All The Info On Moving To Portugal At Our 2019 Conference

Port wine and some cakes in Porto, Portugal

All The Info On Moving To Portugal At Our 2019 Conference

These Expats Find That Portugal Has It All

“About a year ago, my wife and I made the leap,” writes Terry O’Halloran. “We moved halfway around the world, to Portugal.

“Maybe we were a little crazy, but we haven’t looked back and we couldn’t be happier.

“We’d lived in Hawaii for 40 years, and my wife Ann had just retired from her career as an emergency room nurse. It was time for our next phase in life, and we wanted to make the most of it. We’d saved enough, but we didn’t want to just settle into a ‘comfortable’ retirement. We wanted new, different, and exciting.

“Both of us are active and healthy, and we love traveling. We thought a simpler life, where less could be more, sounded very appealing.

“Live and Invest Overseas soon became our guide as we explored the idea of living outside the United States. We acquired country reports and did the recommended research into what expat living might entail.

“When Portugal popped up on Live and Invest Overseas’ list as the best place to live in the Old World, we really became interested. We’d traveled internationally for years but never to Portugal.

“We knew our criteria for the right place for us. A mild climate was important, as was living near the ocean, good health care, safe environment, interesting culture and history, good food, and a reasonable cost of living and of establishing residency. We were also looking for a place where we could get by speaking English.

“We learned that Portugal had it all.

“Our friends asked why we were going to live in a place we’d never seen. Ann would simply reply, ‘Why not?’ She was ready for adventure! We were both ready. We sold our house, most of our possessions, packed our suitcases and cameras, and headed into an unknown future where going back was not an option. We decided we were all in.

Portugal’s Algarve region looked interesting, but we wanted to be near Lisbon, at least initially. Once again we turned to Live and Invest Overseas and their contact in Lisbon, Luis da Silva. We felt like we hit the jackpot with Luis. He found us a beautiful, fully furnished two-bedroom apartment in Costa da Caparica, with an ocean view and a short walk to the beach, just outside Lisbon, south of the Rio Tejo.

“The beaches in Costa da Caparica are enormous, with miles of sand and so many exquisite seashells, some of which are now displayed on a shelf in our home. Surfing is a big deal here, we were surprised and happy to discover. The surf is world-class and so are the surfers. Although we don’t surf, we love watching. It helps us feel close to our former home in Hawaii.

“Life without a car is something neither Ann nor I have experienced since we were in high school. Now we walk wherever we can and use the bus, train, and Uber to get around to places too far for walking. Back in Hawaii, I’d never take the bus, always driving everywhere, never realizing how it can be isolating. Using public transportation, I feel more a part of the community, meet new people, and have a better sense of place. At some point we may get a car, because there are a lot of remote places we want to explore, but for now using our feet and public transportation suits us just fine.

Moving To Cascais

“After three months, when the lease on our initial rental was expiring, we decided to move closer to Lisbon. This time Luis found us another two-bedroom apartment with an ocean view in Caxias, midway between downtown Lisbon and Cascais. It was a small community with quiet neighborhoods and friendly people. Next door was a large house with lots of trees and shrubs. Living on that property was one of the most beautiful peacocks we’d ever seen. Each morning we watched him stretch his feathers and prance around. You never know what you’ll find in Portuguese neighborhoods!

“Caxias turned out to be too quiet for us. With only a couple of small neighborhood grocery stores, we frequently took the train to Cascais for supplies. It didn’t take long to realize that we’d be much happier in Cascais… meaning it was time to move again.

“Cascais seemed to have everything we were looking for, and we loved that it is just a 40-minute train ride to the center of Lisbon. Luis again helped us find a great apartment with a sweeping ocean view on one side and a spectacular view of the Sintra Mountains on the other. This is, without a doubt, our favorite apartment and place in this country. Now we feel like we’re home. We love Cascais.

“There’s so much to see and do here that we feel like we are only beginning to discover the true nature of Cascais and its surrounding areas. Our favorite discovery so far has been the enormous Cascais market on Wednesdays and Saturdays, with fishmongers, bakers, butcher shops, and the freshest seasonal produce you can find at prices easy on the wallet. This is a happening place with a strong sense of community.

“Cascais is also spectacularly beautiful with clean ocean waters, a rugged coastline, white sandy beaches, stone buildings, cobblestone sidewalks, and several parks. When the sun or moon rises over the bay, you can feel the romance in the air. My wife and I feel like we’re falling in love all over again. Our favorite pastime is strolling along the bay holding hands.

“The people here are marvelous… friendly, welcoming, and helpful beyond expectation. Although we get by with English, we’re trying to learn Portuguese. It’s a challenge but worth the effort. People I meet are willing to help me learn, and the smiles are priceless when I actually pronounce a word correctly.

“We love to walk, it keeps us from getting rusty. One of our favorite walks, 15 minutes from our apartment, is to one of the oldest active lighthouses in Portugal, the Farol da Guia. From there we follow an excellent walking/bike path along the coastline of rugged seaside cliffs into downtown Cascais.

“In the center of Cascais, outdoor cafés, restaurants with seaside dining, and interesting shops abound. In addition to the parks, there are forts, museums, flowers year-round, palm trees, and statues everywhere. We often stroll around with no destination or time constraints, just enjoying the sites and taking photos.

“Summer in Cascais is all about getting outside and enjoying the beaches. This time of year, we share the city with a vibrant tourist crowd from all over the world. The winter months are much quieter with mostly just local Portuguese folks to keep us company. We like both seasons and the differences each brings.

“One thing that helps to create the strong sense of community here is the annual events calendar. All year long we have outdoor concerts and fireworks by the bay. Then there’s a Festival of Light when light artists from around the world project their art on city structures… international sailing races… equestrian events… and each summer cerveja (beer) and sardinha (sardine) festivals.

“Magnificent Lisbon is on our doorstep. This city reminds us of San Francisco with its red 25th of April suspension bridge, trams (cable cars), and steep, narrow streets. We’ve traveled to Lisbon for concerts, a bullfight, and great dinners out.

Recently we found a Chinese restaurant that serves respectable Peking duck and an excellent Italian restaurant perched on a cliff over the ocean. I could go on and on, but you get the idea.”

Terry and Ann have found their ideal home in Cascais. But, of course, it’s not the only option.

Expats in other corners of Portugal are just as passionate about their own finds…

Jana Oliver and Harold Buehl

Jana Oliver and her husband Harold Buehl chose to call Porto (Portugal’s second city) home:

“Porto’s history is centuries-deep,” reports Jana. “With that history comes architectural treasures from the Palácio da Bolsa to the Sé Catedral. But there’s much more to this city than postcard photo ops.

“One of our must-haves in our new home, in accordance with our commitment to improving our health and reducing our waistlines at this stage of life, was a ready source of fresh produce, meat, and fish.

“Porto has us covered. Within a few minutes’ walk of our apartment are numerous mom-and-pop produce and butcher shops. And, despite being in the heart of the city, prices are affordable.

“Porto has a long history of sharing its treasures with newcomers. For us, part of the fun of living here has been seeking out this city’s markets, both the reoccurring ones and those that pop up less regularly.

“After a successful scouting trip, we proudly carry home our plunder. Our unique treasures have furnished our home here and have provided the makings of many memorable and healthy meals.

“It’s all part of our new life in one of the most vibrant corners of the Old World.”

Then, of course, there’s the Algarve… where Barbara Petrohan lives part year…

“For me and the Algarve, it was love at first sight,” Barbara told us last year during one of her extended stays.

“The ocean has always been magic to this girl who grew up in Kansas, but the Algarve coast is the most magical I’ve seen anywhere. With its massive rock formations, it’s like something out of a science fiction movie… like something from beyond our world.

“I have returned to the region for the third time, this time for the winter. I’m following Live and Invest Overseas’ advice and staying on through the least agreeable season. If I’m happy here in the Algarve through these winter months, I’ll be happy living here full-time.

“I’ve been living here now for a little more than two months, and, not counting the food carts and ice cream, I have yet to eat out. I am finding so much enjoyment in cooking the fresh food available and talking with the folks about new ways to prepare things.

“This is such a healthy place—the air is healthy… the food is healthy… the people are healthy, happy, friendly, and peaceful.”

Since then, Barbara has bought her own apartment in Lagos—where she loves to cook up the fresh ingredients she brings home from the markets and to entertain her growing circle of friends.

Of the expats we know who come to Portugal, most, like Barbara, choose the Algarve. That’s why we’ve once again made the resort of Carvoeiro our base for this year’s Live and Invest in Portugal Conference.

As always, during the event, we’ll introduce you to your many options for living and investing in the Algarve region… and also have experts and expats on hand to take you on a virtual tour of other top living options in the country—including areas in and around both Lisbon and Porto.

If you’re ready to take the next step and see Portugal for yourself—in the company of our team of experts—then join us on the ground April 2021 where you’ll:

  • Explore with us to see the best of what Portugal has to offer. Listen to experts and expats as they share their knowledge and insight—and showcase their country’s assets…
  • Discover the natural beauty of the Algarve. At the Live and Invest in Portugal Conference, we’ll not only show you the natural wonders of the Algarve from our conference room… but can organize a personal tour to show you the best of what the region has to offer…
  • Get the facts on being a part-time or full-time resident in the Algarve and beyond, from expats who live there now…
  • Discover the large selection of affordable rentals—starting at US$650 per month—and where you should be looking…
  • Find out how safe and secure it is in this little-known corner of Europe…
  • Have a look at Portugal’s medical care… how modern, accessible, and affordable it is… and why the Algarve has become a medical tourism hub…
  • Consider the possibilities for learning Portuguese… as a terrific investment to help you get the most out of your life here…
  • Get a sense of the cost of living… we’ll share with you actual expats’ budgets and the lifestyles those budgets support…

Our business experts will be in Carvoeiro, too, to walk you through the practicalities of starting a business in the Algarve… dealing with taxes… and we’ll explore current opportunities for investment…

And, of course, we’ll get to grips with the local property market… establishing residency… navigating the banking system… and more…

If Portugal is the perfect haven for you, then now is the time to preregister for our Live and Invest in Portugal Conference 2021. Preregistering will put you in the “first in” list. Then if you do decide to join us for our Portugal Conference, you’ll be eligible for all of the first-in, early bird discounts, as well as VIP Status at the event.

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