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Beautiful tropical beach at exotic island with palm trees

The 14 Things That Make A Great Overseas Destination

14 Essential Things To Consider Before Choosing Your New Home Overseas This week marks the 15th birthday of Live And Invest Overseas, and it seems like a good time for reminding ourselves of the basics… all the first things to consider when you

Sunrise over beautiful Sanur beach on Bali, Indonesia.

The Top Retirement Destinations By Continent

The Best Retirement Havens For 2023 With a world of enticing options for an overseas retirement to pick from, the trickiest part of an international move can often be narrowing down your choices to just

Happy friends doing barbecue outdoors

The Truth About Making Friends Overseas

Your New Foreign Friends Will Be Some Of The Best You Make… An American, a Norwegian, a Mexican, an Indian, and a Lithuanian sit down to lunch… No, it’s not the start of a bad joke, it’s what life looks like when you start to make friends in your new home overseas. The lunch I’m…

Montmartre in Paris, France

Will Living Abroad Make You Happy?

How To Choose Your New Home Overseas (Hint: Fall In Love) It’s all about chemistry… Whether you’re making friends or looking for love, there’s usually something that draws us to another person that we couldn’t put into words… it just feels natural. You enjoy

Lush hazy forested limestone hills in Cayo, Belize.

How I Discovered New Confidence Living In Cayo, Belize

From Idaho To The Cayo: How We Escaped The Frozen North Here’s our tale of How We Escaped The Frozen North… We came to Belize from northern Idaho. We were used to nine months of winter each year. Now we have 12 months of summer. When my husband David first got this idea of moving…

Wooden footbridge to the beach Praia do Camilo, Portugal.

How To Build Your Road Map For The Future

Private Roundtable Reveals Road Map For Your Future What a world we’re living in, right?The biggest global pandemic in 100 years… continuing terrorist threats… war… threats of more war… coups… famine… mass gun violence…Plus a litany of -flations… inflation, shrinkflation, and now skimpflation…Along with global supply-chain issues and people deciding they don’t want or don’t…

Cozy street with tables of cafe in Paris, France

How To Deal With Homesickness After Moving Overseas

What Will You Miss From “Back Home”? “Ice… ice and elevators.” When asked by a friend on my recent trip back to the States (my first time back in over two years) about what I enjoyed most about being back, that was my response. And, really, that’s it. That’s the extent of what I currently…

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