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Escape To Belize: A Safe And Strategic Caribbean Haven

A Safe Haven In This Difficult Time

“If the world has any ends, British Honduras [Belize] would certainly be one of them. It is not on the way from anywhere to anywhere else. It has no strategic value. It is all but uninhabited.” –Aldous Huxley, Beyond The Mexique Bay

Huxley’s “Beyond The Mexique Bay” was published in 1934—a travelogue of his journey through the Caribbean, Guatemala, and Mexico.

In many ways, his picture of Belize holds true today.

Belize is still not really on the way from anywhere to anywhere else.

And, with a population of just 330,000, it’s relatively “uninhabited.”

But what about its strategic value?

If you’re a North American looking to escape to a safe, beautiful, English-speaking haven in the Caribbean—that also offers easy residency and tax-free living—then Belize is hard to beat. With so much on offer, it’s hard to believe it remains below the radar of most would-be expats.

We’ve found that most part- and full-time expats who have set up home in thisContinue reading

The perfect retirement life awaits for you.

2 Options To Get Your Overseas Living Dreams Off The Ground

Another Year Wasted? Not Yet…

Today, outside the boundaries of America—from my native France to my new home in Panama City—you may be surprised (or relieved) by the lack of jack-o’-lanterns, candy corn, and spooky dress.

In most of the rest of the world, today is simply Oct. 31.

Yes, dear reader, we’re at the last day of October. Which means something else for you…

Not a whole lot of 2016 left to load up the wagon and get your overseas living dreams off to a start.

But there’s still time. And certainly enough time to make early plans for a big adventure in 2017.

Coming up on the events calendar, you have a number of options…

Option 1: Go Now

Last on the calendar for 2016 is our first standalone Self-Sufficiency Seminar inContinue reading

Emergency Offshore Summit 2016

Emergency Offshore Summit 2016: Kickstart Your Life Offshore

Last Chance For 2016: Hold On To Your Wealth

Today’s the day our much anticipated, once-a-year-only Emergency Offshore Summit begins. Our goal over these three jam-packed days is to walk attendees through the critical steps they need to take to protect their wealth and their future… no matter what lies ahead.

And while you may not be among those gathered in our allotted meeting rooms at the Panama Marriott Hotel, there’s still a way for you to listen in on everything our speakers advise over the coming days…

As always, we will release the recordings (and some bonuses) in Lief Simon’s 2016 Wealth Building And Diversification Kit.

But you may wonder, isn’t this stuff only for millionaires?…Continue reading

Panama City is a place full of opportunity for the offshore investor and the expat.

Panama Has Investment Opportunities In Spades For Expats

Get In With The Right Crowd

Last week, I sent you early notice of our ninth Live and Invest in Panama Conference.

Now, I know what you may be thinking… Ninth conference? Haven’t all the good opportunities in Panama been snapped up already?

The answer is a resounding no.

While many of my colleagues have been living here in Panama a decade or longer—witnessing the brick-by-brick transformation of the city (and beyond)—I’m a recent blow in.

I came here from Paris, France, just over a year ago. And, still, I’m amazed by the energy and pace of progress that continues here today. To me, it’s the antithesis of Paris—a city that’s appeal is largely built on its historic and romantic past.

And while almost everybody hasContinue reading

hydroponics and gardening - Self-sufficient life in Belize

Building Our Off Grid, Solar Powered House In Belize

This Isn’t Just For Hippies

It’s just six weeks to go to our first-ever standalone Self-Sufficiency Seminar in Belize. And, it’s not too late to join us. Be warned, though, that the Early Bird Discount expires midnight this Friday, Oct. 14… so, this week is your last chance to save as much as US$500 on your seat. (You may qualify for more discounts, too. Find out here.)

We’ve talked in past issues about the benefits of growing and rearing your own food for the table. But today, I’d like to share this story which first appeared in our twice-monthly In Focus: Belize e-letter from Kacie Crisp who’s embracing the freedom of living off solar energy…


Solar Power Isn’t Just For Hippies Anymore
By Kacie Crisp

If living off the grid conjures images of barefoot midwives in mumus living on tofu and bean sprouts in some Appalachian hollow… think again. Off-grid living has evolved in the 21st century.

Nowadays it’s entirely possible to live in a modern, comfortable house with modern conveniences andContinue reading

krystal beach cancun mexico

To The Beach And Beyond: The Best Places To Live In Mexico

9 Best Places To Live In Mexico

Looking back at our Live and Invest in Mexico Conference last week, what blew most of our attendees away was the wide range of attractive living options. More than I’ve seen in any other place in Latin America. And all at an affordable price.

In most of the countries we talk about, there is usually one stand-out place. Sometimes, two…

When we talk about Colombia, for instance, Medellín comes out tops. In Dominican Republic, it’s the Samana Penninsula. In Belize, it’s a toss-up between the Cayo and the Cayes.

But in Mexico, there are so many top options for living and investing on the table that it’s hard to pick a winner.

If you were with us in Tulum last week, you’re probably still reeling from the action. (If you weren’t, you can get the full story here.)

Here, in summary, are just some of the places we highlighted: Continue reading

The great Blue Hole is one of the main attractions of Belize.

4 Reasons Why Belize Is The Ultimate Adventure Destination

Belize: So Good We’re Going Twice

Helena Hess was originally attracted to Belize for its diving. She wasn’t even thinking about retirement when she made her first visit to the country.

But, the better she got to know Belize, the more she came to appreciate the advantages it offers the would-be retiree. Helena and her husband Mike bought a piece of land on Ambergris Caye, built a home, and, eventually, looked seriously at Belize’s residency options, including its resident-retiree program.

Their conclusion? Belize is hard to beat, not only for the Caribbean lifestyle it offers on its cayes, but also for how easy it makes it for a foreign retiree to make Belize home.

And a Qualified Retired Person (QRP) can be as young as 45 years of age.

Today, Helena and Mike live full time in Belize. Mike’s a full-time resident; Helena’s a QRP. They made their decisions as to which residency option they wanted to pursue independently and, as a result, have been able to take full advantage of the residency benefits Belize has to offer.

And Belize has many more advantages for the would-be retiree that you would think…

1. You pay no U.S. income taxes on income they earn while living in Belize

Because they’re Americans, they retain a tax obligation stateside, of course. However, because they’re Americans abroad, residing full time in Continue reading

Avoiding and evading are two very different things when it comes to taxes.

Is Tax Avoidance The Same As Tax Evasion? And Is It Legal?

Be Smart: Be An Avoider

One of the issues that often crops up at our conferences is the difference between tax evasion and tax avoidance.

Tax evasion, of course, is the one that can land you in jail. And when it comes to corporations, it’s what makes for great news headlines.

Tax avoidance on the other hand is completely legal. It’s all about being smart with your earnings and putting measures in place to protect what’s rightfully yours. (You won’t read about it in the mainstream media. First, because few people understand it. Second, because most of those that do aren’t willing to share.)

Tax is never a sexy topic. But, if you want to grow your wealth… have more funds to live a good life overseas… and leave behind a decent legacy for your loved ones… the best way to start is to stop paying out more than you need to in tax.

Now, don’t you want to be the best tax avoider you can be?

If so, then you need to be at the Marriott Hotel, Panama City, this Oct. 24–26, to meet Lief Simon and his team of offshore experts at our fifth annual Emergency Offshore Summit.

If you haven’t met Lief before, let me tell you he has an obsession with numbers… and is one of the greatest (and proudest) tax avoiders out there. He also sleeps well at night, because he knows that every move he makes is completelyContinue reading

Cancun, Mexico offers high end retirement options.

9 Reasons To Reaffirm Mexico As A Top Expat Destination

9 Reasons South Of The Border Makes Perfect Sense

With more than one million U.S. expats settled in south of the border, Mexico is the most popular choice for North Americans looking for a better life overseas.

Of course, one of the biggest attractions of Mexico is its easy accessibility. Depending on your location in the United States, you can drive to many parts of Mexico along good roads. If that’s not an option, the airports at Cancún and Mexico City are accessible from most U.S. cities, and plans are underway to open flights to secondary Mexican towns. Again, depending on your location, you could be in your new home in two to four hours.

While proximity is a huge bonus, there’s much more to the whole Mexico package to make it one of the easiest live-overseas options. In their breakout session on Mexico at our recent Retire Overseas Conference in Las Vegas, Jim Hardesty and Carlos Munguia reminded us of some more advantages of setting up aContinue reading

These are the 3 most important factors when timing your retirement.

The 3 Most Important Factors When Timing Your Retirement

Go When You’re Able… Not When You’re Comfortable

“In my 15 years of living overseas, I’ve never met anybody who hated their new home so much that they packed up and went home,” Latin America Editor Lee Harrison told our bunch of over 400 attendees gathered in Las Vegas last week for our annual Retire Overseas Conference.

“What almost everybody has admitted to me, though,” continued Lee, “is that they wish they had done this sooner… that there are now precious years of their lives wasted that they won’t ever get back.

“So, whether you’re planning to buy a vacation home or move full-time overseas, my advice is do it sooner rather than later. Go when you’re able… not when you’re comfortable. Over-analysis is your worst enemy…

“My parents’ path—in line with that of their generation—was toward financial security. Which translated to working as long as you could—and saving as much as you could. But I started wondering how soon I could possibly live or retire with some level of security and little to no work.

“When I decided to leave Manhattan behind for a new life overseas, I had an average income and average savings—less than some friends and colleagues who were considering the same idea. Fifteen years on, though I’m semi-retired, I’ve racked up more savings than those guys… who are still working away at their desks… waiting forContinue reading