Friends enjoy a fire at the beach at sunst

A Community Of Friends Can Make Anywhere Feel Like Home

Your Chances Of Survival Overseas Hinge On This

“Why don’t I own a four-bed, two-story country home in my native Normandy? What’s wrong with me?”

These were the thoughts that haunted me as I flew back to Panama after my last trip to France.

You see, in Paris for a whole month, I’d spent a lot of time catching up with friends. And, dinner after dinner, it was pretty much the same story…  Continue reading

sweet home france

The Feel Of Home: A France For Every Season And Lifestyle

The Good Life Defined

One of the reasons I left Paris behind more than two years ago was the frantic pace of life in a city that’s always moving.

Back in the City of Light last week, I realized what I missed most about Paris was exactly the same reason that I’d left: the nonstop rhythm of movement…

After living my first 13 years in Paris, my family moved to Normandy—where we remained just 45 minutes from the capital. But the city always feels like my true home. And, landing here from Panama City, I appreciate Paris in a new way…

I no longer feel caught up in the bustle as I did in my early career, commuting into the city for a long workday. I’ve realized that, convenient as the Métro is, it’s not always necessary…

Once you take the time to walk its historic streets, you’ll find that Paris is not as big as it seems… and you have the chance to stumble upon a street artist… a new art exhibition… a lunchtime concert… or a charming café. This is another thing I miss about Paris—culture at every corner. And Continue reading