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Landsacpe view of Eiffel tower during the sunrise with beautiful yellow trees in autumn in Paris

Make Your Way Back To School (And Life)

 La Rentrée A Paris As of a few weeks ago, Paris all but shut down, as did much of Europe. The annual exodus that has Parisians fleeing from the city begins in late July and typically lasts until late August. Mom-and-pop shops and restaurants close, putting up signs saying they’ll see you in September… doctors…

Champs-Elysees in Paris.

Why You Need A Good Lawyer For Your France Visa Renewal

What A Difference A Good Lawyer Makes My family and I have just finished the renewal process for our French visa—whew, legal again for another year…! This is our third year in France, so it’s our second visa renewal, and this one went much smoother than any of our past meetings… but things didn’t start…

Christmas decorations in Alsace, France.

How To Celebrate A Traditional Christmas In France

Got The Stamina For A Traditional French Christmas? Paris has been alit since Nov. 24, give or take a few days depending on the quartier. The city’s Christmas streetlights bring a familiar cheer to strange times. It’s not the same this year as in years past, but there’s a festive feeling in the air despite lockdowns…

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