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2017 Conferences: From The Caribbean To The Old World

Live Healthier (Without Trying) In This Retirement Jewel

It was tough leaving the white sands, palm trees, and warm waters of the Dominican Republic behind last week.

It’s hard to beat Caribbean beach. And the DR has a lot more to offer than your typical Caribbean outpost. I especially loved the mix of culture on the island and its strong European influence (including a number of authentic French bistros and boulangeries).

But, if it’s traditional Old World Europe you’re after, then you need to cross the Atlantic with us next month…

This July 5–7, we’re returning to Carvoeiro in Portugal’s Algarve region for our annual Live and Invest in Portugal Conference.

Over two and a half days, we’ll introduce you to the best spots along this stunning coastline with its dramatic cliffs, golden-sand beaches, traditional fishing villages, andContinue reading

Live And Invest In Dominican Republic

The Live And Invest In Dominican Republic Hullabaloo

Drama In The Dominican Republic

It was just days to go before our Live and Invest in Dominican Republic Conference… and nobody in the DR was picking up the phone.

I was struggling to get through to any of our speakers on the ground. What was going on?

Arriving in capital Santo Domingo last week, I had my answer. The presidential election had taken center stage.

Most of our on-the-ground experts, as it transpired, are also involved in the local political scene (hence the no-answers).

By the time we touched down, president Danilo Medina had successfully defended his title. But that wasn’t the end of the fun…

The Sheraton Santo Domingo—our host hotel for this conference—had been turned over to the opposition (losing) party for their post-election meetings. The venue was crowded with party members, supporters, andContinue reading