Medellin, Colombia Is A City On The Rise, Here’s Your Ticket In

Life In Medellin, Colombia

Medellin, Colombia Is A City On The Rise, Here’s Your Ticket In

However you feel about New Year’s resolutions, we’re in that last week of December where it’s hard to ignore those things we promised ourselves we’d do this year… but, where once again, we were beaten by time.

If you didn’t get far enough with your own plans to explore your options for a new adventure overseas, don’t worry. In 2017, we’ll go back to all our favorite spots in the world where we’ll introduce you to the latest opportunities for living, investing, retiring or doing business… and how to make it all happen in the smoothest way possible. (Be sure to check our Event Calendar for all upcoming events.)

One place I’m especially looking forward to returning this year is Medellín, Colombia. We’ll run our seventh Live and Invest in Colombia Conference from there this April 19–21.

And, while I can’t say that opportunities are running out here… it feels like the best opportunities won’t last much longer. Over the past couple of years, this place has started to get increasing attention from the mainstream media.

The New York Times said, “Medellín has gone through a drastic transformation from drug capital to forward-looking metropolis. This is especially true of the chic El Poblado neighborhood, where the streets are crowded with designer boutiques, cafés and restaurants with ample outdoor seating—because, well, there’s no reason to sit inside.”

Meanwhile CNN Travel has praised Medellín’s innovative transport system, as well as its emerging reputation as a foodie city.

And—love it or hate it—following the opening of its first café in the city in September, Starbucks is doling out the frappuccinos in two more branches just opened this month (all Starbucks’ Colombian branches have committed to sourcing locally grown and roasted arabica coffee beans). That’s three branches of Starbucks in one city… in three months.

Beyond this path of progress, what does Medellín offer the would-be expat? Most notably…

  • Perfect weather, requiring no heat or air conditioning…
  • World-class health care…
  • A rich cultural scene, with theater, orchestra, and exciting events…
  • An affordable cost of living…
  • Absolutely low property cost…
  • Great investment potential, for both the capital gain and the income investor…

But remember, wherever you go in the world, you’ll find pros and cons… and Colombia is no different.

For example, English is not spoken by most of the locals. Though you can find it spoken at the larger hotels, restaurants, and businesses, this is not the rule everywhere. But we can introduce you to the best places we know to study Spanish, to smooth out this rough spot.

Another downside right now is that things like opening a bank account and moving money are not straightforward. It’s possible to do these easily—once you know how—but you’ll need help learning the ropes… before the fact.

You’ll need connections… and introductions. And at the Live and Invest in Colombia Conference, you’ll meet the people who can make it happen for you.

This is an emerging retirement haven… not, at this point, an always very user-friendly one for the English speaker. But like anywhere in the world—knowing what you’re getting into in advance will allow you to make well-informed decisions and smart choices… that will protect you from any potential downsides.

That’s the driving agenda of our Live and Invest in Colombia Conference: To prepare you.

And so, an important part of our agenda is to show you the downsides… and then show you how to navigate and overcome them. To this end, you’ll hear from a number of expats who have already chosen to re-launch their lives in this special country. They’ll show you firsthand how they overcame the obstacles to make things happen.

Information, contacts, connections, and real-world insights. That’s what we promise… and that’s what we deliver. And that’s what makes us different from any other discovery tour or relocation group you’ll find out there.

Don’t get caught up in those unfulfilled resolutions. Now is the time to take action and make 2017 your best year yet. Secure your seat in Medellín now… while our Early Bird Discount still stands (and save a further US$50 with Coupon Code COLCONFIDENTIAL).

Coming to Colombia in 2017, you’re not too early or too late to buy into the good life at a deep discount. The timing is just right.

Here’s to a new year of adventure, opportunity, and new friends.

Valentine Fouché