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Christmas lights in the city of Medellin, Colombia

Christmas In Colombia: Celebrating The Festival Of Lights

The World’s Best Christmas Festival Of Lights I’ve been spending Christmas abroad since 2001 and have come to love the traditions and celebrations that take place throughout Latin America. Christmas in Medellín is the most impressive extravaganza I’ve experienced. My first half dozen Christmases overseas were in Ecuador and were the most enjoyable Christmas experiences…

Christmas decorations in Alsace, France.

How To Celebrate A Traditional Christmas In France

Got The Stamina For A Traditional French Christmas? Paris has been alit since Nov. 24, give or take a few days depending on the quartier. The city’s Christmas streetlights bring a familiar cheer to strange times. It’s not the same this year as in years past, but there’s a festive feeling in the air despite lockdowns…

What To Expect Celebrating The Holiday Season In Belize

A Tropical Christmas In Belize If you decide to move overseas, you’re likely to spend a few holidays in your new home eventually. Of course, it’s nice to go “back home” and visit the family at this special time of year, but give the holidays in your new home a chance, too. You’re sure to…

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