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Busting Myths: Expectation Versus Reality Of Moving Overseas

Expat Myth: You Have To Be Rich To Live Overseas 

Recently, Mary M., United States, wrote in to say:

“Kathleen, I do not believe a word of the article you published from the people who say they quit their jobs and are traveling around.

“Please don’t print stuff that is fantasy. It just isn’t fair.”

All Access Pass Member Dusty Tubbs wrote a reply to Mary that I’d like to share with you today; it’s an important reminder of Continue reading

sweet home france

The Feel Of Home: A France For Every Season And Lifestyle

The Good Life Defined

One of the reasons I left Paris behind more than two years ago was the frantic pace of life in a city that’s always moving.

Back in the City of Light last week, I realized what I missed most about Paris was exactly the same reason that I’d left: the nonstop rhythm of movement…

After living my first 13 years in Paris, my family moved to Normandy—where we remained just 45 minutes from the capital. But the city always feels like my true home. And, landing here from Panama City, I appreciate Paris in a new way…

I no longer feel caught up in the bustle as I did in my early career, commuting into the city for a long workday. I’ve realized that, convenient as the Métro is, it’s not always necessary…

Once you take the time to walk its historic streets, you’ll find that Paris is not as big as it seems… and you have the chance to stumble upon a street artist… a new art exhibition… a lunchtime concert… or a charming café. This is another thing I miss about Paris—culture at every corner. AndContinue reading

Expats Finding A Personal Paradise In Portugal’s Algarve

Three Expats Find Paradise In Europe’s Top Retirement Haven

“It instantly felt like home,” full-time expat Alyson Sheldrake says of her adopted home village of Ferragudo in Portugal’s Algarve.

After visiting the Algarve for some years, Alyson and her husband were immediately sold on the first and only property their agent showed them. And that was before the agent revealed the surprise “cave” below… which Alyson maintains is big enough to fit a two-bed apartment.

The couple couldn’t believe it when their “cheeky offer” was accepted. With Alyson a professional artist and her husband a photographer, they now haveContinue reading

It's A Good Time To Stake Your Claim In Paris (Portugal Too)

It’s A Good Time To Stake Your Claim In Paris (Portugal Too)

Paris Will Always Be Paris…

“Paris is no longer Paris,” President Trump told the crowds at a rally in Washington last February, quoting a friend who had given up visiting the city following terrorist attacks on the City of Light in recent years.

Still, POTUS has accepted President Macron’s invitation to join France’s Bastille Day celebrations this July 14—when U.S. troops will join in the traditional military parade, marking 100 years since the United States’ entry into World War I.

And, while he may not tweet the world about it, I believe Trump will find that Paris is still very much Paris…

One of the most iconic cities in the world, it needs no introduction. If you’ve never had the opportunity to visit Paris in the past, it is everything you’ve seen in the movies… and more.

But here’s the thing that escapes most people about the City of Light…

It’s not just a tourist city… and those tourist prices you may have experienced inContinue reading

Plan B

The Ideal Destinations For Creating Your Plan B, Discussed

If you weren’t in the room for our Offshore Wealth Summit last week (or watching us via Live Stream), the bad news is that we won’t be running another one until next year.

However… you can get full access to our experts’ insider information on how to grow your wealth securely—and guarantee a safe and stable future for you and your family—with the best loot bag of the year: our 2017 Offshore Wealth Building and Diversification Kit.

Offshore Wealth Summit 1

Ah, the advantage of being in the room and watching the Live Stream on my laptop at the same time…

 As I said last week, offshore diversification is a personal thing. You need to choose which jurisdictions to spend time and/or invest in based on your personal circumstances and, importantly, your own interests. This kit—holding all the important discussions from last week’s event—is the best place to start your planning.

And, as well as giving you all the information you need to put these life-changing strategies to work, I guarantee you some laughter.

No doubt this is a serious subject matter. If you’ve ever tried reading anything on the topic of offshore structures, diversifying internationally, minimizing your taxes, estate planning, etc., you’ll find it’s usually chock-full with jargon… and your mind can’t help but wander.

Continue reading

2017 Wealth Summit

2017 Offshore Wealth Summit: Planning For The Life You Want

Today we kick off our 2017 Offshore Wealth Summit live from Panama City. If you’re in town, I look forward to meeting you later. If you’re at home watching our live stream from your favorite chair, I promise you’re in for a great show.

As I walked the room this morning, checking through the final preparations, I remembered the words that Kathleen shared in one of our opening sessions last year…

“We have all these dark suits up here,” she said‒indicating the panel of attorneys and offshore specialists sitting in their finery. “But I’m here to counteract that and remind you that this is your life.”

No question, our Offshore Wealth Summit covers serious matters‒from estate planning to residency to strategies that can help minimize your taxes. (Hence all the suits on stage.) But, as Kathleen reminded us all, you have to think about the big picture, too. So that, once you have all your flags planted, you get to enjoy the life you’ve worked so hard to build for yourself and your loved ones.

If you’re investing in an overseas property, for example, you’re going to have to check in on your place from time to time. This shouldn’t be a chore that you dread. It should feel like Continue reading

Our Experts Help You Decide

Let’s Talk: Our Experts Help You Decide Your Next Adventure

How can this lady possibly tell me the single best place in the world to hang my hat?

If you’ve been keeping up with publisher Kathleen Peddicord’s Overseas Opportunity Letter you may be asking yourself this very question.

What’s going on?

She’s leaving Panama?

But she’s been touting the virtues of Panama for over a decade…

Does Panama suddenly suck?

Of course not. Just like Paris didn’t suck when Kathleen, Lief, Kaitlin, and Jackson left the City of Light behind nine years ago. Nor did life in Waterford, Ireland (their first home overseas), become unbearable before that.

The leap from Waterford to Paris was sparked by Kaitlin’s wish to spend her high-school “gap year” in Paris. The rest of the family were happy to tag along, trading the slow pace of rural Ireland for the surprise-at-every-turn experience of Europe’s most-visited capital.

Four years later, Panama City called. The strategic position of the “Hub of the Americas” was ideal forContinue reading

The Algarve the Florida of Europe

The Algarve: Proving To Be More Than “The Florida Of Europe”

So Much More Than The “Florida Of Europe”

The beaches along the coast of Portugal’s Algarve are among the best in the world. True they don’t come with water as warm as the Med… but the Atlantic waves that wash up here are clear, refreshing, and gaining a reputation among globe-trotting surfers.

But let’s not forget there’s so much more to this region than its beaches.

In a recent article in Forbes, contributor Ann Abel writes:

“The southern edge of Portugal, called the Algarve, has long been known as the Florida of Europe: the continent’s warmest weather and mildest winters, an embarrassment of golf courses, beachfront condo high rises and all-inclusive resorts designed for EasyJetters’ weekend breaks. Even with the delectable oranges—nearly the size of my head and dripping with sweet juice—it wasn’t enough to sell me onContinue reading

portugal is every expat's dream come true. Don't take it from us...

2017 Conferences: From The Caribbean To The Old World

Live Healthier (Without Trying) In This Retirement Jewel

It was tough leaving the white sands, palm trees, and warm waters of the Dominican Republic behind last week.

It’s hard to beat Caribbean beach. And the DR has a lot more to offer than your typical Caribbean outpost. I especially loved the mix of culture on the island and its strong European influence (including a number of authentic French bistros and boulangeries).

But, if it’s traditional Old World Europe you’re after, then you need to cross the Atlantic with us next month…

This July 5–7, we’re returning to Carvoeiro in Portugal’s Algarve region for our annual Live and Invest in Portugal Conference.

Over two and a half days, we’ll introduce you to the best spots along this stunning coastline with its dramatic cliffs, golden-sand beaches, traditional fishing villages, andContinue reading

Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic: The Town That Has It All

Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic: The Town That Has It All

Raising The Bar On Tropical (And Affordable) Overseas Havens

Do you have your checklist ready?

The one that lists out everything you truly need—as well as the things you’d rather avoid—in your new neighborhood overseas?

Your checklist is a guideline rather than a rule, of course. It’s tricky to find a place to tick all boxes. Compromises must often be made.

Often, but not always…

Bill Piatt, who spoke to our audience in Santo Domingo last week, had an ambitious checklist when he went scouting for his ideal tropical home. Over a decade, Bill and his wife traveled around Central America and the Continue reading