The #1 Regret Expats Have When They Move Overseas

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The #1 Regret Expats Have When They Move Overseas

The Most Common Expat Complaint—And How To Avoid It

“In my 15 years of living overseas, I’ve never met anybody who hated their new home so much that they packed up and went home,” Latin America correspondent Lee Harrison told the audience at last year’s Retire Overseas Conference.

“What almost everybody has admitted to me, though,” continued Lee, “is that they wish they had done this sooner… that there are now precious years of their lives wasted that they won’t ever get back.”

We hear this from our readers, too. Often, it’s only when people fully understand what’s on the other side that they realize they could have done it all a lot sooner…

Darrell And Amy Bushnell Story:

After 15 years of traveling to Nicaragua, Darrell Bushnell and his wife Amy finally settled in the colonial town of Granada.

“We bought a 160-year-old colonial house with a large patio, and we knew right away that this was the place for us,” Darrell told us. “Everything in Granada is within a short walk of everything else. Vendors come to our door selling fruits, vegetables, soap, animals… just about anything you could imagine. We enjoy the unexpectedness of it all.

“You tend to reinvent yourself when you make a move like this. I never wrote before in my life, but now I write a lot. Amy has always been in art, but she never taught before. Whatever you’re interested in, there’s something here for you to do.

“We love it here… the only regret is that we didn’t move down here sooner.”

Michelle Bradshaw Story:

Canadian expat Michelle Bradshaw found her paradise in Tulum, on the shores of the Mexican Riviera. Michelle continues to work part time, long-distance for her old Calgary-based company. But she’s also tapped into the opportunities in town to boost her income. She started by offering a house-sitting service, then later trained as a yoga instructor. Today, she leads her own yoga classes.

“If you want to do something, it will come to you,” says Michelle who appreciates all the natural wonders on her doorstep and the casual atmosphere around town. “When I wanted to take a yoga course, it was right on my back door. My sister who has moved here, too, became a diving instructor.

“Things get done… but it may take some time. The fast city pace is not here. It’s very relaxed and very comfortable. My only regret is that I didn’t make the move sooner. Here, I feel like I’m getting younger by the day.”

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Valentine Fouché
Editor, Live and Invest Overseas Confidential

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