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How, When, And Why I Decided To Make The Move Overseas

Confessions Of An Expat Living Happily Ever After

When you’re planning a move to a new country overseas, it helps to surround yourself with a bunch of supportive, like-minded people.

Your fellow reader Melanie Veah admits that she felt shy about coming to a Live and Invest Overseas Conference. But, once on the scene, all that faded. She felt right at home and was confident approaching our experts with her questions.

Not only that, but, three months later, she made her first international move.

Melanie recently sent us a letter with some advice for readers who are still waiting to make their move. Here’s what she says…

I admit it. If you’re right now looking into making a move to a new country, I’m a little jealous.

Don’t get me wrong. I couldn’t be happier with my own situation. I’m living a life I didn’t even dare to dream about a few years ago.

I know all the delights and adventures you have in front of you if you’re at the starting stages of making the leap yourself. And, again, I have to confess that I’m a little envious of the journey of first-time discovery you have to look forward to.Continue reading

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2 More Reasons To Attend Our Retire Overseas Conference

Why This Is The Best Week To Reserve Your Seat In Las Vegas

My colleague Allison Jokinen, Senior Events Coordinator here at Live and Invest Overseas, recently started writing a newsletter exclusively for attendees joining us for our 2018 Retire Overseas Conference (or “ROC” as we call it in-house).

Allison’s letter is called Backstage ROC: A Peek Behind The Conference Curtain, and if you’re already on the list to join us in Las Vegas this fall, you know what I’m talking about.

If you’ve been thinking about joining us for this year’s event—but haven’t gotten around to reserving your place just yet—here are two reasons why you should grab your seat this week…

1. Get Insider Tips—Before You Go—To Help You Get The Most From This Life-Changing Conference

We’ll do everything we possibly can on the ground in Las Vegas to help you identify the place—or places—worthy of your attention… and devise a plan of how you’re going to get from where you are now to inserting yourself into your new life in paradise.

But, to get the most out of your conference experience, it helps to come prepared. And that’s why Allison started writing her monthly notesNot only to help ROC attendees with the format of the event (we pack a lot into these three and a half days)… but also to engage you in a little personal preparation (getting to know your own needs) that will help you make every minute in Las Vegas count.Continue reading

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Busting Myths: Expectation Versus Reality Of Moving Overseas

Expat Myth: You Have To Be Rich To Live Overseas 

Recently, Mary M., United States, wrote in to say:

“Kathleen, I do not believe a word of the article you published from the people who say they quit their jobs and are traveling around.

“Please don’t print stuff that is fantasy. It just isn’t fair.”

All Access Pass Member Dusty Tubbs wrote a reply to Mary that I’d like to share with you today; it’s an important reminder of Continue reading

Our Biggest Event Yet: The 2017 Retire Overseas Conference | Live and Invest Overseas Conference

Our Biggest Event Yet: The 2017 Retire Overseas Conference

It’s our biggest event of the year…

The one that covers every top overseas haven on our radar (all 21 of them)…

The one where we bring together our experienced team of expats and experts from each of these top havens to share their hard-won experience and insights with you…

And where, ultimately, we help you discover the best place(s) for you… and walk you through how, exactly, to put your own plans in place. Not on your own. But with support from our global team…

Yes, it’s time to play the music, light the lights, and open registration for our 2017 Retire Overseas Conference.

So, what exactly lies in store for you this Aug. 27–30 in Orlando? Who better to give you a behind-the-scenes look than somebody who, this time last year, stood right in your shoes…Continue reading

The perfect retirement life awaits for you.

Find Your Place In The Sun At The 2016 Retire Overseas Conference

Time To Get On Your Way

It’s getting closer… our biggest and best event of the year… the 2016 Retire Overseas Conference. And, if you’ve never joined us for a Live and Invest Overseas event before, then this is the best start you can possibly give yourself as you explore your options for living a richer life overseas…

On the ground at the Green Valley Ranch Resort in Las Vegas, we’ll introduce you to the world’s top 21 havens worth your consideration for living and investing today…

Places where other expats have retired or reinvented themselves… and
who now join us to share their own stories.

Places where you could retire in comfort… even on a limited income.

Places where you could invest… for a solid return.

Places where you could live in safety, finally secure in the knowledge that your money isn’t going to “run out.”

So, where in the world is your place?

Maybe lively and sunny Panama—where I’ve been enjoying the adventure of a lifetime these past 18 months. Or, Continue reading

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Deciding Where To Retire Overseas? You Need To Be Here

The Only Place You Need To Be This Year

I love watching attendees over the days of our live events. Some walk in the door knowing exactly what they want and where they want to go. But, they tell us, they’re in desperate need of somebody to show them the ropes… to walk them through how they’re going to make this new life overseas happen.

All of our attendees here in Panama last week, of course, had some interest in Panama. But they weren’t all sure about where exactly in this extremely diverse country they’d like to hang their hats.

Sometimes it happens that an attendee strikes it lucky. All it takes is one conference and they’re in. They’ve made up their minds. It’s Panama for them. Or Belize. Or Portugal. They don’t want to see a single other place.

For Peg and April, who shared their story with attendees last week, it was Panama all the way. When they joined us for an excursion to the Los Islotes development a few years back, they were completely sold… as was Lot #68. Today, as their colonial-style home on the stunning Sunset Azuero Coast nears completion, they feel like their adventure is just beginning. (If you missed us in Panama and would like to catch up on all that happened here last week—including Peg and April’s entertaining journey—you still have time to avail of our special pre-release discount and Continue reading