Your First Step To Funding Your New Life Overseas

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Your First Step To Funding Your New Life Overseas

You Are Not Stuck—Here Are 10 Ways To Fund Your New Life Overseas

2018 is the year of a number of firsts on our Event Calendar. First we added Italy to our list of in-country conferences…

And now, I’m excited to tell you about this one… because it’s one that could be a game-changer for so many readers…

We’ve just opened registration for our first Make Money Overseas Event.

Scheduled for Nov. 2–4, 2018, in Las Vegas, its aim is to introduce you to the top 10 ways to continue to earn an income in your new home overseas… often working just a few hours a day… or, perhaps, not at all.

If you’ve found that your financial situation has been holding you back from living out the life of your dreams overseas, then this event is your ticket to a minimum-work/maximum-enjoyment lifestyle…

Rob Burrows, from Cleveland, Ohio, used to work 50-hour weeks in his job as a management consultant. He’d get through those hours just dreaming of his two-week vacation in the Caribbean. Until the day he figured that maybe there was some way he could move to the Caribbean full-time and still earn an income. Even better, thought Rob, if he could cut his working week in half… then, he’d have plenty of time to enjoy the slower, happier pace of Caribbean life every day.

Rob and his wife were drawn to the Belizean island of Ambergris Caye where they bought a bar on the beach. When he’s not catering to the gringos that gather at “Crazy Canucks” (which accounts for just 20 hours of his week), you’ll find him sailing, surfing, snorkeling, or fishing around the clear waters of Ambergris.

Rob is just one of many underage retirees who have found creative ways to fund the lives of their dreams overseas…

Many “digital nomads” we meet confess to working only a few hours a day. They’re bringing in enough in their reduced working hours to be able to enjoy the good life overseas. And, all they need to keep the money rolling in is a reliable internet connection.

Location-independent digital gigs like this come in all sorts—from import/export to teaching English online… freelance photography to tax consulting. We’ll cover all of these and more on the ground in Las Vegas this November…

But, what about that no-work opportunity I mentioned earlier?

As part of the agenda at this inaugural Make Money Overseas Event, our experts will walk you through investment options that can bring in a steady cash flow, month after month. We’re not talking about any get-rich-quick schemes here. These are strategies that have been tried and tested by the experts you’ll meet in our private meeting rooms in Las Vegas… opportunities that have earned them money while they’re off doing the things they love to do… in the places they enjoy spending time.

If you’re ready to make your own escape plan, then this is the week to act…

First, check your diary to make sure you’re free to join us this Nov. 2–4, 2018, at the Excalibur Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

Then, go here to read the full details of our Make Money Overseas Event and to reserve your seat.

When you’re one of the first 25 readers to book your place, you’ll qualify for one of our complimentary VIP packages—this includes our concierge service, front-row seating, priority consultations, and a special VIP goodie bag.

VIP packages are allocated on a first-come/first-served basis… and they usually disappear in the first week we announce them.

Go here to book your VIP seat now. And, use Coupon Code PREMONEY50 to take an extra US$50 off the price.

Valentine Fouché