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Catch All The Stories From Our 2020 Panama Conference

“Moving Overseas Is Easy—Transitioning Is The Challenge”

Stories are how we make sense of the world around us.

And, when it comes to our conferences, nothing beats the power of the personal stories shared by our expats up on stage.

Of course, we dedicate many conference hours to giving you the practical information, too. You need to know the laws surrounding residency… you need help identifying the best places to start looking in a particular country… and what’s involved in shipping your belongings (and your pets)…
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Why The Best Time To Retire Overseas Is Always Now

Forget Planning Your Entire Future—Just Plan Your Next Step…

Some years ago, back home in Baltimore for the holidays, I caught up with an old friend.

Bill had a dilemma at the time.

“This gets complicated, this live overseas lifestyle,” he told me. “We’ve been living abroad for the better part of two decades. Now the children are all grown, and they’re choosing to settle Stateside. As I get older, I realize that what matters most to me is being near them. So we’re working now to organize a life that allows that.

“Another funny thing I’ve realized lately,” he added. “I enjoy being back here in Maryland. Of all the places in all the world where I could be, I’m comfortable here.”Continue reading

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What Makes Our 2020 Retire Overseas Conference Different?

Baltimore, Here We Come—With A Whole New Retire Overseas Conference

If you’ve been to our Retire Overseas Conference in the past, you’ll identify with this…

If you haven’t, but are thinking about it, take this as a warning…

When you get behind closed doors with a team of LIOS experts and expats keen to share their insights on living and investing overseas… and you repeat this every day for three days… at some point, your brain will feel like it’s going to explode.Continue reading