Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic: The Town That Has It All

Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic: The Town That Has It All

Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic: The Town That Has It All

Raising The Bar On Tropical (And Affordable) Overseas Havens

Do you have your checklist ready?

The one that lists out everything you truly need—as well as the things you’d rather avoid—in your new neighborhood overseas?

Your checklist is a guideline rather than a rule, of course. It’s tricky to find a place to tick all boxes. Compromises must often be made.

Often, but not always…

Bill Piatt, who spoke to our audience in Santo Domingo last week, had an ambitious checklist when he went scouting for his ideal tropical home. Over a decade, Bill and his wife traveled around Central America and the Caribbean, spending up to four weeks at a time in destinations that included Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panama, the Bay Islands of Honduras, and Belize. These guys took their homework seriously.

Unfortunately, none of the places they visited measured up to what the Piatts craved:

  • A town that was walkable.
  • A cosmopolitan community where different cultures interact as peers.
  • Someplace affordable, where they could embrace a wholesome, comfortable lifestyle for a more affordable cost than they were facing in the United States.
  • A place where excellent, high quality food was readily available, both in restaurants and in the markets.
  • Easy access to the United States.
  • Access to conveniences that make daily life easy… without being in a big city.
  • A place at a sweet spot in its development, being comfortable yet relatively undiscovered (and therefore affordable).

The couple was preparing to give up on this dream… getting ready to make some compromises…

Until they made their first trip to the Dominican Republic.

In just a couple of days exploring the beach town of Las Terrenas and its surroundings, they ticked off every box. (Believe me, this doesn’t happen too often.)

Delighted to call Las Terrenas home today, Bill shared with attendees at our Live and Invest in the Dominican Republic Conference his top reasons for choosing this little-known, expat-friendly beach town. You can listen in on Bill’s full presentation at your leisure, but, for now, here are a few of his insights on what sets Las Terrenas apart…

  • Cosmopolitan community. Las Terrenas is a mix of a large number of highly educated, professional Dominicans along with a substantial expat community that is predominantly French with many Italians, Germans, British, and Canadians. There are relatively few people from the United States, though that is changing. This is a real town with real people who live, work, and raise their families here.
  • Quality construction. Homes here are solid, European-style construction. Everything is concrete, and all finishes tend to be high-end, even in the older structures. The construction feels solid, it looks solid, and it gives the town an air of permanence that is rare in this part of the world.
  • Value. Going hand in hand with construction quality is how affordable Las Terrenas is. A typical price for high-end, solidly built condos and villas is about US$2,000 per square meter. That compares to US$3,000 or more in other Caribbean locations that are not nearly as nice and that don’t offer such carefree living.

Bill was just one of the expats who shared their experiences with our attendees in Santo Domingo last week. Over two and a half days, we heard from our experts and expats on topics ranging from health care to establishing residency… from volunteering to learning Spanish… from buying property to paying your bills… and took many attendee questions in between.

If you couldn’t be with us, you don’t have to miss out.

Until Wednesday, May 24, you can avail of our pre-release discount of more than 50%, and listen in on (and flip through the presentations from):

  • Lief Simon’s welcome and introduction to living in the Dominican Republic;
  • Expat stories: Todd Schlosser, Bill Piatt, and more expat friends share their stories on moving, settling in, and running a business in the DR;
  • Your top visa and residency options for living in the DR;
  • How to buy and own your Dominican Republic property securely;
  • An overview of health-care facilities (Note: The standard is high here yet a fraction of U.S. costs…);
  • Managing money, paying bills, and banking in the DR;
  • Opportunities for living and investing in Las Terrenas (on the Samaná Peninsula);
  • Current investment opportunities in Cap Cana, the North Coast, and Santo Domingo’s Zona Colonial;
  • Managing your rental property;
  • And more (including bringing in your pets, protecting your assets, learning Spanish, and volunteering opportunities).

Valentine Fouché
Editor, Live and Invest Overseas Confidential

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