Is It Safe? Living Overseas In Panama City And Paris

View across Panama City during a summer evening

Is It Safe? Living Overseas In Panama City And Paris

Maybe You Need Some New Friends? 

When Harry told his friends and family back in D.C. that he was moving to Paris from Panama, he was shocked to be met with true concern…

“Is it safe over there?”

“Aren’t you worried about terrorism?”

“But I hear about bombings or riots over there every year!”

This was, by the way, long before the gilets jaunes ruled the streets every Saturday like clockwork.

All we could do was laugh. Somehow, none of these friends had ever raised any concern about us living in Panama for a decade… or batted an eye as we traveled to Nicaragua or Colombia—despite the turbulent reputations of these countries over the last century.

Perhaps it’s something to do with proximity… that being on the same hemisphere and in the same time zone does something to put folks back home at ease.

In any case, here we are, in dangerous, take-your-life-in-your-hands Paris, France, contending with loved ones who question our choices.

Of course, we’re not alone. If you’ve already spoken to your own inner circle about your go-overseas dreams, you’ve likely met with similar attitudes.

Really, there’s no solution other than to be confident in your own choices.

For most of us, that’s easier said than done. But it does help when you can spend time in the company of the right people…

People who are in the same boat as you (looking to build their own version of a new life overseas)… as well as those who have already made it to the other side and are enthusiastic to share their experiences…

And, the best place to do this… and do it sooner rather than later… is at our 2019 Retire Overseas Conference.

Now in its 9th year, this Stateside event—taking place this Sept. 7–10 in Houston, Texas—is especially geared toward readers just starting out on their journey.

It’s where we gather our globally-spread team of experts and expats together to:

  • Arm you with everything you need to know before you step foot on a plane…
  • Help you narrow your options…
  • Meet the contacts who can help you move forward…
  • Connect you with your fellow adventurers—like-minded friends who understand you and will support you through one of the biggest changes in your life…

If you’re at all interested in joining us—and making this the year you really get moving on your future—then I encourage you to sign up as soon as possible…

Not only will you still have time to avail of our Easy Payment Plan and grab an Early Bird Discount on your seat… but, if you’re among the next 4 readers to register, you can also choose a free conference kit from our collection…

So, if you’re particularly interested in Italy (or Panama, Belize, or France to name a few), you can pick up the recordings and bonus reports from our most recent event in that country and get a little homework in ahead of Houston. Then, while you’re sipping cocktails with our experts at the Retire Overseas Conference, you can hit them with your follow-up questions.

You can register here now to secure your seat and grab one of these 20 free conference kits. (Remember to use your exclusive LIOS Confidential Coupon Code PREROC50 to save an extra US$50).

Or, if you’d like some help with your booking, call our conference team (Annette and Alessandra) toll-free from North America at 1-888-546-5169—and be sure to mention that you’re a LIOS Confidential reader.

As for those well-meaning friends and family members… they almost always come around. Sometimes literally. Your new home may just become their favorite vacation spot.

Kat Kalashian


Image Source: iStock/Rodrigo Cuel

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