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The Top 10 Greatest Advantages Of Living In Europe

Top 10 Reasons I Moved To Europe

Heart versus head. When it comes to choosing where to live overseas, both have to play an important part.

I’ve talked a lot over the last few weeks about the head side of things… thinking about environment, climate, infrastructure, etc. But the more abstract side of things is equally important… things that can’t really be quantified or put into a checklist. These things are mostly cultural—the things you just love about spending time in a place because that’s the way life is there.

Some of these things might be so vague you can’t even really put your finger on them. And they are intensely personal—you can’t expect others to feel the same way. I’ve fallen in love with places based on their scent as I stepped off the plane. When it comes to the heart, no reason is too small or silly to be ignored.

For example, here are 10 of the top reasons I choose to live in Europe. They are completely subjective, but they might matter more than Continue reading

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Why Planning Is Vital For Long-Term Property Investments

In preparation for our recent move to Paris, my husband Harry and I had a plan.

Because we were already visiting the City of Light for work, or passing through on the way to other destinations, we decided to stop by as frequently as possible—even if it was just overnight.

Half of this strategy was to bring over extra suitcases (stuffed with not-often-needed mementos, books, winter clothing, and other things we didn’t think we’d miss for a few months) and store them here until we could join them.

The other half was to house hunt. Continue reading

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Discover Panama’s Best Investments And Real Estate Buys

Be In The Room With The “Queen Of Real Estate”

I recently introduced you to some of the guest speakers we have lined up for this September’s Retire Overseas Conference(if you missed them before, here’s Part I and Part II of that series).

Today, I’d like to introduce you to one more speaker…

The speaker we like to call our “Queen of Real Estate”…Continue reading

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Join Us In Our 2019 Global Property Summit In Panama

Investing Overseas Can Be This Easy

If you’re looking to buy property overseas—for pure investment… for personal use… or somewhere in between—and you want to make your move before another year slips by, then there’s one event you can’t possibly miss…

Our 2019 Global Property Summit, May 22–24, at the Westin Playa Bonita Panama (more about the venue later).

This event, designed by international real estate guru Lief Simon, is your only chance this year to join us for three property-focused days as our team of experts introduces you to the best markets in the world to buy a second home… a full-time home… or invest for the short or long term in opportunities that can provide a healthy cash flow, boost your retirement nest egg, and serve as a safe diversification.

All levels of “investor” are welcome. This event is for you if:

  • You’re looking for your dream home overseas…
  • You’re interested in splitting your time between a number of places…
  • You’re already living overseas and would like to expand your portfolio into different markets…
  • You’re not going overseas (at least not any time soon) but would like to diversify your portfolio by investing in foreign markets…
  • You’re looking for passive income opportunities to bankroll your new life overseas…

In other words, if you have an interest in property—for whatever purpose—you’re welcome to the table.

Another thing to understand about this event is that “property” isn’t limited to a house or apartment. Of course, you’re going to need at least one of those if you plan to live on your property… but Lief and his team will also introduce you to current opportunities in productive land…

Over the past seven years, agricultural opportunities have become an important focus for Lief and his team. Productive land is the ultimate hard asset with the potential for long-term and even legacy yield. Depending on the project, you get to reap the benefits over decades… and so can your heirs. At this year’s Summit, you’ll hear about opportunities in teak, organic fruits, and aquaponics (three areas that have been performing well for Lief and his readers).

Joining Lief again this year is Lee Harrison, our Senior Overseas Property Correspondent. We like to call Lee an “accidental investor.”  Lee bought his first home overseas for US$62,000—purely for personal use, without any notions of capital appreciation—and sold it, just nine months later, for US$110,000.

Really, investment can be that easy.

At this 2019 Global Property Summit, Lief, Lee, and the rest of our expert team will introduce you to the places they believe are the best spots to live and invest in for a long time to come. They’ll help you:

  • Choose the country and the location that’s right for you—ideal for your overseas purchase…
  • Determine the best property for your intended lifestyle and investment goals…
  • Learn the fundamentals of buying real estate overseas safely and securely…
  • Understand how to manage an income-producing rental property when you’re not in residence…
  • Develop your own worldwide network of international property contacts and support…
  • Learn how to identify a promising market… and how to determine the amount you should spend to buy what you want…
  • Navigate markets with no multiple listing service (recognizing that this includes most of the world!)…
  • View lots of properties currently available in the world’s top property markets…
  • Obtain access to exclusive investment offerings, including turnkey yield-producing opportunities that could earn you up to 20% per year and more…
  • Connect with the most promising markets for agricultural investments, including introductions to the best current productive land plays anywhere in the world today…

You can enjoy the property of your dreams… and make a profit while living the good life. And now comes your best chance to do it this year…

Reserve your seat for our 2019 Global Property Summit this week and you’ll qualify for a complimentary VIP package. This bundle of benefits includes:

  • Private, pre-conference session with international property guru Lief Simon.
  • Reserved, VIP front-row seating: Get the most of all presentations with exclusive, front-and-center seating in the event room.
  • Private consultations with our experts, available to you on a priority basis.
  • Elite, VIP concierge service. We’ll take care of your every need, from the moment you register until the closing ceremonies. From shopping trips to country excursions, our team will be at your service.

VIP packages are strictly restricted to the first 30 readers to register. Go here now to lock in your VIP seat with us this May in Panama. (Remember to avail of your exclusive LIOS Confidential reader discount of US$50 by using coupon code GPSCONF50.)

Valentine Fouché

shoppers enjoying the christmas market in france

Why I’m Spending Christmas In France And NYE In Panama

The Best Of Both Worlds This Holiday Season

Last year, I spent my first Christmas in Panama City and did my best to get into the holiday spirit.

But hanging garlands all over my apartment and playing Christmas music nonstop didn’t stop me from missing my family. Plus, Panama’s tropical climate just doesn’t fit right with hot chocolate and Christmas pajamas.

So, this year I’m delighted to be home in France with my family for Christmas.

I’ll be back in Panama just before New Year’s Eve, though. Continue reading

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How To Survive And Thrive In Panama At Our 2019 Conference

Navigating November In Panama

From Wendy’s to Starbucks to IHOP, Panama City is stocked up on American staples.

But there’s one thing North Americans may miss this time of year…

Much as Panamanians love a holiday, Halloween is not on the list.

No spooky costumes showing up at your door here. No need to wipe the supermarket out of candy.

This Friday, however, Panamanians will mark Day of the Dead. Not an official holiday—and nowhere near as big as the Mexican version—but Nov. 2 is significant in Panama in three ways:Continue reading

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The 6 Top Places To Live In Panama Today

The Panama Shortlist—Top 6 Places To Consider Today

Last week, as we opened registration for our 2019 Live and Invest in Panama Conference, I mentioned that your lifestyle options in this little country—about the size of South Carolina—are diverse.

Today, I’d like to hone in on the best spots in Panama to consider today… as recommended to attendees at our recent Retire Overseas Conference by our friends and colleagues Peg Fairbairn and April Hess.

Though Peg and April have now made their home out on the Azuero Peninsula, they spent a lot of time on the road exploring Panama in search of their ideal home and have lived in a number of their top selections. They know their stuff—and they always give the full story.Continue reading

Friends enjoy a fire at the beach at sunst

A Community Of Friends Can Make Anywhere Feel Like Home

Your Chances Of Survival Overseas Hinge On This

“Why don’t I own a four-bed, two-story country home in my native Normandy? What’s wrong with me?”

These were the thoughts that haunted me as I flew back to Panama after my last trip to France.

You see, in Paris for a whole month, I’d spent a lot of time catching up with friends. And, dinner after dinner, it was pretty much the same story… Continue reading

2018 global property summit

Global Property Summit: Real Estate Overseas Made Easy

How To Buy Your Dream Home Overseas

Why would you want to buy a piece of real estate overseas?

This is the first question we tackle every year at Lief Simon’s Global Property Summit. And, it’s an important one whether you’re looking for a full- or part-time home in another country… or shopping purely for an investment opportunity…

The big advantage of real estate anywhere, of course, is that it’s a hard asset—a real and long-term store of wealth. But why real estate overseas, specifically?

In a nutshell… you’re giving yourself the gift of diversification. When you purchase a piece of property in another country, you’re achieving diversification of market, of economy, of political regime, and of currency. Everything everywhere is cycling all the time, but the cycles are all different. Some markets are booming while others are in crisis. Currencies are always up or down one to the other, but the ups and downs are ever-moving targets. By spreading your property portfolio around, you can insulate againstContinue reading