Deciding Where To Retire Overseas? You Need To Be Here

a beautiful beach on a sunset could be one of your destinations when deciding where to retire overseas

Deciding Where To Retire Overseas? You Need To Be Here

The Only Place You Need To Be This Year

I love watching attendees over the days of our live events. Some walk in the door knowing exactly what they want and where they want to go. But, they tell us, they’re in desperate need of somebody to show them the ropes… to walk them through how they’re going to make this new life overseas happen.

All of our attendees here in Panama last week, of course, had some interest in Panama. But they weren’t all sure about where exactly in this extremely diverse country they’d like to hang their hats.

Sometimes it happens that an attendee strikes it lucky. All it takes is one conference and they’re in. They’ve made up their minds. It’s Panama for them. Or Belize. Or Portugal. They don’t want to see a single other place.

For Peg and April, who shared their story with attendees last week, it was Panama all the way. When they joined us for an excursion to the Los Islotes development a few years back, they were completely sold… as was Lot #68. Today, as their colonial-style home on the stunning Sunset Azuero Coast nears completion, they feel like their adventure is just beginning. (If you missed us in Panama and would like to catch up on all that happened here last week—including Peg and April’s entertaining journey—you still have time to avail of our special pre-release discount and save 55% on the complete Live and Invest in Panama Home Conference Kit.)

But there are others who, even when they’re happy with a place, still want to move on and explore another haven—to compare and contrast with the last one… to make sure they’ve covered all their bases.

How long could this kind of searching take? And how much could you expect to spend scouring the globe?

That’s anyone’s guess.

But here’s something I can tell you…

If you’re still in the early days of your own search (you’re unsure about where you want to go… or you’re keeping your options open), there’s only one place you need to be this year: Retire Overseas Conference, Aug. 28–31, 2016.

Join us for this, the biggest event on our calendar, and you’ll speed up your search process and, potentially, save yourself thousands of dollars on multiple overseas scouting trips.

Not only that, but you’ll be given all the practical information you need to follow through with your plans.

Over the four power-packed days of our Retire Overseas Conference, you’ll:

  1. Get introduced to all our top 22 havens… under one roof. After hearing from our experts and expats, you’ll be able to narrow your search down to the three… two… or even one place that you should focus on. Prepare to be surprised… and to change your mind (maybe dramatically so).
  1. Understand all the big-picture “moving overseas” issues—like health care and health insurance, visas and residency, renting and buying property, tax obligations for the expat… and things you can do to prepare for your move before you ever step foot outside the United States.
  1. Start to build your own support network. As well as having the chance to ask questions following each presentation, you’ll also have the opportunity to meet with experts and expats in the more casual setting of our exhibit hall—the people who can help walk you through your relocation, start to finish.

But don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what some of our past Retire Overseas Conference attendees had to say about their experience:

“My husband and I would like to thank you so very much for the recent Live and Invest Overseas conference. Our minds are still reeling with all of the information presented to us. All of your presenters were very knowledgeable about their respective fields. We also enjoyed talking with other expats-in-waiting. Mike and I live in the snowy part of Washington State. Last year was very snowy and cold. Needless to say, we would love to spend at least our winters someplace warm instead!”

— Laura D., United States

“Thanks again for all of your hard work in putting together the conference. For anyone considering a move to a foreign country, a conference like this one should be on their must-do list.”

— Diane D., United States

“Attending this conference will prove to be my motivation to proceed, with the tools and contacts needed to do it right… professional, yet accessible. Great combo!”

Alan K., United States

And, did I mention we’ll be doing all of this in Las Vegas?

What better way to unwind after a day of fast-paced conference activity than to take a walk down the Strip to enjoy Sin City’s incredible architecture… or a gondola ride that meanders through a Vegas recreation of St. Mark’s Square in Venice… or grab tickets to a top Broadway show… or simply stay put and enjoy a cocktail… a massage… or a spin on the roulette table at our base for the event,The Green Valley Ranch Resort, Spa and Casino.

If you’ve been thinking about joining us in Las Vegas this August, then this is the week to reserve your spot…

The Retire Overseas Conference is the biggest, most exciting event on our calendar. And, because of the logistics of pulling in our many experts scattered about the globe, we can only do it once a year.

I hope to see you among the crowd this August. Meantime, please let me know if you have any questions…

Valentine Fouché
Editor, Live and Invest Overseas Confidential