View across Panama Bay, in Panama City

After Four Great Years I’m Saying Au Revoir To Panama

Gone Surfin’ 

It started last Monday when I began emptying out my apartment here in Panama City.

I looked at the bed where, four years ago—new to town—I had thrown myself down in tears… wondering what I had done… how I could have left my country, my friends, and my family behind…

Now the tears were back again. And they’ve been coming every day since, as I prepare to leave behind the many friends Arnaud and I have made here… and the city and country that has gradually become our home… Continue reading

Medellin Colombia, view of the city and high rise apartment buildings

What I’ve Discovered After 9 Years Renting In Colombia

Dipping A Toe In Your New Home Overseas

Living overseas doesn’t have to be all or nothing. For many expats we know, it’s been a gradual process…

Take Jeff Paschke, for instance.

Jeff started out simply looking for a winter escape from his home in Dallas, Texas. He began his hunt by reading Life Magazine’s “100 Places to See in Your Lifetime,” whittling that list down to just two places he thought might suit him: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Cartagena, Colombia.Continue reading

Santa Elena, a beach town in Ecuador

Our Home Conference Kit Is Your Complete Guide To Ecuador

Sometimes I Wish I Were An Attendee…

“How was Ecuador?”

I got this question more than once on my return to my desk in Panama this morning.

I’ll get the same question from family and friends, too, over the next few days—as I do after every work trip.

And, every time, I can’t help but think of those internet memes—what my friends think I do/what my mom thinks I do/what my colleagues think I do/what I actually do. (Really, it’s time somebody made one of those for conference directors.)Continue reading

A trpoical house by the Caribbean in Bocas Del Toro, Panama

Discover Panama’s Best Investments And Real Estate Buys

Be In The Room With The “Queen Of Real Estate”

I recently introduced you to some of the guest speakers we have lined up for this September’s Retire Overseas Conference(if you missed them before, here’s Part I and Part II of that series).

Today, I’d like to introduce you to one more speaker…

The speaker we like to call our “Queen of Real Estate”…Continue reading

Port wine and some cakes in Porto, Portugal

All The Info On Moving To Portugal At Our 2019 Conference

These Expats Find That Portugal Has It All

“About a year ago, my wife and I made the leap,” writes Terry O’Halloran. “We moved halfway around the world, to Portugal.

“Maybe we were a little crazy, but we haven’t looked back and we couldn’t be happier.

“We’d lived in Hawaii for 40 years, and my wife Ann had just retired from her career as an emergency room nurse. It was time for our next phase in life, and we wanted to make the most of it. We’d saved enough, but we didn’t want to just settle into a ‘comfortable’ retirement. We wanted new, different, and exciting.

“Both of us are active and healthy, and we love traveling. We thought a simpler life, where less could be more, sounded very appealing.Continue reading

view across the valle of vilcabamba ecuador

How Living In Vilcabamba, Ecuador Can Put Years On Your Life

World’s Healthiest Retirement Haven?

In 1973, the village of Vilcabamba, Ecuador was put on the map by an article in National Geographic by Dr. Alexander Leaf from Harvard.

Leaf had traveled to Ecuador to investigate the world’s healthiest and longest-living people. Or so they were believed to be at the time…

Later accounts revealed that the local residents had exaggerated their ages (sometimes by decades). “Very Old People in the Andes Are Found to be Merely Old,” ran a 1978 headline in The New York Times.Continue reading

houston skyline at night

Meet The Experts At Our 2019 Conference In Houston: Part 2

10 Experts You’ll Meet In Houston—Part 2

A few weeks back, I introduced you to a handful of the speakers we have lined up for our 2019 Live and Invest Overseas Conference.

Since then, we’ve received more confirmations from our globally-spread expert and expat friends… bringing the total to more than 50 guest speakers (all of whom will be at hand for you to connect with over four days… and ready to help with your questions).

Today, I’d like to introduce you to five more of the team you’ll meet in Houston this Sept. 7–10…

1. Mike Herndon—Expat in Valencia, Spain

Mike lived in Tennessee and Florida before leaving the United States in March 2016. A former sales manager, corporate trainer, real estate broker, and small-business owner (twice), Mike explored 47 states and 35 countries before finding “home” in Valencia, Spain, at the age of 65.

He is currently writing a book about his experiences with the sharing economy (Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway, etc.) based on the four years he spent renting living spaces across eight countries.

Mike spends up to seven months a year in Valencia. He is now on a mission to find a cottage or cabin in a place he can enjoy a cooler climate from June to August and a festive spirit in November and December.

2. Maria Abreu—Immigration Attorney (Dominican Republic)

Born in the United States, Maria was chief of staff at a New York law firm for 20 years. Ten years ago, she relocated to the Dominican Republic where—after attending law school to become a licensed attorney in the D.R.—she’s been running her own law firm, Abreu & Associates Immigration Services, for the last five years.

The mission of Abreu Associates is to provide the very best legal assistance to its clients—whether you are coming to live here part-time, full-time, or would like to secure a second passport. With their experience and knowledge of the Dominican Republic immigration law, Maria and her staff will help you navigate the complex Dominican Republic immigration systems flawlessly.

3. Adrian Beales—Expat in Medellín, Colombia, and Director of Sales at Lifeafar Investments

Adrian’s Colombian journey started at the age of 24 when he was studying as an exchange student in Rouen, France. There he made Colombian friends who opened his eyes to a country he knew nothing about.

Returning home to Australia, Adrian sought out the growing Colombian community to continue learning about their culture. In 2014, he made his first trip to Colombia—visiting Bogotá, Medellín, Cartagena, Santa Marta, and a few little towns in-between. Six months later, he returned to spend the Christmas season with the family of a friend and became determined to live in Colombia one day.

In 2017, Adrian left his job, sold some property, and moved to Colombia where he enrolled in a language school for six months of intensive Spanish classes. Blown away by the incredible property opportunities, he sought out a fellow Australian, Sam Miller, to discuss opportunities for investing in Colombian real estate and was introduced to Lifeafar where he now works as Director of Sales.

Based in Medellín, Adrian enjoys showing others the possibilities of living and investing there. Despite being 100% “true blue Australian,” he feels at home in Colombia where he is treated like family among the locals and gets to enjoy the amazing outdoors.

4. Lief Simon—Global Real Estate Investor and Offshore Diversification Expert

Lief Simon is Live and Invest Overseas’ resident global real estate investing and offshore diversification expert. His twice-weekly free newsletter, Offshore Living Letter, covers both topics with direct and easy-to-understand language.

Lief has lived and worked on 5 continents and traveled to more than 50 countries. His real estate investing experience began nearly 20 years ago with a multiunit building in Chicago.

After selling that building for a leveraged total return of more than 1,800% in two-and-a-half years, Lief began to diversify internationally. In the 17+ years since, Lief has purchased more than 45 properties, investing in 21 different countries around the world. He has developed land, managed rentals, and flipped pre-construction buys. Lief has more experience buying and profiting from real estate around the world than any other individual investor you’re likely to find.

In addition, Lief specializes in offshore diversification, asset protection, and tax mitigation. Over the last 20 years living and doing business around the world, he’s built a network of reliable and expert contacts he trusts on such matters—attorneys, bankers, tax consultants, and other advisors, both Stateside and in the jurisdictions where he spends time and money. You’ll get to meet many of these trusted contacts, alongside Lief, in Houston this September.

5. April Hess and Peg Fairbairn—Expats in Veraguas, Panama

April and Peg started their life as expats on March 28, 2014 when they packed up their two dogs, two cats, and eight suitcases and moved to Pedasí, Los Santos, Panama. After three months of Spanish lessons, they moved to the mountain community of Santa Fe where they enjoyed the cooler mountain climate, green hills, and cool rivers. Today they live in their newly-completed home in the beautiful Los Islotes community on the Azuero Peninsula.

Peg taught 8th grade science in and around Austin, Texas for 30 years. She was passionate about teaching and education, but once she could, she took her money and ran… to Panama. April grew up in Southern California, studied accounting at the University of Hawaii, and moved to Austin in 2003 in order to give her three children a shot at the “American Dream” of affordable home ownership.

Peg and April chose Panama for its central location, affordability, stable government, infrastructure, quality of health care, and its convenient currency (the U.S. dollar). They believe that life should be an adventure. It’s their ongoing mission to learn more Spanish so they can communicate with their Panamanian neighbors.

Technically, that’s six speakers not five. But, if you’ve met Peg and April before, you’ll know that they often present together… and tell a great story.

Again, this is just a sample of our lineup of expat and expert speakers for this year’s bigger-than-ever Live and Invest Overseas Conference.

In Houston, Sept. 7–10, in the company of Publisher Kathleen Peddicord and more than 50 experts and expats, you’ll:

  • Get introduced to all our top 21 havens… under one roof. After hearing from our experts and expats, you’ll be able to narrow your search down to the three… two… or even one place that you should focus on. Prepare to be surprised… and to change your mind (maybe dramatically so).
  • Understand all the big-picture “moving overseas” issues—like health care and health insurance, visas and residency, renting and buying property, tax obligations for the expat… and things you can do to prepare for your move before you ever step foot outside the United States.
  • Start to build your own support network. As well as having the chance to ask questions following each presentation, you’ll also have the opportunity to meet with experts and expats in the more casual setting of our exhibit hall—the people who can help walk you through your relocation, start to finish.

It’s the only time all our globally spread experts are in one place… stateside… and totally at your service.

And, if you’d like to spread the cost of registration, then this is the week to get in…

Today, we launch our Live and Invest Overseas Conference Easy Payment Plan.

Using this Payment Plan, you can reserve your space today in Houston for only US$235. That’s followed by two monthly payments of the same amount, allowing you to spread the cost of this event over three affordable payments.

The Payment Plan is entirely optional. If you prefer to pay in full, you still have that option, too.

But whichever way you prefer to pay, don’t forget about your discounts…

Remember to use your exclusive LIOS Confidential reader Coupon Code PRELOC50 when signing up, and you’ll save an additional US$50 off the cost of registration.

This is in addition to other available discounts, including the US$200-per-person Early Bird Discount currently in effect.

Both the Early Bird Discount and the Easy Payment Plan are available for a limited time only.

Go here now to get full details on pricing, discounts, and what’s included in your registration for Houston.

I hope to see you at our biggest gathering of the year…

Valentine Fouché

a couple looking up to their brand new home overseas, a white 2 story house with collums on the outside

10 Things To Consider Before Buying Your Home Overseas

10 Things To Ask Yourself Before Buying Your Dream Home Overseas

When you’re starting out on your overseas property search, one of the first questions you need to ask yourself is…

Who will use the property?

Maybe the answer is yourself—you’re looking for a home to live in (at least part of the year) and won’t be renting to others.

Maybe it’s a pure investment—you aren’t looking to spend any time in the property yourself.

Or maybe it’s somewhere in-between. You want to live part-year in a place and rent the property when you’re not in residence. Or you want an investment property in a city you love… and hope to spend the odd vacation there as time allows.

Each scenario requires a different approach toContinue reading

view of the westin playa bonita hotel in panama city, blue sky and a palm tree can be seen

Join Us In Our 2019 Global Property Summit In Panama

Investing Overseas Can Be This Easy

If you’re looking to buy property overseas—for pure investment… for personal use… or somewhere in between—and you want to make your move before another year slips by, then there’s one event you can’t possibly miss…

Our 2019 Global Property Summit, May 22–24, at the Westin Playa Bonita Panama (more about the venue later).

This event, designed by international real estate guru Lief Simon, is your only chance this year to join us for three property-focused days as our team of experts introduces you to the best markets in the world to buy a second home… a full-time home… or invest for the short or long term in opportunities that can provide a healthy cash flow, boost your retirement nest egg, and serve as a safe diversification.

All levels of “investor” are welcome. This event is for you if:

  • You’re looking for your dream home overseas…
  • You’re interested in splitting your time between a number of places…
  • You’re already living overseas and would like to expand your portfolio into different markets…
  • You’re not going overseas (at least not any time soon) but would like to diversify your portfolio by investing in foreign markets…
  • You’re looking for passive income opportunities to bankroll your new life overseas…

In other words, if you have an interest in property—for whatever purpose—you’re welcome to the table.

Another thing to understand about this event is that “property” isn’t limited to a house or apartment. Of course, you’re going to need at least one of those if you plan to live on your property… but Lief and his team will also introduce you to current opportunities in productive land…

Over the past seven years, agricultural opportunities have become an important focus for Lief and his team. Productive land is the ultimate hard asset with the potential for long-term and even legacy yield. Depending on the project, you get to reap the benefits over decades… and so can your heirs. At this year’s Summit, you’ll hear about opportunities in teak, organic fruits, and aquaponics (three areas that have been performing well for Lief and his readers).

Joining Lief again this year is Lee Harrison, our Senior Overseas Property Correspondent. We like to call Lee an “accidental investor.”  Lee bought his first home overseas for US$62,000—purely for personal use, without any notions of capital appreciation—and sold it, just nine months later, for US$110,000.

Really, investment can be that easy.

At this 2019 Global Property Summit, Lief, Lee, and the rest of our expert team will introduce you to the places they believe are the best spots to live and invest in for a long time to come. They’ll help you:

  • Choose the country and the location that’s right for you—ideal for your overseas purchase…
  • Determine the best property for your intended lifestyle and investment goals…
  • Learn the fundamentals of buying real estate overseas safely and securely…
  • Understand how to manage an income-producing rental property when you’re not in residence…
  • Develop your own worldwide network of international property contacts and support…
  • Learn how to identify a promising market… and how to determine the amount you should spend to buy what you want…
  • Navigate markets with no multiple listing service (recognizing that this includes most of the world!)…
  • View lots of properties currently available in the world’s top property markets…
  • Obtain access to exclusive investment offerings, including turnkey yield-producing opportunities that could earn you up to 20% per year and more…
  • Connect with the most promising markets for agricultural investments, including introductions to the best current productive land plays anywhere in the world today…

You can enjoy the property of your dreams… and make a profit while living the good life. And now comes your best chance to do it this year…

Reserve your seat for our 2019 Global Property Summit this week and you’ll qualify for a complimentary VIP package. This bundle of benefits includes:

  • Private, pre-conference session with international property guru Lief Simon.
  • Reserved, VIP front-row seating: Get the most of all presentations with exclusive, front-and-center seating in the event room.
  • Private consultations with our experts, available to you on a priority basis.
  • Elite, VIP concierge service. We’ll take care of your every need, from the moment you register until the closing ceremonies. From shopping trips to country excursions, our team will be at your service.

VIP packages are strictly restricted to the first 30 readers to register. Go here now to lock in your VIP seat with us this May in Panama. (Remember to avail of your exclusive LIOS Confidential reader discount of US$50 by using coupon code GPSCONF50.)

Valentine Fouché