2018 Home Conference Kit: All The Info At Your Own Pace

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2018 Home Conference Kit: All The Info At Your Own Pace

67 Ways Our Experts Could Blow Your Mind

“It’s so much information… I’m not sure how much more I can take!”

As we’re over halfway through our 2018 Retire Overseas Conference today, I’m reminded of these words from one of our attendees last year.

It was Day Three at that point. This poor lady was overwhelmed. And she still had another day to get through.

I’ve seen a few faces today—Day Three for this year’s event—that share that same bewildered look. But, overall, there’s still a strong sense of excitement and energy around our meeting rooms… maybe thanks to the Expat Singles And Social Mixer tonight… 

Seriously, though, when we tell you our events are “information-packed,” we’re not exaggerating. And no other event on our calendar attempts to cover quite as much ground as this annual Retire Overseas Conference.

We know this. We warn our attendees on the first day to prepare for information overload—Kathleen’s first presentation is essentially a survival guide to the four days ahead. And, on the last day, to help our audience return to Earth, Lee Harrison talks them through their next steps… what to do with all this information when they get back to the real world…

Honestly, there’s nothing like being in our meeting rooms over these four days. Making those in-person connections with our experts and being able to ask your own questions is a huge advantage. It really helps to set people on their way.

But if you couldn’t be with us in Las Vegas this week, all is not lost. In fact, you have one advantage over our live attendees…

With our Live and Invest Overseas Home Conference Kit you have the option to slow the action down. You’ll have access to every presentation our attendees are experiencing here at the Excalibur Hotel in Vegas—all 67 sessions—and spread them out at your own pace… and in the order you prefer. Plus, at any point, you can pause… to make a cup of coffee or take the dog out for a walk… and not miss a single word.

This is the easiest and most affordable way you’re going to narrow your options and formulate your plan for a move overseas starting today…

The 2018 Live and Invest Overseas Home Conference Kit will help you consider the world’s current top options at once, while arming you with the practical support you’ll need to make your retirement dreams come true as easy and hassle-free as possible…

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Valentine Fouché

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