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Private Access: Your Very Own Team Of Overseas Experts

Let’s Do This Together In 2017

Last week, I told you about our seventh Live And Invest In Colombia Conference coming up in Medellín next April 19–21.

In fact, if Medellín—or anywhere in Colombia—is on your list of places to investigate, you don’t have to wait until then to explore it with us by your side.

A handful of our top experts and friends will be at hand to welcome you to Medellín next month at our Private Access Consulting Weekend Retreat. As part of the agenda over these two-and-a-half days, they’ll present you with opportunities for living, investing, doing business, and retiring in the corners of the world we believe hold the most potential.

But there’s far more to this small-group gathering…

Whether you’re looking to live, retire, do business, or invest overseas (or any combination of these), our experts will guide you, one-on-one and step-by-step through figuring out where in the world you should go and how to set yourself up there—legally, safely, and with minimum hassle—all within 12 months. No stone left unturned.

We’ve chosen Colombia as the setting for our private meetings, simply because it’s one of our favorite havens… and it’s bursting with opportunity. But we will, of course, consider all our other top-opportunity havens, too… and steer you in the direction of those we believe that are best suited to your own plans.

We start with this weekend together in Medellín. And, from there, we’ll provide you with ongoing expert help and personal consulting over the 12 months that follow—all the motivation and support you need to keep moving forward with your own plans.

Let me tell you straight up that this event isn’t suited for everyone. And, because of the level of service we have planned for our Private Access clients, we couldn’t possibly cater for a big crowd.

But here in Medellín, Jan. 27–29—kicking off with a reception in Kathleen and Lief’s family apartment—we’ll launch our first-ever Private Access service to just 10 clients… those that are most serious about making their overseas dreams a reality… and doing it in the most efficient, fool-proof way possible… in the company of like-minded friends and supporters.

Here’s what our Private Access clients will enjoy:

  • VIP launch party at our exclusive Private Access Consulting Weekend Retreat…
  • Free entry (with VIP status) to all Live and Invest Overseas Conferences for a full 12 months…
  • Monthly private consulting sessions (by telephone) with Lief Simon who’ll answer your questions and keep you on track with your plans…
  • Access to some of our top library resources (worth over $4,900), including our growing collection of Country Retirement Reports, our “52 Days To Your New Life Overseas E-Course,” and all our Home Conference Kits.

Who’ll be at your service in Colombia? Of course, Lief and Kathleen. They’ll welcome you to their apartment on the first afternoon—and they’ll be on hand all weekend… both for personal-consulting sessions and to answer any questions that may come up (even over lunch or dinner).

We’ll also have our team of experts, including international tax and asset protection expert Joel Nagel; international property developer Mike Cobb; international residency and citizenship expert Juan Darío Gutiérrez; and more to be confirmed.

As you’ll appreciate, our experts’ schedules are full and we can’t often fit in a whole weekend like this. Certainly not all of them together in one place. And certainly not to all of our readership. We want to give this personalized service to the people who want it most. And, critically, we need to allow you all the time you deserve. That’s why we can only do this once this year. And why we must cap participation at 10 guests.

As of this writing, we have just a few seats left. And, with the retreat date so close, we need to close registration this week…

If you want to make sure that 2017 is your most focused, let’s-do-it year you’ve had to date, then don’t miss this opportunity… Join us for our Private Access Consulting Weekend Retreat and let our experts take all the hard work out of living and investing overseas…

Valentine Fouché

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