The Live And Invest In Dominican Republic Hullabaloo

Live And Invest In Dominican Republic

The Live And Invest In Dominican Republic Hullabaloo

Drama In The Dominican Republic

It was just days to go before our Live and Invest in Dominican Republic Conference… and nobody in the DR was picking up the phone.

I was struggling to get through to any of our speakers on the ground. What was going on?

Arriving in capital Santo Domingo last week, I had my answer. The presidential election had taken center stage.

Most of our on-the-ground experts, as it transpired, are also involved in the local political scene (hence the no-answers).

By the time we touched down, president Danilo Medina had successfully defended his title. But that wasn’t the end of the fun…

The Sheraton Santo Domingo—our host hotel for this conference—had been turned over to the opposition (losing) party for their post-election meetings. The venue was crowded with party members, supporters, and the local press… all eating into our conference space.

Of course, we got the room back in the end. And really, all this excitement was a welcome prelude to our own conference.

Election over, our scheduled speakers dutifully showed up, ready for business, to guide attendees through their many options in this Caribbean gem.

Although most travelers are naturally drawn to the Dominican Republic for its beaches—long stretches of white sand that are unspoiled and uncrowded (once you know where to look)—our attendees were also attracted to living and investing opportunities in Santo Domingo (particularly the Zona Colonial).

It’s a tough choice: A foothold in the oldest Spanish settlement in the New World… or a house at the beach (for a fraction the cost of anywhere else in the Caribbean)…

I’m looking forward to hearing where our attendees wind up going once they’ve had time to digest all the information they got on the ground last week. If you were among our crowd in Santo Domingo—and are having trouble deciphering your notes—don’t forget we’ll be sending you all the audio recordings and presentation pdfs over the next week or so (keep an eye on your email inbox for details).

Of course, if you weren’t able to join us, you can still get your hands on everything we talked about on the ground last week with our Live and Invest in the Dominican Republic Home Conference Kit.

Right now, at a 50% pre-release discount, you get to listen in on (and flip through the presentations from):

  • Lief Simon’s welcome and introduction to living in the Dominican Republic;
  • Expat stories: Our expats share their stories on moving, settling in, and running a business in the DR;
  • Your top visa and residency options for living in the DR;
  • How to buy and own your Dominican Republic property securely;
  • An overview of health-care facilities (note: the standard is high here yet a fraction of U.S. costs);
  • Managing money, paying bills, and banking in the DR;
  • Opportunities for living and investing in Las Terrenas (on the Samaná peninsula);
  • Current investment opportunities in Cap Cana, the North Coast, and Santo Domingo’s Zona Colonial;
  • Managing your rental property;
  • And more (including bringing in your pets, protecting your assets, and volunteering opportunities).

All of this insider scoop is the result of three busy days of back-to-back presentations in Santo Domingo. But, listening in from home, you can absorb all the same information at your own pace… in whatever order you prefer.

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