Making The Most Of 2024

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Making The Most Of 2024

All the calendar days of a new year in front of us…

Each one begging to be filled with discovery.

I’d say that this world of ours is a pretty great place to be.

I make the point in case you’re worried the opposite is true.

In this age of 24/7 real-time news, it can be easy to succumb to the theory that times are tough all over and the future is bleak.

Au contraire, dear reader…

Things are not bad all over. Indeed, in so many spots on our world map life is good… grand even.

If you’re not seeing things that way, I urge you to make one more New Year’s resolution:

Shift your perspective!

If your friends aren’t seeing things that way, here’s another tip:

Get new friends.

We’re here to help on both scores.

If I had to name one thing that can make the difference between launching and embracing an exciting, adventure-filled new life in a new country… and staying stuck in a situation that’s something less than that… it’d be: Connections.

As you work to try to formulate and then realize your plan for where best to spend your time and money overseas, focus on making the right connections.

I’m talking about…

Connections with experts—professionals with long experience helping others like you do the things you’re considering doing in the places that have your attention. Who has the authority, judgment, and experience to help you navigate the local landscape safely, efficiently, and with maximum success?

Identify as many on-the-scene, English-speaking experts as you can, including lawyers, tax pros, medical professionals, shipping agents, bankers, real estate agents, developers, etc.

Wherever you’re going and whatever you’re hoping to do once you get there, you’ll need an infrastructure of serious people who understand the challenges that expats, retirees, and investors face in the place where you’re thinking about spending your time and money…

Connections with expats—people just like you who have already made the move to PortugalBelizeColombiaSpain, Mexico, France, Panama, the Dominican Republic, Thailand, Brazil, Malaysia, Greece, or wherever it is you’re thinking about making a move.

To maximize your chances of success and minimize frustration along the way, you need to connect with both professional local experts and, just as important, expats with boots-on-the-ground knowledge about the places on your shortlist.

Who knows better how to do what you’re thinking you want to do than other people like you who’ve already done it?…

Connections with like-minded folks—more people like you who share your dreams and ideas but who, like you, haven’t yet made the leap.

Retire-overseas is an idea whose time has come. More people than ever are considering moving to a new country, in retirement or even decades before conventional retirement age. These folks can provide great support for you… as you can for them. While your family and friends might find your live-, retire-, and invest-overseas inclinations silly or even batty, thousands and thousands of other folks do not.

More than 400,000 folks read these dispatches each day.

They all are thinking the way you’re thinking. They all are also seeking a better life somewhere foreign and far-flung. These folks, who have so much in common with you, could be sounding boards for your plans and ideas. They could be potential travel partners. Some could become your new neighbors overseas…

Connections with me and my team—You could make a move or an investment in another country without enlisting our direct help. That’s how I got started at this more than two decades ago.

Looking back, though, it seems to me that Lief and I did this the hard way. We set off with a boatload of naïve enthusiasm for a country we’d known to that point only as tourists, counting on hope, effort, and youthful energy to carry us through.

As, eventually, it did.

You could do the same, making your move on a wish and a promise, fingers crossed for luck. But you have an option that can greatly reduce your risk and the amount of effort required. This option can make your move, wherever you eventually decide to go, easier, more efficient, and less costly… not to mention a whole lot more fun.

You have a chance to leverage the hard-won knowledge and wisdom of me and my team… in effect goof-proofing your move to your dream place in the sun… or the mountains… the beach… or maybe the rainforest… or one of the world’s big, brand-name cities…

What new life overseas might be best for you? Only you can answer that question. What I can tell you is that no matter who you are…

Whether you’re in your 20s or your 80s or anywhere in between…

Whether you’re single or married…

Whether you have health concerns…

Whether you have kids to raise (and find good schools for)…

Whether you’re looking to retire, to invest, or to start a business…

And no matter if you want or need to earn an income to support your adventures…

You could improve and enrich your lifestyle dramatically while perhaps reducing your cost of living significantly by reinventing your life in a new country.

And you could do it this year… by making the right connections.

Where can you make these vital connections that will lead to your success?

You could try to do it online, but online research will get you only so far.

Information and connections sourced online aren’t always reliable, trustworthy, or up-to-date.

Your best option for making the best possible connections—connections with local experts, local expats, folks just like you dreaming of making a move, and, as well, with me and my team—is at our events.

These are your most efficient chances to compare and filter all of your best opportunities for living and investing in the places that have sparked your imagination.

Getting to know our favorite destinations in person allows you to consider all of the world’s top lifestyle havens with the help of experts and expats with real-life, real-time, boots-on-the-ground experience.

From where we sit, 2024 promises to be not a good year, but a great one.

Make it the best year of your life.

Step one: Walk away from the news cycle…

Step two: Hit the road.

Not yet sure where the future might lead for you?

A good place to start is by joining us for our conferences around the world…

This year we’ll be hosting events on:

· Panama

· Belize

· Portugal

· Montenegro

· Spain

And more…

And the best way to join us for all of these events is with the Ultimate Virtual Pass…

For a one-time membership fee, your Ultimate Virtual Pass gets you complete access to every Online Event we host over the next 12 months. You’ll also get VIP access as well as the full set of recordings for each event…

Your attendee status grants you a whopping 66% discount!

Again, this is an exclusive invitation…

It’s the best deal we’ll ever offer to become a member of our Ultimate Virtual Pass…

Until next time,

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Kathleen Peddicord

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