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The Top 7 Overseas Health Care Havens

Health care is a primary concern for anyone moving overseas and, the good news is, in some places around the world, comprehensive health insurance can be had for US$100 per month.     In some countries, the cost of medical care can be so low that it makes more sense to pay for it as you need…
Eiffel Tower at sunset in Paris, France

The Secret To Travel More And Live Better

Coming Home To That Vacation Feeling Every time I leave Paris, whether for business or pleasure, I come back and sigh with relief and comfort, either in the taxi as we wend our way home from the airport, or as I run my

Paris, France to the left and Panama City, Panama to the right

Europe Versus Latin America: Where Should You Retire?

Latin America Versus Europe—How To Know Where To Go We’re gearing up for our Live And Invest In Panama Conference, and it’s got me a little homesick for my one-time home. Frankly, it’s easy to miss Panama when you’re in the depths of a Northern

Milan, Italy

The Best Places To Live Without A Car

Ditch Your Car—And Your Second Biggest Expense—When You Move Overseas When I visited relatives back in the States over the summer, we had a lot of the same conversations expats are likely familiar with… Answering friends’ and relatives’ questions about

Port of La Rochelle in France on a sunny day

The Sweet Life In La Rochelle, France

Seafood And Sunshine In La Ville Blanche—The Best Coastal City In France You’ve Never Heard Of An easy three-hour train ride from Paris, the medieval port town of La Rochelle boasts the third-highest quality of life in France. Just north of Bordeaux, La Rochelle is one of the top vacation spots for the French—75% of…

Pedestrians walk along Barceloneta Beach in Barcelona with colorful sky at sunrise

Would I Change Paris For Life In Barcelona?

The Most Modern Historic City On The Med Barcelona has done a lot of growing up in the last 30 years… the changes in the last 15 alone are clear after just a few hours in the city. I was last here in 2007, and back then you couldn’t eat dinner before 9 p.m. If…

The Eifel Tower in Paris to the left and Guell Park in Barcelona to the right

Paris Vs. Barcelona: Finding Your Retirement Haven

Barcelona Versus Paris: Europe’s Top Two Cities Compared This time next week, I’ll be off to Barcelona for the first time in nearly 10 years… My husband and I toured Spain together in 2007, long before we were married, and Barcelona was the highlight for me (I can’t wait to see how much progress has…

Panama Casco Antiguo

Panama Versus Paris: Reasons We Love These 2 Countries

Panama Versus Paris—Couldn’t Be More Different, But I Love Them Both My family and I returned to Panama last week after a three-year absence (thanks to Covid), and it’s wonderful to be back in our sometimes home… and it’s the first time my daughter has been able to visit. Thanks to our permanent residency, we…

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