Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic: The Town That Has It All

Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic: The Town That Has It All

Raising The Bar On Tropical (And Affordable) Overseas Havens

Do you have your checklist ready?

The one that lists out everything you truly need—as well as the things you’d rather avoid—in your new neighborhood overseas?

Your checklist is a guideline rather than a rule, of course. It’s tricky to find a place to tick all boxes. Compromises must often be made.

Often, but not always…

Bill Piatt, who spoke to our audience in Santo Domingo last week, had an ambitious checklist when he went scouting for his ideal tropical home. Over a decade, Bill and his wife traveled around Central America and the Continue reading

Go Overseas When You’re Able, Not When You’re Comfortable | Live and Invest Overseas Conference

Go Overseas When You’re Able, Not When You’re Comfortable

Whatever’s Delaying Your Move, We Have The Solution…

Go when you’re able… not when you’re comfortable.

This is one of our big mottos at Live and Invest Overseas.

Let’s face it, there’s nobody in the world who’s going to be 100% comfortable starting over on new territory.

But what you may not realize is that you’re more able to go than you think.

If you thought your biggest barrier to going overseas is money, for example, have you considered any of the places in the world where you can live for US$1,000 (or less) a month?

That’s less than the average U.S. Social Security check… yet you’d be far from struggling in Nicaragua, Ecuador, and Thailand (to name a few)…

Or had you thought about some of the freelance careers you could start to supplement your income—like travel writing or blogging, photography, or import/export? Wendy Howarter, who semi-retired at the age of 49, took up travel writing to fund her new life in Medellín, Colombia.

Maybe you don’t want to move too far from your kids and grandkids or elderly parents… Had you thought about Mexico? Depending on where you currently live and where you choose to settle, you may be able to just drive on down (or fly in less than two hours)… Mexico offers a diverse range of lifestyle options, too… not to mention favorable prices for U.S. dollar-holders today.

Or perhaps your biggest fear is the language barrier. In Belize, that little English-speaking country in the Continue reading

Our Biggest Event Yet: The 2017 Retire Overseas Conference | Live and Invest Overseas Conference

Our Biggest Event Yet: The 2017 Retire Overseas Conference

It’s our biggest event of the year…

The one that covers every top overseas haven on our radar (all 21 of them)…

The one where we bring together our experienced team of expats and experts from each of these top havens to share their hard-won experience and insights with you…

And where, ultimately, we help you discover the best place(s) for you… and walk you through how, exactly, to put your own plans in place. Not on your own. But with support from our global team…

Yes, it’s time to play the music, light the lights, and open registration for our 2017 Retire Overseas Conference.

So, what exactly lies in store for you this Aug. 27–30 in Orlando? Who better to give you a behind-the-scenes look than somebody who, this time last year, stood right in your shoes…Continue reading

The Secret To Success In Rental Property is A Property Manager

The Secret To Success In Rental Property: A Property Manager

The Success Of Your Overseas Rental Hangs On This

Buying a rental property overseas is one of the most rewarding—not to mention smartest—investment moves you can make today.

Not only is there the monthly cash flow to look forward to, but you also have the advantages of:

  • Diversification outside the United States;
  • Use of your own property should you decide to spend time on location;
  • The potential for capital appreciation when/if time comes to sell.

How much your rental income “paychecks” amount to month to month—and how much you could sell your property for some years down the line—is, of course, dependent on the market. Identifying the markets with the most potential today (and for the long term) is part of our core agenda at Lief Simon’s 2017 Global Property Summit here in Panama City this week. (If you’re not with us in person, you can tap into all the action here.)

Apart from the market, there’s another critical factor in guaranteeing yourself the best return on your rental property. You need to be able to easily reach your target renters—and, in the case of a short-term rental, keep bringing them in.Continue reading

Faro Algarve Portugal Beach Deserta Island

8 Reasons Portugal’s Algarve Is As Attractive As It Is Affordable

Much More Than The World’s Cheapest Vacation Spot

Portugal’s Algarve has always been popular with the Brits. And this year will be no exception as a U.K. survey just crowned the region “most affordable holiday destination” for 2017.

The Annual Post Office Holiday Money Report “barometer” takes the average cost of eight items (including vacation necessities like sunscreen, bottled water, and a glass of wine) across 44 destinations to calculate an overall average.

And for 2017, Portugal’s Algarve is where it’s at…

Along this sun-kissed coast, your average cup of joe costs just 80 cents… while a restaurant dinner with wine comes in at US$22.40. Pas mal!

To put this in context, just around the other side of the Strait of Gibraltar, Spain’s Costa Del Sol will serve you coffee for US$1.13 and dinner for US$32. While, staying this side of the pond, Cancún—one of the top overseas vacation spots for Americans—comes in with an average cup of coffee for US$2.25… and US$53.40 for a decent restaurant meal (more than twice the cost of your dinner in the Algarve).

So, if you thought that Europe was out of reach financially, it’s worth following the Brits and taking a good look at the Algarve. For it’s not just these day-to-day items that are cheaper. This southwestern edge ofContinue reading

The Best Time To Visit Panama: Just Before Carnaval

The Best Time To Visit Panama: Just Before Carnaval

Dodging Carnaval In Panama

In Brazil, carnaval features bare-breasted women on floats…

In Ecuador, this pre-Lenten celebration is all about water. You can’t walk down the street without being squirted or sprayed…

Here in Panama, carnaval is about the party. The entire country shuts down for a week of nonstop revelry. No business is done, no appointments made. Everything is put on hold until “after carnaval.”

Yes, carnaval in Panama is bigger than Christmas. And, it’s a whole-family, weeklong event—with nobody too young or too old to be dragged into the chaos.

While the locals party on, expats are left with two options:

Get out of the country… or endure the noise, the traffic jams, and the risk of being Continue reading

What Do Nobel Prizes And Global Property Have In Common?

What Do Nobel Prizes And Global Property Have In Common?

The Easiest Way To Secure Your Second Home In The Sun

You’ve probably realized by now that I’m a sucker for a good quote. I’ve been holding the above words from British scientist John Kendrew—who, in 1962, shared the Nobel Prize for Chemistry with his Austrian colleague Max Perutz—until the time came for us to talk property again. And, today’s that day.

But let’s stick with Nobel for a moment. Do you know how much Nobel Prize winners earn these days?

Bob Dylan—who controversially skipped the award ceremony for his 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature—will come away with approximately US$900,000 (8 million Swedish krona)… as long as, in keeping with the academy’s rules, he delivers a lecture on the theme of literature within six months of the award ceremony.

Now Bob may not have much appreciation for that money. After all, this is the same guy who, in 1986, gave us these lyrics:

Wealth is a filthy rag
So erotic so unpatriotic
So wrapped up in the American flag

But, maybe three decades on, older and wiser, and with the times a-changin’ as they are, Bob will heedContinue reading


The Stark Contrast In Panama: City Life Vs. Easygoing Interior

Panama—Inside And Out

The countdown is on to our annual Live and Invest in Panama Conference—kicking off next Wednesday, Feb. 15, from the Panama Marriott Hotel. And my team (and rest of the office who have no choice but to pitch in on a conference on their own turf) is working hard to make sure it’s our best Panama event yet.

If you’re not already on my guest list, and on the fence about Panama, you owe it to yourself to give Panama a chance.

Before I share some of the big reasons why you should be paying attention to Panama (the big issues we’ll be focusing on next week), I need to make an important distinction… that is, Panama City vs. The Interior.

Panama City is the image that’s projected to the world—and the one that forms most people’s impression of the nation. But, if you have your sights set on cheap living in an upscale neighborhood in Panama City, then, I can tell you, you won’t have much luck these days. Continue reading

Colombia is right now one of the most promising emerging markets today.

How Life In Medellín Is Better Than You Could Imagine

The Truth About Medellín

“The one thing I kept hearing over and over was that people couldn’t believe how nice Medellín is,” Lee Harrison reported after our Live and Invest in Colombia Conference last April.

“They couldn’t believe,” he explained, “that we didn’t do a better job explaining how nice it really is.

“I told them that if we described what Medellín’s like, for real, in real detail, no one would believe us. We’d lose credibility…”

As registration is now open for our seventh Live and Invest in Colombia Conference, I’m here to tell you that Medellín is hands down the prettiest, cleanest, safest city I’ve visited in this part of the world.

Last April was my first visit to the city. And, like our attendees who cautiously stepped off the plane, everything about Medellín exceeded my expectations. Despite its population of 3.5 million, the vibe is small-town friendly. The people here live to a different, more relaxed, beat. And it’s all part of the charm.

Had Medellín been my first stop after leaving Paris behind last year, I may have been in for a less dramatic dose ofContinue reading