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Meet The Experts At Our 2019 Conference In Houston: Part I

10 Experts You’ll Meet In Houston—Part I

More than 50 expert speakers will gather with us this Sept. 7–10 in Houston, Texas, for this year’s Live and Invest Overseas Conference.

That’s a lot of sessions to squeeze into four days, yes. But it’s necessary to have all of these folks in the house, so you have trusted counsel on all the important live- and invest-overseas issues (like buying a property overseas, finding international health insurance, and opening a bank account in another country)… as well as the right ambassadors to take you on a tour of our top 21 havens.Continue reading

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How To Survive And Thrive In Panama At Our 2019 Conference

Navigating November In Panama

From Wendy’s to Starbucks to IHOP, Panama City is stocked up on American staples.

But there’s one thing North Americans may miss this time of year…

Much as Panamanians love a holiday, Halloween is not on the list.

No spooky costumes showing up at your door here. No need to wipe the supermarket out of candy.

This Friday, however, Panamanians will mark Day of the Dead. Not an official holiday—and nowhere near as big as the Mexican version—but Nov. 2 is significant in Panama in three ways:Continue reading

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2018 Home Conference Kit: All The Info At Your Own Pace

67 Ways Our Experts Could Blow Your Mind

“It’s so much information… I’m not sure how much more I can take!”

As we’re over halfway through our 2018 Retire Overseas Conference today, I’m reminded of these words from one of our attendees last year.

It was Day Three at that point. This poor lady was overwhelmed. And she still had another day to get through.

I’ve seen a few faces today—Day Three for this year’s event—that share that same bewildered look. But, overall, there’s still a strong sense of excitement and energy around our meeting rooms… maybe thanks to the Expat Singles And Social Mixer tonight… Continue reading

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Busting Myths: Expectation Versus Reality Of Moving Overseas

Expat Myth: You Have To Be Rich To Live Overseas 

Recently, Mary M., United States, wrote in to say:

“Kathleen, I do not believe a word of the article you published from the people who say they quit their jobs and are traveling around.

“Please don’t print stuff that is fantasy. It just isn’t fair.”

All Access Pass Member Dusty Tubbs wrote a reply to Mary that I’d like to share with you today; it’s an important reminder of Continue reading

It's A Good Time To Stake Your Claim In Paris (Portugal Too)

It’s A Good Time To Stake Your Claim In Paris (Portugal Too)

Paris Will Always Be Paris…

“Paris is no longer Paris,” President Trump told the crowds at a rally in Washington last February, quoting a friend who had given up visiting the city following terrorist attacks on the City of Light in recent years.

Still, POTUS has accepted President Macron’s invitation to join France’s Bastille Day celebrations this July 14—when U.S. troops will join in the traditional military parade, marking 100 years since the United States’ entry into World War I.

And, while he may not tweet the world about it, I believe Trump will find that Paris is still very much Paris…

One of the most iconic cities in the world, it needs no introduction. If you’ve never had the opportunity to visit Paris in the past, it is everything you’ve seen in the movies… and more.

But here’s the thing that escapes most people about the City of Light…

It’s not just a tourist city… and those tourist prices you may have experienced inContinue reading

Plan B

The Ideal Destinations For Creating Your Plan B, Discussed

If you weren’t in the room for our Offshore Wealth Summit last week (or watching us via Live Stream), the bad news is that we won’t be running another one until next year.

However… you can get full access to our experts’ insider information on how to grow your wealth securely—and guarantee a safe and stable future for you and your family—with the best loot bag of the year: our 2017 Offshore Wealth Building and Diversification Kit.

Offshore Wealth Summit 1

Ah, the advantage of being in the room and watching the Live Stream on my laptop at the same time…

 As I said last week, offshore diversification is a personal thing. You need to choose which jurisdictions to spend time and/or invest in based on your personal circumstances and, importantly, your own interests. This kit—holding all the important discussions from last week’s event—is the best place to start your planning.

And, as well as giving you all the information you need to put these life-changing strategies to work, I guarantee you some laughter.

No doubt this is a serious subject matter. If you’ve ever tried reading anything on the topic of offshore structures, diversifying internationally, minimizing your taxes, estate planning, etc., you’ll find it’s usually chock-full with jargon… and your mind can’t help but wander.

Continue reading

Emergency Offshore Summit 2016

Offshore Wealth Summit: Take Control Of Your Offshore Life

This Is How You’ll Turn Your Life Around Forever

Registration for our 2017 Offshore Wealth Summit is officially open.

And, the great news is… it’s coming around earlier this year.

Come June 19, our heaviest hitters in the offshore world will be in the room to share with you everything you need to know to protect and grow your wealth—and enjoy more freedom—now and in the future.

If you ever feel like life in the United States is no longer in keeping with your own set of values…

That you’re paying out so much in taxes that you’re barely able toContinue reading

Cancun, Mexico offers high end retirement options.

9 Reasons To Reaffirm Mexico As A Top Expat Destination

9 Reasons South Of The Border Makes Perfect Sense

With more than one million U.S. expats settled in south of the border, Mexico is the most popular choice for North Americans looking for a better life overseas.

Of course, one of the biggest attractions of Mexico is its easy accessibility. Depending on your location in the United States, you can drive to many parts of Mexico along good roads. If that’s not an option, the airports at Cancún and Mexico City are accessible from most U.S. cities, and plans are underway to open flights to secondary Mexican towns. Again, depending on your location, you could be in your new home in two to four hours.

While proximity is a huge bonus, there’s much more to the whole Mexico package to make it one of the easiest live-overseas options. In their breakout session on Mexico at our recent Retire Overseas Conference in Las Vegas, Jim Hardesty and Carlos Munguia reminded us of some more advantages of setting up aContinue reading