The Best Time To Visit Panama: Just Before Carnaval

The Best Time To Visit Panama: Just Before Carnaval

Dodging Carnaval In Panama

In Brazil, carnaval features bare-breasted women on floats…

In Ecuador, this pre-Lenten celebration is all about water. You can’t walk down the street without being squirted or sprayed…

Here in Panama, carnaval is about the party. The entire country shuts down for a week of nonstop revelry. No business is done, no appointments made. Everything is put on hold until “after carnaval.”

Yes, carnaval in Panama is bigger than Christmas. And, it’s a whole-family, weeklong event—with nobody too young or too old to be dragged into the chaos.

While the locals party on, expats are left with two options:

Get out of the country… or endure the noise, the traffic jams, and the risk of being Continue reading


The Stark Contrast In Panama: City Life Vs. Easygoing Interior

Panama—Inside And Out

The countdown is on to our annual Live and Invest in Panama Conference—kicking off next Wednesday, Feb. 15, from the Panama Marriott Hotel. And my team (and rest of the office who have no choice but to pitch in on a conference on their own turf) is working hard to make sure it’s our best Panama event yet.

If you’re not already on my guest list, and on the fence about Panama, you owe it to yourself to give Panama a chance.

Before I share some of the big reasons why you should be paying attention to Panama (the big issues we’ll be focusing on next week), I need to make an important distinction… that is, Panama City vs. The Interior.

Panama City is the image that’s projected to the world—and the one that forms most people’s impression of the nation. But, if you have your sights set on cheap living in an upscale neighborhood in Panama City, then, I can tell you, you won’t have much luck these days. Continue reading

Panama City is a place full of opportunity for the offshore investor and the expat.

Panama Has Investment Opportunities In Spades For Expats

Get In With The Right Crowd

Last week, I sent you early notice of our ninth Live and Invest in Panama Conference.

Now, I know what you may be thinking… Ninth conference? Haven’t all the good opportunities in Panama been snapped up already?

The answer is a resounding no.

While many of my colleagues have been living here in Panama a decade or longer—witnessing the brick-by-brick transformation of the city (and beyond)—I’m a recent blow in.

I came here from Paris, France, just over a year ago. And, still, I’m amazed by the energy and pace of progress that continues here today. To me, it’s the antithesis of Paris—a city that’s appeal is largely built on its historic and romantic past.

And while almost everybody hasContinue reading

Beachfront dreams are made of this. Here's the story of Peg Fairbairn and April Hess.

How Peg Fairbairn And April Hess Retired To Veraguas, Panama

You Just Have To Figure It Out

Three-and-a-half years ago, Peg Fairbairn and April Hess moved, together, from Texas to Panama. Here’s their story, as they told it to attendees in Orlando last year…

“I was a schoolteacher for 30 years,” Peg begins. “For 20 of those years, I taught hormonally stressed adolescents. When I retired in 2008, I was ready for an adventure.”

“The good news was that Peg had a teacher’s pension to retire on,” April continues. “I’d worked my whole life, too, but I had no pension. That meant the two of us would be retiring on the income of a single teacher’s pension.

“Then we went to a neighborhood party,” April explains, “and a friend had just gotten back from Uruguay. He was talking about a waterfront community there for expats.

“I asked him ‘What’s an expat?’ I’d never heard the word before.

“The next day, Peg got on the computer and started researching the idea…”

“I found an article by a lady called Kathleen Peddicord,” Peg says, “and I saw an ad for her book, ‘How To Retire Overseas.’ Twenty minutes later, I was in line in Barnes and Noble buying the book.

“When April came home from work that day, I told her, ‘I’ve figured it out. We’re going to retire toContinue reading

Morillo Beach shoreline in Panama

Morillo Beach On Panama’s Azuero Sunset Coast

Why You Need To Follow The Surfers

If you want to find the best beaches in Central America, my advice is to follow the surfers.

Not the tourist surfers… but the local guys.

You don’t need to be a surfer… or care about ever stepping foot on a board.

But, if you’re a lover of sand, sea, and spectacular sunsets, you may just find yourself on some of the best-kept-secret beaches of the world.

Take Morillo Beach on Panama’s Azuero Sunset Coast, for example.



You won’t find Morillo listed on the top 10… or even 50… beaches in the world.

You may not even find Morillo on a list of top 10 beaches in Panama.

But it’s here that handfuls of surfers and backpackers are coming out for weekends (mostly from Panama City)…Continue reading