Let’s Talk: Our Experts Help You Decide Your Next Adventure

Our Experts Help You Decide

Let’s Talk: Our Experts Help You Decide Your Next Adventure

How can this lady possibly tell me the single best place in the world to hang my hat?

If you’ve been keeping up with publisher Kathleen Peddicord’s Overseas Opportunity Letter you may be asking yourself this very question.

What’s going on?

She’s leaving Panama?

But she’s been touting the virtues of Panama for over a decade…

Does Panama suddenly suck?

Of course not. Just like Paris didn’t suck when Kathleen, Lief, Kaitlin, and Jackson left the City of Light behind nine years ago. Nor did life in Waterford, Ireland (their first home overseas), become unbearable before that.

The leap from Waterford to Paris was sparked by Kaitlin’s wish to spend her high-school “gap year” in Paris. The rest of the family were happy to tag along, trading the slow pace of rural Ireland for the surprise-at-every-turn experience of Europe’s most-visited capital.

Four years later, Panama City called. The strategic position of the “Hub of the Americas” was ideal for Kathleen and Lief to grow their new business ventures. It also put the family in easy reach of their daughter, then attending college in the States. And Panama had excellent schooling options for young Jackson.

Above all, Panama was a new adventure.

And, if there’s one thing you need to embrace as you look at the world and consider your options, it’s a spirit of adventure.

The first place you go overseas may indeed be the place you decide to settle. This is entirely possible. We see people do this all the time. Not everybody wants to roam.

The best way to approach it, though, is not to look for your “forever home.”

Instead, seek out your starting point.

And, there’s no person more qualified to help you with that than Kathleen. In almost two decades of living overseas, she’s experienced it all. And—especially in those early relocations—without much help.

But you don’t have to do this alone.

If you want help deciding where you should consider in the world today—as well as how you can do this the smart way—then there’s only one place you need to be this year…

Join Kathleen and her team of overseas living experts for our 2017 Retire Overseas Conference, this Aug. 27–30, in Orlando, Florida, and we’ll help you figure it all out…

Over these four power-packed days together, you’ll:

  • Get introduced to all our top 21 havens… under one roof. After hearing from our experts and expats, you’ll be able to narrow your search down to the three… two… or even one place that you should focus on. Prepare to be surprised… and to change your mind (maybe dramatically so).
  • Understand all the big-picture “moving overseas” issues—like health care and health insurance, visas and residency, renting and buying property, tax obligations for the expat… and things you can do to prepare for your move before you ever step foot outside the United States.
  • Start to build your own support network. As well as having the chance to ask questions following each presentation, you’ll also have the opportunity to meet with experts and expats in the more casual setting of our exhibit hall—the people who can help walk you through your relocation, start to finish.

It’s our biggest party of the year—and the only time all our globally-spread experts are in one place… totally at your service.

As it’s Stateside, you also save on the cost of international flights. And, to sweeten the pot—especially for first-time attendees who may be on the fence—we’re offering an Easy Payment Plan for this event (something we don’t often do).

With our Retire Overseas Conference Easy Payment Plan, you pay just US$235 to reserve your seat today… followed by two more monthly payments of US$235. (For a couple, it’s US$760 now, followed by two monthly payments of US$235.)

If you’d like to spread your payments this way, you’ll need to act quickly. Our Easy Payment Plan option is only open for a limited time.

So, no more excuses. Start your adventure before this year rolls over. Full details, along with your Early Bird Discount and last chance to get in on our Easy Payment Plan, can be found here. Remember to use Coupon Code ROCCONFIDENTIAL to save an extra US$50.

If you have any questions at all, be sure to call or drop me a line…

Valentine Fouché
Editor, Live and Invest Overseas Confidential
Tel. 1-888-627-8834 (toll-free in the United States)
Email: events@liveandinvestoverseas.com

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