Caye Caulker, In Belize. A Great Perk of Living the Self-Sufficient Lifestyle in this country.

The Secrets Of The Self-Sufficient Lifestyle Explored In Belize

Paradise For The Quirky Expat

Last week, as we opened up registration to our Self-Sufficiency Seminar in Belize, I shared with you some of the benefits of the self-sufficient lifestyle.

While we’re basing this event in Belize, it doesn’t mean that you have to be entirely sold on Belize to join us. This is just as much an opportunity to discover these life-changing (and potentially life-saving) practices—and how you can implement them back home or anywhere in the world you may be thinking about spending time—as it is about an adventure into “the breadbasket of Belize.”

That said, there’s a reason we chose Belize—and particularly its Cayo region—as our base for this one-of-a-kind event.

For a start, the Cayo region is rich in resources—both natural and manmade. It has more protected land than any other district… it’s the top eco-tourism destination in the country… and it boasts the largest underground cave system in the western hemisphere.

Its landscape is dominated by fields and pastures, trees and jungle, rivers and livestock. Here and there, you’ll see a small house of concrete block or timber, and, in the distance, the Maya Mountains. Farmers tend corn and sugarcane, watermelons and citrus. Here, in this land of escape, life revolves around the land and values independence above all else. Continue reading