a beautiful beach on a sunset could be one of your destinations when deciding where to retire overseas

Deciding Where To Retire Overseas? You Need To Be Here

The Only Place You Need To Be This Year

I love watching attendees over the days of our live events. Some walk in the door knowing exactly what they want and where they want to go. But, they tell us, they’re in desperate need of somebody to show them the ropes… to walk them through how they’re going to make this new life overseas happen.

All of our attendees here in Panama last week, of course, had some interest in Panama. But they weren’t all sure about where exactly in this extremely diverse country they’d like to hang their hats.

Sometimes it happens that an attendee strikes it lucky. All it takes is one conference and they’re in. They’ve made up their minds. It’s Panama for them. Or Belize. Or Portugal. They don’t want to see a single other place.

For Peg and April, who shared their story with attendees last week, it was Panama all the way. When they joined us for an excursion to the Los Islotes development a few years back, they were completely sold… as was Lot #68. Today, as their colonial-style home on the stunning Sunset Azuero Coast nears completion, they feel like their adventure is just beginning. (If you missed us in Panama and would like to catch up on all that happened here last week—including Peg and April’s entertaining journey—you still have time to avail of our special pre-release discount and Continue reading

Live and Invest In Panama Conference 2016

This Year’s Panama Conference Has Even More Experts

All Hands On Deck In Panama

Over the last few months, I’ve been lucky to get to travel to Belize, Colombia, and the Dominican Republic for our Live and Invest Overseas in-country events. This week, though, I get to stay home… and just scoot across the city to the Marriott Hotel Panama City for our Live and Invest in Panama Conference.

Hosting an event here, where most of our office staff lives, should be a breeze compared with the extra work involved in pulling a conference together in another country, right?

In fact, it’s turning out to be one of my busiest weeks on the calendar so far. The excitement is building and there’s more of a buzz here at Live and Invest Overseas HQ than I’ve felt for any of our other in-country events (probably since most of our office is involved in some way—many of them working on their own presentations as I write)…

If you thought you’d heard everything we had to say about Panama, then let me tell you, there’s a lot more to come…

Though Kathleen, Lief, and our other Panama experts may have Continue reading

why tourism in portugal is on the rise

Tourism In Portugal Is On The Rise And Here’s Why

Best Bang For Your Buck In Europe

In 2015, Portugal celebrated a new record. The number of international visitors to the country broke the 10 million mark for the first time.

Still, 10.8 million (at the final count) doesn’t look so impressive when you consider neighboring Spain’s influx of over 60 million, France’s 84.5 million… and even Poland’s 16 million.

For some reason, Portugal—once a leader in world exploration and discovery—remains off the radar of European and farther-flung international visitors.

This, of course, is good news for those of you in search of a longer stay in one of Europe’s finest havens…

Because Portugal remains off the radar, its beaches remain unspoiled. Its cities (with their romantic, historic past and all the charm of Old Europe) are less swarmed with visitors and have a safer and more relaxed feel.

And it’s why you’ll find more bang for your buck here than anywhere else in First World, Old World Europe. Costs here are as much as 30% lower than Continue reading

Live And Invest In Dominican Republic

The Live And Invest In Dominican Republic Hullabaloo

Drama In The Dominican Republic

It was just days to go before our Live and Invest in Dominican Republic Conference… and nobody in the DR was picking up the phone.

I was struggling to get through to any of our speakers on the ground. What was going on?

Arriving in capital Santo Domingo last week, I had my answer. The presidential election had taken center stage.

Most of our on-the-ground experts, as it transpired, are also involved in the local political scene (hence the no-answers).

By the time we touched down, president Danilo Medina had successfully defended his title. But that wasn’t the end of the fun…

The Sheraton Santo Domingo—our host hotel for this conference—had been turned over to the opposition (losing) party for their post-election meetings. The venue was crowded with party members, supporters, and Continue reading

Expat Communities Overseas

How Important Are Expat Communities Overseas?

Before You Move Overseas, Meet The Neighbors…

If you’ve ever worried that, by moving overseas, you’ll be cut off from North American—or, at least, English-speaking—company, then please be assured that the world is far smaller than you think… as your fellow reader Michael Herndon recently found:


I’m staying in Valencia, Spain, until June 3. This afternoon I was at a fitness center about 15 minutes’ walk from my Airbnb apartment to sign up for the next month (only 30 euros!). An American came in at the same time to find out about signing up, and we began to chat.

He was still jet-lagged from his trip over from Florida (I left Florida March 28) and had just been to his first immersive Spanish class (I’d just left my two-hour Spanish tutoring session).

We both joined the gym and decided to walk back to the main plaza (Plaza Ayuntamiento) and have a drink. On the way, we discussed why we were in Valencia and realized that we were both doing a “try before you buy” stay in the city to see it not through the eyes of a tourist but as a resident.

I shared with him that this was my second trip to Valencia and that I had received Continue reading

Business Opportunities In Tulum, Mexico

Big Business Opportunities In Tulum, Mexico

“Living Here, I Feel Like I’m Getting Younger By The Day”

“Tulum is mystical,” says expat Ray Thoman, who’s been living in this lesser known Mexican beach town on the alluring Yucatán peninsula for 14 years.

“We sit between the two largest underground water systems in the world. And with all this flowing water, it creates an energy field. If you’ve had a bad day, you can go to the beach and sit down for an hour or two and feel like you’ve been injected with jet fuel.”

Although they’ve been visiting this stretch of coastline for 26 years, Ray and his Mexican wife Maria say they’ve only scratched the surface of all Tulum’s natural wonders—from cenotes to tropical jungle to Mayan ruins.

Cenote diving is popular in the Riviera Maya

If you love getting close to nature (both on and off land), this is the place to be. And, with temperatures averaging a steady 85 to 90 degrees year-round, you can always be outdoors.

But this great outdoor living opportunity is Continue reading

Life In Medellín And Mexico

Life In Medellín And Mexico: Latin America’s Best Options

Are We Still In Latin America?

As the crow flies, Panama City (my newly adopted home) and Medellín, Colombia—where we gathered last week for our sixth Live and Invest in Colombia Conference—are but 330 miles apart.

For such relatively close neighbors, the differences are staggering.

Goodbye, frantic big-city life… towering blocks of glass and steel… and a constant near-100% humidity…

Here, in spring-like Medellín, you’ll see more red-brick buildings and clay-tile roofs… more green park areas… and bursts of color from the flowers this city is famous for.

Hard to believe that, at 3.5 million, Medellín’s population is more than twice that of Panama City. And still, Colombia’s second-largest city is not fighting to keep the pace and Continue reading

Life In Medellin, Colombia

Experience The Eternal Spring: Life In Medellin, Colombia

Year-Round Spring In This “Small-Town-Friendly” Haven

I’m writing from the InterContinental Medellín this week as I work on the final preparations for our Live and Invest In Colombia Conference, kicking off here on Wednesday.

As well as the experts who’ll join us for this event—from real estate attorneys to health-care specialists to Spanish-language instructors—I’m looking forward to catching up with some of our expats in town…

One of my favorite stories is that of Darren and Wendy Howater.

For almost 20 years, the Howaters lived in the town of Oregon, Illinois (population: 4,000)… in their dream home… on a private acre of wooded land… supported by their small community.

They could have stayed in Illinois all their lives… Continue reading

Cascais Beach

You Can Retire In Cascais, Portugal, Even In Your 30’s

Meet The Underage Retiree

When you hear the words “early retirement” in the United States, you probably think of someone downing tools at 60… or maybe 55.

But how many people do you know who retired at 45? Or even at 30?

We’re meeting more of these “underage retirees” at our conferences these days. Men and women in their 30s, 40s—and even in their late 20s—who are looking to “retire” overseas.

Some of them will retire before their parents.

And, for these guys, it’s not so much about retiring from a career. It can just as easily be about breaking away from the hectic pace of their current lives… about finding somewhere warmer to enjoy more time outdoors… or just the promise of a new adventure…

Rafael Nacif is one of these underage retirees, now living with his wife and two young daughters in Cascais, Portugal.

Brazilian by birth, Rafael Continue reading

Faro Algarve Portugal Beach Deserta Island

Why Algarve, Portugal, Is The #1 European Beach Destination

As Close As You Get To Paradise

If you’ve been a reader of Live and Invest Overseas newsletters for any length of time, you’ve probably heard us say (at least a dozen times) that there is no perfect paradise. No single, one-size-fits-all retirement haven solution.

We don’t mean to disappoint, of course. We call it like it is. And we make it our mission to present you with our careful selection of the world’s best offerings. Based on your own agenda, you choose the place that makes sense for you.

But sometimes, there’s a place that comes close to perfection. Sometimes, there’s a place so full of charm, so heavy on attractions, so welcoming and accommodating of expats, that it pretty much ticks all the boxes you could possibly lay out for your dream retirement.

Portugal’s Algarve is one such place. It’s the stretch of coastline in the south of the country, starting at the Spanish border and running almost 100 miles across to Europe’s southwestern tip, Cape St. Vincent—once believed among Europeans to be “the end of the world.”

Cape St. Vincent—once “the end of the world” for Europeans

Long-time magnet for British holiday-makers, as well as other mainland Europeans seeking less-crowded beaches than those on the Med, the rest of the world has been slowly catching on to the Algarve’s stunning beaches. In 2013, it was named Best European Beach Destination at the World Travel Awards (the travel industry’s version of the Oscars). In 2015, Portugal was named World’s Best Golf Destination. Not forgetting that the Algarve came out tops in Continue reading