Our Portugal Property Tour Had Everyone Bidding On The Algarve

Our Portugal Property Tour will let you know the best places to invest in the Algarve.

Our Portugal Property Tour Had Everyone Bidding On The Algarve

Right Place, Right Time

Following our conference in the Algarve last week, there ensued a little bidding war among some attendees.
In fact, Luis da Silva of Algarve Senior Living got more than he bargained for when he took a bunch of attendees out on a property tour after our Live and Invest in Portugal Conference ended.

First, Luis needed to book a bigger van than he’d originally arranged… and then a second van… to accommodate all our Portugal enthusiasts who wanted to partake in the property tour. Since Luis had already run a tour for some attendees in the days before our event kicked off, he was surprised at getting so much more interest. But that was just the beginning…

Things really started to heat up when one particular development on the beach drew the attention of not one… but four… attendees.

Luis describes it as “an amazingly prime property right on the sand in Praia da Luz, one of the nicest beaches in the whole of the Algarve.”

Thing is, there was only one unit here on offer. So, all four attendees put a bid on it.

The great news is that one of our attendees won the bidding process and is proceeding with the purchase. And the other three haven’t given up hope…

In fact, they’ve tasked Luis with the job of inquiring among other owners in the complex whether they’d be interested in selling. Should another property become available in the same development, they’re standing by, ready to strike. (As I’ve mentioned here before, often it’s the connections you make at our events that really help to get things moving.)

I love to hear stories like this from our contacts after a conference. Of course, we don’t measure the success of an event by how many people buy property before they go home (it’s okay to return home with nothing more than a refrigerator magnet, too… most of us need time to think). But from Luis’ reports, it seems like many of our attendees were already sold by the time we wrapped up the conference.

“I’ve never operated like this before,” Luis reported back. “Really, I’ve never seen such focused and serious interest. It’s heartwarming to me that so many people are so appreciating what my country has to offer now that they’ve seen it firsthand.”

Not only have our guests had the chance to experience Portugal—and particularly the Algarve region—firsthand. They’ve also had the advantage of being here while the country remains a bargain. The prices here are more reminiscint of Latin America. But this is the First World… and the best of Old Europe. Who knows how long these prices can last?

Valentine Fouché
Editor, Live and Invest Overseas Confidential

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