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Register Now For Live And Invest Overseas Conference 2019

This Is Where You’ll Find Your Tribe

During a “Success Stories” panel discussion at our Retire Overseas Conference in Las Vegas last September, Founding Publisher Kathleen Peddicord asked each of our participating expats (all from our “alumni”) to describe a typical day in their new life overseas.

“I don’t have much of a schedule… I’m still working on it,” said Mike Herndon, who lives part-year in Valencia, Spain. “But one thing I do every day, at 2 p.m., is to meet somebody for lunch…

“One of the restaurants we go to does a menú del día that includes three courses (appetizer, main course, and dessert) and two drinks—one before dinner and coffee or tea after—for just 10 euros… that’s about US$11.70 at the current exchange.”

At this point, fellow panelist Wendy Howarter (who lives year-round in Medellín, Colombia) had to chime in.

“I hate to tell you this, Mike… but in Colombia, the menú del día for lunch cost less than US$3.”

“Same in Panama,” added Dusty Tubbs.

“This isn’t a competition,” Kathleen Peddicord reminded them.

But the expats were having fun. As were our attendees.

“Let’s compare internet upload speeds next!” said panelist Peter Badger.

You’re not going to base the search for your new home overseas on where you can find the cheapest lunch… or the fastest broadband.

But those things are nice side benefits once you’ve found the place that offers a lifestyle that meets—and even exceeds—your expectations.

And, our aim at this year’s Live and Invest Overseas Conference is to introduce you to the top 21 places in the world worth your consideration right now… and help you figure which would work best for you…

And, we aim to exceed your expectations.

To that end, we’re rounding up our experts and expats from each of these destinations. We’ll give them time to present these destinations to you and tell you the pros and cons. And, in our panel discussions (like the alumni panel I mentioned above), we invite a bunch of expats on stage together to share their unique stories… talk through common expat concerns… and have some fun…

For many of our alumni, our Live and Invest Overseas Conference (formerly Retire Overseas Conference) was their first conference and the place where they found their tribe—the people who understood them because they were going through the same experience… as well as the support network they needed to help them through to the other side.

“After I came to a Live and Invest Overseas event back in 2015, everything changed,” Barbara Petrohan told our audience in Las Vegas last year. “Not only did I meet the contacts that could help me through my move… but I made wonderful friends.

“The Gutiérrez brothers—who run a law firm in Medellín—are like my family. I can’t praise them enough. They help in every way. And every time I go to a Live and Invest Overseas conference, I meet more friends.”

If you’d welcome the chance to find your tribe this year and finally get things moving for your international lifestyle, then the best way to do it is to join us in Houston, Texas, this Sept. 7–10 for our Live and Invest Overseas Conference.

The first 50 readers to register for this year’s Live and Invest Overseas Conference will receive a complimentary VIP Package. I expect these VIP places to sell out over the next week, so don’t delay…

Valentine Fouché

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