, we’re getting ready to return to one of our favorite spots…

We haven’t ignored this little English-speaking, ex-British colony completely, of course. If you were with us for our recent Retire Overseas Conference in Orlando, you may have joined our Belize break-out session. Really, though, that was just an appetizer compared to what we have planned for our 8th in-country Belize event…

Before I give you more details on our 2018 Live and Invest in Belize Conference, though, let’s recap on some of the Belize highlights from Orlando—as told by our duo of Phil Hahn and Jamie Ganger, both of whom have been living different lifestyles in Belize for more than a decade…

First, some things that set Belize apart: Continue reading

a toy bus with suitcases on it in front of a graffiti wall

The Truth About What You Need To Move Overseas Today

“Do I really have what it takes to start a new life overseas?”

This kind of doubt creeps into the mind of every prospective expat as they consider their options for a new adventure overseas. (I asked myself this, too, when trading in Paris for Panama two years ago.)

But, for a moment, let’s approach this from the other side…

What don’t you need to move overseas?

Many prospective expats start out believing that they need to amass a certain (usually unattainable) amount of savings. But, as Latin America Editor Lee Harrison told our audience here in Orlando this week, you should go when you’re able, not when you’re comfortable…

“The great news is that Social Security goes a long way in many of the places we recommend,” said Lee. “US$1,000 to US$1,500 is often enough for a couple to live the good life. Also, turning up with an open mind and a sense of adventure can lead to money-making opportunities you may never have imagined. You can also get creative with your IRA and 401(k) in ways that will not incur penalties.”

Meanwhile, others worry that they need a special set of skills—somewhere on the level of Liam Neeson’s character in “Taken”—to survive expat life…

Or that there’s an ideal age for starting over… and they’ve left it too late…

Meeting with our Retire Overseas Conference attendees this week, I can tell you that there is no single demographic that’s best suited to (or able for) a new life overseas.

Of your fellow readers gathered here, some are in their late 30s, others in their 80s… some are married, some single… some have health concerns… some have kids to raise (and find good schools for)… some are looking to retire… others are looking to start a new business venture…

They don’t have all the answers just yet. But they’ve taken a leap of faith, trusting that these issues can be figured out.

And, here’s something else I’ve noticed about our attendees…

Everybody I’ve met here tends to have:

  • An open mind…
  • A spirit of adventure…
  • A good sense of humor…

As a reader of these pages, I’m guessing you measure up well on these traits, too.

Now, it’s time to put these personal strengths to work as you figure out:

  1. The best place for you and…
  2. How to get there with the least possible hassle…

How do you manage this? Unfortunately, I can’t give you the answer here today. It’s different for everybody. It’s why 400 attendees traveled to join us in Orlando this week… to discover the best opportunities through our expat presentations… and be walked through the nuts and bolts of getting there safely, legally, with minimal hassle, and without being ripped off…

Knowledge is power… and with 70 presentations on our schedule over these four days, our attendees will be leaving fully equipped to face their new adventure… and armed with the numbers of the on-the-ground contacts they’ll need to consult with to see their plans through.

If you can’t be with us in person (or aren’t following us via our Live Stream), there’s one last chance for you to tap into every nugget shared here this week… in effect, every building block to your new life overseas…

Armed with your 2017 Live and Invest Overseas Home Conference Kit, you can, right there from home, tap into our experts’ decades of experience to find out:

  • The World’s 21 Best Budget Destinations and how to make one of these 21 special places your home in as little as 12 months…
  • How to retire in style on your Social Security alone
  • Where to enjoy high-quality medical care for a fraction of the cost…
  • Which parts of the world roll out the welcome mat for expat retirees in terms of residency, offering special incentives, perks, advantages, and benefits for the “silver-haired” crowd…
  • How to own your own second home in the sun for as little as US$120,000…
  • The world’s cheapest beach retirements… the best mountain hideaways… romantic colonial towns… world-class cities…
  • And much more…

Right now, as we bundle our video and audio recordings together (and wait for the last speaker to finish up), you can get all 70 presentations—plus a special selection of bonus reports—for more than 65% off. Complete details on reserving your risk-free copy are here.

Valentine Fouché

Editor, Live and Invest Overseas Confidential

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Kick Off Your Overseas Adventure By Joining Us In Orlando

The Easiest First Step Toward Your New Life Overseas

Just six days till we open the doors of our 2017 Retire Overseas Conference…

If you’re joining us in Orlando next Sunday, I look forward to meeting you at our biggest event of the year—where we’ll walk you through all those big-picture issues of planning a new adventure overseas… and help you figure out, once and for all, the best place (or places) for you to focus your attention on.

If you can’t make the journey this year… but don’t want to miss all the action of these three and a half days with our experts (and risk your plans being put on hold once again)… here’s the great news…

For the first time ever at the Retire Overseas Conference, we’ll be Continue reading